Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Ajax, Apr 19, 2008.

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  1. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    Ok, I have 2 TSDs:
    My Highest wants are Cresselia Lv. X, Darkrai Lv. X non tin, Gardevoir Lv. X, and any MD Lv. Xs.
    My Middle wants are Pachirisus, Togekiss, and Claydols.
    My low wants are any other Lv. Xs, holo DP4 Japan (MD) cards, rare candies, and celios network,
    as well as any DRE or RH playable supporters.
    Rules: I will look at everybodies offers over an exteded period of time, I will most likely only trade one TSD to one person unless the offer is amazing, and I wil not send first, as I dont want people making fake offers and getting it for free. I will PM you if I find your deal attractive, and If you post something here, you cannot take away from it. I want offers, not what you have on my wants. Thank you, and Offer away.
  2. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    I have Togekiss, Claydol, Celio's, DREs and Rare Candies as well as RH supporters.

    LMK if we can work something out. I will however not send first, i have 48 refs, if that isn't trustworthy i don't know what is.
  3. kirstin

    kirstin New Member

    dp5 mesprit lvl x, uxie lvl x, azelf lvl x for the 2x tsd
  4. Aggy&Co.

    Aggy&Co. Member

    i'll offer but I would want both and your sending first. otherwise sorry but maybe next time.
  5. Mudkip711

    Mudkip711 New Member

    i have cressy x and darkrai x up for trade
    i need 2 tsd fast

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    i have a lot of celios, rare candy, and some rh supporters

    sorry for double posting
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2008
  6. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    Mudkip, I like the Darkrai and Cresselia X, as well as your Pachirisu GE and however many Celios and Candies you would trade. LMK what we can work out with those cards.

    To everyone, remember, if you do not want to abide by my rules than please do not post.

    Kirstin, I do not want DP5, I want DP4 (night dashing) sorry
  7. Mudkip711

    Mudkip711 New Member

    ajax, lets pm each other or something so we can work sonmething out
  8. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    I would rather do it here, because I have limited space on PMs.
  9. Mudkip711

    Mudkip711 New Member

    well first of all i have 1 celios for trade and i have 2 rare candy for trade

    i willl trade the cressy and darkrai x

    i also have 1 dre and 1 RH tgm, rare candy, and other GE stuff
  10. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    Would you do the Darkrai Lv. X, Cresselia Lv.X, 2 Candie, 1 Celios, 1 DRE, and 1 Pachi for the 2 TSD?
  11. Mudkip711

    Mudkip711 New Member

    i know the cressy x is worth one

    for the other tsd would you do darkrai x, 1 rare candy, 1 celios

  12. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    that sounds good if you could add in a DRE
  13. Mudkip711

    Mudkip711 New Member

    i don't really want to trade the dre since it is my only one

    PS: would you trade the 2 tsd without cressy x (just wondering)
  14. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    probably not, but if you dont want to trade the DRE than how about another candy
  15. Mudkip711

    Mudkip711 New Member


    cressy x
    darkrai x
    2 candy
    1 celios

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    2 tsd
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2008
  16. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    Ya sounds good, I will PM you my adress, can you send monday?
  17. Mudkip711

    Mudkip711 New Member

    i can maybe send monday

    are the tsd's in good condition

    i got the pm (no address)

    i pm'd you
  18. TcgPlayer2006

    TcgPlayer2006 New Member

    I have a Darkrai Lvx from booster pack. not tin! I am interested in some of your cards.
    Can you PM me to do some deal? Thanks!
  19. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

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