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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Tsuga, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Tsuga

    Tsuga New Member

    Okay, I'm starting small with my Haves, because I want to gain a good rep!

    Most of these are commons, if you're looking for an uncommon or rare, I may have it, and may be willing to trade, as long as you have a good rep! I also have some commons that I didn't post, such as potions and energy search, so if you need something like that, I have plenty to trade!

    These are all playable in the new modified format to my knowledge, I'll post the unplayable ones later, once I put together a list.



    Holon Phantoms-

    1x Pidgey d
    1x Pidgeotto d
    1x Lileep d
    1x Registeel
    2x Anorith d
    1x Baltoy
    1x Seadra d
    1x Numel
    1x Carvanha
    1x Chimecho d
    1x Surskit [rev Holo]

    Crystal Guardians-

    2x Torchic
    1x Numel
    1x Seedot
    1x Lotad
    1x Lombre
    2x Krabby
    1x Spoink
    1x Treecko d
    1x Grovyle d
    1x Nuzleaf
    1x Bulbasaur
    1x Meditite
    1x Medicham
    1x Skitty
    1x Mudkip 57/100
    1x Mudkip 58/100
    2x Marshtomp
    1x Whismur
    2x Cacnea [1 rev Holo]
    1x Gulpin [1 rev Holo]
    1x Charmander
    4x Charmander d
    2x Charmeleon d
    1x Aron
    3x Spearow
    1x Fearow d
    4x Squirtle
    3x Wartortle
    2x Blastoise [1 Holo]
    5x Wingull
    1x Pelipper

    Dragon Frontiers-

    1x Vulpix
    3x Taillow d
    1x Swellow d
    5x Ekans d
    1x Arbok d
    2x Mareep d
    1x Seel d
    1x Pupitar d
    1x Elekid d
    1x Ralts
    1x Nidoran F d
    1x Horsea d
    1x Seadra d
    1x Shellder d
    1x Larvitar
    1x Pupitar
    1x Chikorita d
    1x Shelgon d
    1x Swablu d
    2x Vulpix d
    1x Nidorino d
    1x Lickitung d
    4x Ralts d
    3x Kirlia d [1 rev Holo]

    Power Keepers-

    1x Bagon
    1x Swablu
    1x Vibrava
    1x Sealeo
    1x Chinchou
    1x Lileep [rev Holo]
    1x Wynaut
    4x Charmander
    1x Torchic
    2x Aron
    1x Lairon
    1x Duskull
    1x Dusclops
    1x Shiftry ex

    Diamond & Pearl-

    3x Mantyke
    4x Goldeen
    1x Seaking
    4x Buizel
    2x Combee
    1x Wurmple
    1x Budew
    3x Turtwig
    2x Grotle
    1x Cherrim
    1x Duskull
    2x Mime Jr.
    3x Bonsly
    1x Riolu
    2x Hippopotas
    2x Onix
    2x Ponyta
    3x Sneasel [1 rev holo]
    3x Bidoof
    1x Buneary
    1x Machop
    3x Roselia
    1x Heracross
    2x Magnemite
    1x Magneton
    2x Drifloon
    1x Drifblim
    2x Azumarill
    1x Chatot
    1x Dusknoir
    3x Nuzleaf
    3x Glameow
    1x Purugly
    3x Hoothoot
    1x Noctowl
    1x Cherubi
    1x Cherrim
    1x Wobbuffet
    1x Misdreavus
    1x Cascoon

    Mysterious Treasures-

    6x Barboach
    2x Remoraid
    4x Buizel
    2x Seel
    3x Dewgong
    3x Octillery
    3x Spheal
    3x Snorunt [1 rev Holo]
    1x Glalie [rev Holo]
    4x Finneon
    3x Bidoof
    5x Girafarig
    2x Slakoth
    1x Vigoroth
    1x Slaking
    4x Teddiursa
    2x Dunsparce
    4x Vulpix
    6x Snover [1 rev Holo]
    2x Tropius
    4x Kricketot
    2x Paras
    4x Parasect
    4x Bronzor
    6x Shieldon [1 rev Holo]
    1x Geodude
    3x Graveler
    4x Sandshrew
    3x Sandslash
    2x Exeggcute
    4x Abra
    3x Nidoran F
    5x Nidorina
    4x Zubat
    3x Chingling
    1x Quilava
    5x Electrike
    4x Shinx
    2x Aipom
    4x Murkrow
    1x Honchkrow [holo]
    1x Larvitar
    1x Pupitar
    1x Tyranitar [holo]
    2x Surskit [1 rev Holo]
    2x Masquerain [1 rev Holo]
    3x Pichu
    2x Pikachu
    1x Feraligatr

    POP 5-

    1x Pikachu
    1x Pikachu d
    1x Pelipper
    2x Meowth d
    1x Charmander d
    1x Zangoose d



    2x Battle Frontier
    4x Bill's Maintenance
    8x Buffer Piece
    4x Claw Fossil
    5x Copycat
    1x Crystal Beach [Holo]
    2x Crystal Shard
    4x Energy Recycle System
    3x Armor Fossil
    1x Holon Legacy [Holo]
    2x Holon Lake
    5x Master Ball
    4x Mysterious Fossil
    4x Night Pokemon Center
    2x Glacia's Stadium
    4x Old Rod
    1x Plus Power [Holo]
    3x Pheobe's Stadium
    1x Poke Ball [Holo]
    2x Pokedex Handy910is
    4x Prof. Birch [1 Holo]
    4x Prof. Elm's Training Method
    2x Prof. Oak's Research [1 holo]
    4x Rival
    4x Root Fossil
    2x Sidney's Stadium
    4x Switch
    1x Potion [Holo]
    1x Warp Point [Holo]
    4x TV Reporter
    2x Prof. Cozmo's Discovery
    4x PokeNav
    3x Skull Fossil [1 rev Holo]
    2x Quick Ball
    2x Dusk Ball
    3x Bebe's Search
    2x Night Maintenance



    Pikachu HP
    Raichu MT
    Uxie MT

    Scramble Energy

    Note, I would prefer mint condition for each card, please list whether or not your offers are in mint, or otherwise condition.

    Thanks for looking!


    Last edited: Sep 20, 2007
  2. Epyon0015

    Epyon0015 New Member

    Do you have any
    Mantine (MT)
    Ariados (MT)
  3. Tsuga

    Tsuga New Member

    Not at the moment, sorry. : \

    Expecting a Mysterious Treasures box this week, hopefully tomorrow, so I will PM you if I get either of them. ^^
  4. Bobby

    Bobby New Member

    I need:

    5 Copycat
    1 Crystal Beach [Holo]
    1 Plus Power [Holo]
    1 Warp Point [Holo]
    4+ TV Reporter

    I have:

    Double Rainbow Energy xX
    List in sig for more
  5. Tsuga

    Tsuga New Member

    Dropped you a PM ^^
  6. Cipher_Admin

    Cipher_Admin New Member

    PM me if you get a Lucario X in your box and trade me it.
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