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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by votalesin, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. votalesin

    votalesin New Member

    Tyranitar MT x3
    Pupitar MT x2
    Larvitar MT x3
    Solrock GE x4
    Lunatone GE x3
    Mantine d DF x1
    Darkrai GE x1
    Darkrai Lv X GE x1
    Pokemon: 18

    TV Reporter x3
    Prof Elm's/Celio's Network x3
    Scott x2
    Holon Mentor x3
    Roseanne's Research x2
    Mr. Stone's Project x1
    Energy Restore x2
    Rare Candy x2
    Night Maintenance x3
    Windstorm x2
    Moonlight Stadium X2
    Trainers: 25

    Special Dark x4 (optional due to Darkrai)
    Fighting Energy x7
    Basic Dark x6

    Alternate Energy Spread:
    Fighting x6
    Basic Dark x8
    Double Rainbow Energy x3

    Ideally, start with Solrock and 1 fighting energy. Larvitar on the bench and one other energy in your hand. Lunatone's power allows a free discard, and then a free card draw. Solrock's attack allows an energy attach anywhere from the discard pile. 1st turn, 20 damage and 2 energy in play.

    Second turn, utilize the Luna/Sol draw attack this turn as well. I also chose TV Reporter so that you can discard after drawing to get the maximum benefit from the 3/1 supporter. Supporter is played, either TVR or Mentor most likely. Also get your Luna draw card, making sure to pitch at least 1 basic energy somewhere in this process. Also, attach 1 energy to Larvitar (or Pupitar/Tyranitar if you were lucky) Attack with Solrock for another 20 and a free attach.

    3rd turn. Solrock is probably dead. If he's not, then start working on a second TTar, just because you can. Otherwise, bring up the TTar you should have at this point, attach your 4th energy and start swinging. If everything is going horribly wrong, you have lots of Solrock/Lunatone to just keep them out and abuse the draw. Get your energy down onto dudes so they are ready. Keep in mind Darkrai is a deadly second attacker. 12.5% chance to wake from sleep, 75% chance to remain asleep, 12.5% chance for auto-knockout.

    Thoughts comments and HELP ON TRAINER LINE are all appreciated.
  2. flariados

    flariados New Member

    Actually you have 25% of waking up, 50% of staying asleep and 25% of getting knocked out with darkrai. Take out your holon mentors and add in one or two more Roseanna's research. put in some more draw like professor Oak's visit and also take out one scott for some more draw.
  3. tyranitarpownzor

    tyranitarpownzor New Member

    pretty working on a darkrai deck right now(if anyone wants to help go to my forum plz help)so i understand the difficultys....i agree w/ flariados need more draw...also have u thought about absol???
  4. tc19930815

    tc19930815 New Member

    good idea, and use only basic dark, u have darkrai LvX and solrock's attack only attaches basic energy
  5. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    put in some scramble and mabye take out lunatone/solrock for 2-2 delcatty pk and 2 mantine df
  6. tyranitarpownzor

    tyranitarpownzor New Member

    take out lunarock
  7. votalesin

    votalesin New Member

    Lunarock is not for draw power. Delcatty wouldn't help with energy accel.

    -2 Mentor
    -1 Scott
    + 1 Roseanne's Research

    + 2 Felicitiy's Drawing

    Or alternately, for Felicity's
    +1 TVR
    +1 Celio's

    I agree completely on the basic energy only concept, should the DRE's be switched for scrambles? 3 seems a bit high, maybe 2 scramble and 1 basic energy.
    Thank you everyone!
  8. tyranitarpownzor

    tyranitarpownzor New Member

    sounds good
  9. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    delcatty is good because u discard an energy, Mantine puts it on top of the deck, and then tyranitar discards it.
  10. votalesin

    votalesin New Member

    Delcatty = Energy acceleration

    This equation is not correct.

    Solrock = Energy Acceleration

    This equation is the reason Lunasol is in the deck.
  11. tyranitarpownzor

    tyranitarpownzor New Member

    sidneys stadium...just one maybe...i still say take out the lunarock..more darkrai 4/106..and maybe hypno
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