Two LV. X's (Pretty Cool)

Discussion in 'Create-A-Card' started by joebrown, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. joebrown

    joebrown New Member

    Dragonite LV. X HP 160 [C]

    :pbody: Dragon Aura
    If Dragonite is knocked out, have your opponent flip 2 coins, if both of them are tails your opponent draws a card but does not draw a prize card. If either of them are heads your opponent draws one prize card.

    :colorless::colorless: Dr aco Beam [40]
    Flip a coin, if heads your opponent is paralyzed.

    :colorless::colorless::colorless: Supersonic Dragon Pulse [60]
    You may discard one energy, if you do you may search your deck for a Trainer card of any type.

    W-:lightning: +30
    R-:colorless: -30

    Forretress LV. X HP 150 [M]

    :pbody: Knock Out Explosion
    If Forretress is Knocked Out, put 5 damage counters on the defending pokemon.

    :metal::colorless: Close Guard [30]
    Flip a coin if heads then prevent the effects of your opponents attacks (excluding damage) done to Forretress during your opponents next turn.

    :metal::metal::colorless: Spinning Tackle [70]
    Discard and energy card from Forretress.

    W-:fire: x2
    R-:psychic: -30
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  2. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member


    Dragon Aura is both flippy and broken.
    Draco Beam... cool! Your opponent is Paralyzed! Not that it affects gameplay...
    The Dragon Pulse... why would it search for a Trainer card?
    Spinning Tackle should probably do 80 damage.
    And don't refer to cards as Pokemon LvX, refer to them as the Pokemon.

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