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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by tylerG, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. tylerG

    tylerG New Member

    Here are the rules:

    1. I do not ship outside the US and Canada. Sorry, but I've had bad trades overseas before (I will trade overseas if the other person is willing to send first though).

    2. I mostly want only what is on my wants list, but I sometimes check your lists :).

    3. I send the cards in a protective sleeve and inside a toploader. I hope you do the same.

    4. I only want mint condition cards.

    5. Have fun!!!

    Here are my wants:

    2x Empoleon DP
    2x Infernape DP
    3x Machamp DP
    1x Lucario LVX MT
    1x Flygon d EX Dragon Frontier
    2x Castaway

    Here are my haves:


    1x Peliper d - POP5

    LVX's and EX's:

    1x Torterra LVX - Diamond and Pearl 122/130
    1x Infernape LVX - Diamond and Pearl 121/130
    1x Electivire LVX - Mysterious Treasures
    1x Celebi EX - POP2 17/17
    1x Walrein EX - Power Keepers

    Rare Holo's:

    1x Mismagius - DP
    1x Honchcrow - MT
    1x Bronzong - MT
    1x Shiftry - DP
    2x Skuntank - DP
    1x Manaphy - DP
    1x Aggron - MT
    1x Rhyperior - DP
    1x Mightyena - PK
    1x Banette - PK
    1x Aggron - PK
    1x Altaria - PK
    1x Heracross d - DF
    1x Togetic d - DF
    2x Snorlax d - DF
    1x Typhlosion d - DF
    1x Ninetails d - DF
    3x Pinsir d - DF
    1x Ampharos d - DF
    1x Mawile - CG
    1x Pidgeot d - HP
    1x Whiscash - MT
    1x Ariados - MT Reverse Holo
    1x Alakazam - MT Reverse Holo
    1x Bibarel - DP Reverse Holo
    1x Gengar - DP Reverse Holo
    1x Raichu - MT Reverse Holo
    1x Palkia - DP Reverse Holo
    1x Munchlax - DP Reverse Holo
    1x Manaphy - DP Reverse Holo
    1x Uxie - DP Reverse Holo
    1x Wynaut - DP Reverse Holo
    1x Luxio - DP Reverse Holo
    1x Wobbuffet - DP Reverse Holo
    1x Kabutops - PK Reverse Holo
    1x Omastar - PK Reverse Holo
    2x Seadra d - DF Reverse Holo
    1x Togetic d - DF Reverse Holo
    2x Ninetails d - DF Reverse Holo
    1x Pinsir d - DF Reverse Holo
    1x Xatu d - DF Reverse Holo
    1x Latios d - HP Reverse Holo
    1x Deoxys d - HP Reverse Holo

    Reverse Holo Commons/Uncommons:

    1x Masqueriain - MT
    1x Aipom - MT
    1x Exeggcute - MT
    2x Zubat - MT
    1x Shelgon d - DF
    1x Jugglypuff - CG
    1x Glameow - DP
    1x Skorupi - DP
    1x Electabuzz - DP
    1x Luxio - DP
    1x Chatot - DP
    1x Marril - DP
    1x Finneon - MT
    1x Totodile - MT
    1x Dewgong - MT
    1x Sandslash - MT
    1x Unknown T - MT
    1x Teddiursa - MT
    1x Misdreavus - DP
    2x Stunky - DP
    1x Tailow d - DF
    2x Pupitar d (Electric Type) - DF
    2x Kirlia d - DF
    2x Vulpix d - DF
    1x Ralts - DF
    3x Larvitar d - DF
    5x Horsea d (50/101) - DF
    1x Horsea d (31/101) - DF
    1x Pupitar (Fighting Type) - DF
    1x Seadra d - DF
    2x Dratini d - DF
    1x Smoochum d - DF
    1x Larvitar (Fighting Type) - DF
    1x Dragonair d - DF
    1x Natu d - DF
    1x Elekid d - DF
    1x Surskit - HP
    1x Kabutops d - HP
    1x Marshtomp - CG
    2x Mareep d - DF
    2x Ledyba d - DF
    1x Charmander - PK
    1x Togepi d - DF
    1x Charmeleon - PK
    1x Goldeen - DP
    1x Double Full Heal - DP
    1x Energy Search - DP


    I have a ton of rares, too many to list. They are from all sets. If there are any you are looking for, just ask! :wink:
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2007
  2. tylerG

    tylerG New Member

    Bump with updates.
  3. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    i have
    rh eletrivire
    machamp dp
    foil castaway
    i liked
    eletrivire lv x
    could u make a offer please
  4. tylerG

    tylerG New Member

    Yu-Man: do you have any other of my wants? Maybe throw something small in?
  5. Epyon0015

    Epyon0015 New Member

    I have
    2x Rampardos P6

    Im interest in these
    1x Mismagius - DP
    1x Shiftry - DP
    2x Skuntank - DP
    1x Manaphy - DP
    1x Raichu - MT Reverse Holo
    1x Palkia - DP Reverse Holo
    1x Manaphy - DP Reverse Holo
  6. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    but really we are talking about an even deal here
    foil cataway $10
    eletrivire 5$
    machamp 5$

    eletrivire lv x $20

    i could throw in a uncommon or common if ud like
  7. tylerG

    tylerG New Member

    Do you have any commons/uncommons like Gabite or Quilava MT? Also, I don't need the Electivire anymore.

    Empyon0015: I don't need the Rampardos anymore. I'm getting the ones I need in another trade, sorry.
  8. japple52

    japple52 New Member

    I'll trade you:

    Flygon d EX Dragon Frontier
    some DP/MT common/uncommons

    Electivire LVX - Mysterious Treasures

    Please let me know if interested.

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