TylerTyphlosion's Oklahoma States Report, Top 32

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  1. Tylertyphlosion

    Tylertyphlosion New Member

    This will be my first of many reports to come.

    Ever since being destroyed by umbreon swarm, being donked 2 times in a row and getting a 4th round bye at Cities in Tulsa, I felt that MewPerior was an epic failure. I didn't feel like it was consistent enough for me. I ran a list that was not entirely about speed(which I feel is one of the major components of MewPerior). The thought of just giving up on MewPerior and running something else was always on my mind, but the week before Oklahoma States, I knew I had to do something to make my MewPerior consistent for high-outputs of damage, make it fast and make it extremely disruptive. My week was full of late nights trying to perfect my build, and I came close, but just not close enough.

    I had never competed in a Pokemon States before and knew that this would be a great opportunity. Knowing that my friend Joe would want to come down from Kansas, I texted him and we made plans for him to get to my house Friday night. That night was full of play-testing for the both of us. I got to sleep around 2 and I had to wake up at 5 to head over to Norman.

    We awake and I am feeling like I will regret running MewPerior. regardless, we make the trip over to Norman and finally get to the Super 8 (which I must say, was a terrific venue for the event).

    Round 1 vs. Miguel Escutia of Dallas, TX w/ VileCursegar/Shedinja

    This was a very interesting match. Miguel was running something I had never seen before, and I must say, it worked very well.
    I have a terribad hand with a Skitty, Misdreavus (the misdreavus/magius was a fail counter for umbreon, I will explain later), and junk for the rest of my hand.
    He mulligans, I see his hand and think CRAP. He had a Gengar Prime and some other good cards and I think he is running LostVileGar.
    I go first and can't do much other than equip to skitty and Growl.
    His first turn he Plumes on the bench and I believe he has Gastly and also a Spiritomb active.
    I draw into a Collector and get 2 Mew and a Dialga PL. I retreat Skitty, equip Psy to Mew and See Off a Rhyperior X.
    He then puts a Nincada on the bench and has a Cursegar built on the bemch? At this point, I am so confused with his deck. I had yet to see Cursegar and Shedinja's synergy.
    On my turn I have yet to draw into a Delcatty, so I could not Power Circulation for the guaranteed KO on tomb. Regardless, I go for the Hard Crush... 0 energy. Dang.
    He just keeps setting up behind his Tomb.
    Next I go for the Hard Crush and KO the tomb.
    He sends Cursegar active, he then Shadow Skips for the KO and brings Shedinja to the active. If you havent read Shedinja, go read it now.
    I send another Mew active and cannot do ANYTHING.
    He retreats ever turn to Shadow Skip and send Shedinja active.


    In between R1 and R2 we come to find out that out of Charlie, Joe, Kevin and I, only kevin won his first round. This was looking pretty bleak for the rest of us.

    Round 2 vs. Stephen Long w/ Charizard

    I draw a God Hand. Mew, Skitty, Delcatty, Psy, and some other things.
    he goes first and has a lone Charmander. He uses it's attack to search out a vulpix.
    I T1 See Off a Rhyperior X.
    He gets a Cynaquil to his bench this turn and can't do much else.
    T2 I Hard Crush for 200. I was happy to have the 4 energy discarded. it just meant I could Power Circulation for the turns to come.
    He Sends Vulpix active, Charmander to bench, Rare Candy to Charizard. He uses Reheat on Vulpix.
    T3 I Power Circulation to ensure the KO and whoop his Vulpix.
    He uses Bebe's for a Vulpix, has his Charizard active, and Quilava Vulpix on his bench. He passes...
    T4 I Power Circulation for at least the guaranteed 100. I pray that the other 3 cards contain an energy...
    BINGO. KO the Charizard for 150 damage with Hard Crush.
    He sends QUilava active, evolves to Typhlosion Prime, Roast Reveals, no attack.
    T5 I have a Seeker in Hand. I use it to pick up his only card on the bench, Ninetales. Power Circulation and I am lucky enough that a Rescue Energy was in the other 3 cards.


    Break Time. Joe and I drive over to Whataburger and chow down on some delicous grub.

    Round 3 vs. Seth Page w/ MewDos

    I must say that I have a lot of respect for Seth. Many of you will know him as the guy who posted the original article on MewPerior. He knows that I run it since I spoke with him at Cities about the deck.
    The only thing is that the MewPerior I run now, is nothing like its origins, so I feel like I am not at a disadvantage at all.
    I start with a lone Mew, but have a collector in hand. He goes first.
    He has a Promocroak active.
    When it comes to my turn I collector and get setup.
    I eventually setup Delcatty and it becomes a prize race to the end, apparently he had 3 Gyarados prized. I come out victorious.


    Round 4 vs. ??? w/ Gyarados.

    I knew I was generally matched evenly with Gyarados. I always swarm hard with Mew, via rescue energy and pokemon rescue.
    The only bad thing is... MewPerior hates DGX. I was too late to see it coming and couldnt get Mismagius up and running to buy me 2 free turns...


    Round 5 vs. ??? w/ Gigas

    I had never gone against a Gigas deck and I knew that if this guy was one of those few who could wield it like a God, I may be in trouble.
    I was so focused on the game that I forgot to write anything down. I do remember some stuff though.
    He Dragoff Gigas starts and gets the Mespirit lock on one of his first 2 turns. He is able to keep this up the WHOLE game. Power Circulation is a huge part of my deck and I saw this being a problem.
    I was able to See Off. He gets Gigas X out and sacrifices his Mespirit. Rescues the Mespirit and power locks me again.
    I go and Hard Crush for only 100, dangit.
    He scoops up his Mespirit to lock me again, then he sacrifices again to heal 80. KO's my active Mew but I had one benched. I am able to rescue my 1st mew and bench it again.
    From here he Sacrifices until I have 2 prizes left, he has 3 left.
    I am able to KO his Gigas with a Hard Crush and he essentially scooped.


    Round 6 vs. ??? W/ Blazeray

    This was an INTENSE game, as had most of my games been. The guy knew how to run his deck very well.
    All I remember is that he was a very kind guy and allowed me to take back a misplay, which essentially cost him the game. When we were down to 2-2 prizes, I forgot to Power Circulation and was halfway through announcing See Off to harrrrrrr.... Wait, I am going to Power Circulation for 2 on top. He debated whether he would allow it and I am thankful he did. I KO'd his active and he almost took 2 prizes for the win next turn, but he was 1 damage counter short of a 2nd KO, I won.
    GG sir.


    Right now, I have the chance to make Top 16 and cut if I win my next for 5-2.

    Round 7 vs. Michael Magee W/ Yanmega/Umbreon.

    He starts Eevee and I think oh no... He goes Solitaire his first turn and sets up like a mad man. I am able to See Off before he can Moonlight Fang, but I was unable to do anything other than KO something other than Umbreon. He takes 6 prizes, I took 1.
    One day, I will find you Umbreon... You will not enjoy that day...


    I am kinda mad.... I missed top 16, I made Top 32 (which essentially means nothing. lol)

    Running a COMPLETELY different MewPerior than from before.
    Joe for driving down from Kansas to battle.
    Realizing I will have someone to Pokemon it up with in college next year (Adrian and Denver).
    Kevin for selling me 4 RH Rescue Energy and 2 RH Judge
    Charlie for finding his Eclipse lunchbox.
    Charlie for having an undying passion for Tyranitar.
    Selling all my tradebait and making some cash.
    The cash is going towards our trip over to Arkansas next weekend!
    Trading for a brand new PokeBall play mat.
    Mew and Rhyperior beasting it up with a little help from Delcatty.

    Umbreon being the worst pokemon card in history...
    DGX taking advantage of my poor little mew.
    Kevin dropping his deck in the hallway when we were in line for registration.
    Adrian and Denver having to re-sleeve there decks.
    Not making Top-Cut....

    Joe and I will be heading over to Hot Springs next weekend to enjoy ourselves and become the best there ever was.

    Thanks for reading, leave comments if you wish!
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  2. sToRm07

    sToRm07 New Member

    sorry for the umbreon bro! I really do not know if your deck would benefit too much from teching this is in, but i know relicanth from supreme victors is a GREAT and pretty easy tech for countering umbreon.

    Then again, umbreon is pretty left field for competitive decks, so not teching it in just to help you out in a couple matchups would be understandable. Most decks need consistency instead of being super teched out - unless you are luxchomp and can do both. ._.
  3. Tylertyphlosion

    Tylertyphlosion New Member

    Dont't be sorry! As much as I hate Umbreon, good play with your deck.
    What is your name? So I can edit the report to include that.
  4. sToRm07

    sToRm07 New Member

    haha i just know how much it sucks. Dialga G LvL X is to my deck like what umbreon is to your deck...

    and thanks bro!

    -Michael Magee
  5. amphachu

    amphachu New Member

    The whole time we were waiting in line, I was just thinking to myself, "Why didn't I grab my deck box? These are brand new sleeves, and they'll probably fly all over the place." 5 seconds later.....oops, my deck is all over the hallway.
  6. Tylertyphlosion

    Tylertyphlosion New Member

    Dialga G whoops me too!
    I will update it when I am not using my phone.

    Hahaha. At least they didn't get out of order too badly. As soon as it happened, " I knew I should have put these in their deckbox!"

    ---------- Post added 03/13/2011 at 08:49 PM ----------

    If I played you and did not remember your name, please do tell me!

    ---------- Post added 03/14/2011 at 02:19 PM ----------

    I will be playing in the Arkansas State Championships next weekend, if anyone is going then tell me and we may meet up!

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