Typhlosion + Catty + ???

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by kaworu, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. kaworu

    kaworu New Member

  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    why not go for consistant 90dmg every turn with Infernape?
  3. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

  4. Pinsir52

    Pinsir52 New Member

    Definitely infernape
  5. ixidor89

    ixidor89 New Member

    I've seen a whole lot of people try Typhlosion/Infernape, but none of them seem to be doing all that well.
  6. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    Somehow, despite the looks on paper, Typhlosion-Infernape just doesn't cut it. Shame really.
  7. Rai

    Rai <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Firestarter in general just doesn't seem to work this season.

    It could be that there's always the obvious answer of Empoleon to those decks. It could be that Blissey and Kricketune just beat the deck up too quickly for anything to get set up.

    Somehow, I think it has to do with running stage 2s, and depending on draw power to find everything. When we have stage 1 solo decks running around, and stuff like Meganium d pulling off searches quicker then Google, Fire Starter really seems second class (Which is too bad, as it's the only way to recover energies from the discard and attach to bench as of the time of writing). :/
  8. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    Typhlosion with Magmortar is pretty good IMO
  9. doctormcdreamy

    doctormcdreamy New Member

    magmortar is the combo. since typhoid mary is a stage 2. and magmortar is sometimes a stage 2 as well. you gotta build your deck for speed.

    but once you're set up. wham bam. thank you ma'am.
  10. Charizard1987

    Charizard1987 New Member

    how about the blissey then? You attack to charge up the active blissy while typlosion charge up another blissey on bench..:biggrin:
  11. Tego

    Tego New Member

    The only thing that ever made Firestarter work was Rayquaza ex' unlimited damage potential. Even dealing 100 damage to a Pokemon of your choice (Magmortar lv X) is way too weak to make it worth all the Firestarter Stage 2s.

    Or instead, you could drop the Typhlosions and replace them with Cessation Crystal and more draw, keeping Blissey's consistency intact while destroying your opponent's inferior Poke-Power driven energy acceleration.

    Sorry, it's a nice idea, but will turn out to be a lot of extra cards helping you very little with doing something you already do just fine.
  12. Rai

    Rai <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Eh, Garchomp can make use of a deck like this. FireStarter + Energy Draw/WhateverBronzongHas combined with normal Garchomp is not too bad. Combined with the LV.X for quickly getting Typhlosions out makes it a bit better.

    Of course, you don't really need Typhlo in such a deck, unless you made the central attacker Garchomp (bad idea due to Blisseys still running around like... rabbits) :/

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