Tyranitar Umbreon Deck (Need help)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Scrumpet, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. Scrumpet

    Scrumpet New Member

    Okay, well so far this is my current build and need to know what to add in/improve for state this weekend:

    3 - Tyranitar (UL)
    3 - Pupitar (SF)
    3 - Larvitar (UL)
    2 - Umbreon (UD)
    3 - Eevee (UD)
    2 - Sableye (SF)
    2 - Spiritomb (Arceus)
    1 - Absol G (SV)
    1 - Unown Q (MD)
    1 - Smeargle (UD)
    1 - Azelf (LA)
    1 - Uxie (LA)


    3 - Professor Oak's New Theory
    1- Cyrus's Conspiracy
    1 - Flower Shop Lady
    2 - Seeker
    2 - Expert Belt
    1 - Dusk Ball
    1 - Luxury Ball
    2 - Pokemon Communication
    1 - Twins
    1 - Warp Point
    3 - Bebe's Search
    1 - Pokemon Collector
    2 - Broken Time-Space


    8 - Dark
    4 - Special Dark
    2 - Double Colorless
    1 - Cyclone
    1 - Warp


    The main strategy for this deck is to get Tyranitar (since he's the heavy hitter) out as fast as possible with the trainers, supporters, and Broken Time-Space. Umbreon is in there as a back-up and also to constantly use Moonlight Fang. Absol is thrown in there just for his second attack which instantly knocks out a Pokemon. I use Uxie and Azelf for draw and search power, Spiritombs to evolve faster and delay with his Poke-Power, and Sableye to use supporters from my deck. Smeargle is only in there to use the opponent's supports against them.

    Let me know what changes should be made, or if I should try a completely different approach since this is an all-too-recent deck that I made. Thank you!
  2. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    Edits in Bold

    Hope this helps:thumb:
  3. Scrumpet

    Scrumpet New Member

    Hmm, why the removal of Spiritombs and Professor Oak?
  4. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    ^Spiritomb makes this deck slower.
    PONT has little use in any deck.

    I forgot to say to put in 2 more Seekers
  5. Greenmonkey89

    Greenmonkey89 New Member

    i agree tht spirtomb will slow the deck down also if u do go down to only 2 pupitars add some rare candies also i believe PONT will help in this deck its a hand refresher to help get set up so i believe it has plenty of use in any deck
  6. Scrumpet

    Scrumpet New Member

    Okay, and how come Tyranitar Prime as well? Doesn't the Unleashed version do a lot more than it?
  7. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member


    Prime is much better! T-tar UL can any only do 80, 140 Damage when including E-belt and 4 sp Dark. Thats not very good
  8. Scrumpet

    Scrumpet New Member

    Ah ok, forgot about its last move. Unfortunately, I don't have any Primes. Should I just stick with what I have and see if anyone will trade before the tournament, or do something different than Tyranitar? Someone suggested using Honchkrows...the ones that know Riot.
  9. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    ^Try to get the Primes. In the mean time, write out (on a paper) the effects of the card like Weakness, Resistance, Attacks, Retreat, ECT..........
  10. Greenmonkey89

    Greenmonkey89 New Member

    no u definitly want the prime in there instead of the other one
  11. Scrumpet

    Scrumpet New Member

    Alright well after looking at the Honchkrow, it may be a better choice for now. It only has 90 hp, but it does 30 damage + 10 more for each basic Pokemon in play, and its poke-power lets you put basics from your opponent's discard pile onto their bench. It also only has 1 retreat cost. I mean, it does seem a bit risky to use, but it could be doing much more damage if I can't get the Tyranitar primes.
  12. ShiftingDarkness

    ShiftingDarkness New Member

    I actually run a similar deck but use the Honchkrow from Supreme Victors that has a poke power of "Darkness Restore" and has Riot, with the Tyranitar Prime. You can pull an already knocked out basic and place it on their bench, and then attack all non-dark pokemon with Tyranitar's Darkness howl. With special energy cards attached you should be able to do a little more damage there and possibly win out without touching the active pokemon. At least that is how I would look at it. As I am a newbie at this, What do the others with more experience think of this?
  13. Scrumpet

    Scrumpet New Member

    Yeah, I mean even without the T-tar Prime, Honchkrow can do 80 damage if your bench is full of basics anyways. So at the max, it could do 140 without anything equipped if you're lucky, then an additional 10 for each special dark, and finally an expert belt. So if you can somehow pull it off without them knocking out Honchkrow, it can do a max of 200.
  14. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    ^but you may want to stick to the speed thing by going for Power claw with E-belt, one sp Dark, and one DCE.
  15. Waterboi101

    Waterboi101 New Member

    I'm not sure why people like running with the SF Pupitar anymore when the UL Pupitar with that Boost Gas is so much better

    Free retreat imo.

    If this is trying to be competitive you're definitely going to want to have the Tyranitar Primes instead. Take out either Spiritomb or Sableye. Don't take 2 of each, you want to be going for consistency.

    Take out the Cyrus and Absol G since Doom News isn't that reliable and they can retreat and bring out a new pokemon. Maybe replace them with 2 rare candies instead.

    Energy wise I think you should run

    4x Normal Dark
    4x Special Dark
    3x DCE,
    2x Warp Energy
    2x Rescue Energy.
  16. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    ^ I run both Pupitar. they are both good!
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