U-s-a Rocks =d

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Jason, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Happy Independence Day to the good ol USA, & hope all of you fellow Americans to have a GREAT July 4th day full of PAR-TAYs, FIRE-WORKs, and GREAT SOCIAL FUN with friends & family. =D
  2. ninetales1234

    ninetales1234 <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Hurray, secession! So, who wants to do it again?

    Keep in mind the reasons this country was founded. Happy Independence Day! It sure is something when a foreigner says Happy Independence Day, thanx.
  3. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    I hate July 4th because I got these awful next door neighbors that think it is cool to light off illegal professional grade fireworks (they're people in their forties with maturities of teenagers IMO) in their driveway (one of my next door neighbor even lights stuff off in the woods sometimes :nonono:). There are trees everywhere. And get this... there is a 70 acre amish field across the street, and he once let them light them off down there... why can't they ask him to do it again~? :frown:
  4. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    i love fourth of july, all of the parties, but they are at my house, so i have to clean and set up (worst part). and it is raining, so i might not ave fire works (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. charchar

    charchar New Member

    i dont really do anything eexcept just watch some fireworks. not much family together time just lay back and enjoy the explosion. :cool:
  6. Azure Kite

    Azure Kite New Member

    I went to Busch Gardens last night to see their fireworks, but thats about all I'm doing for the holiday.
  7. jkwarrior

    jkwarrior New Member

    How am I celebrating July 4th? I'm laying around the house trying to get over some stomach virus/food poisoning
  8. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    Why thank you Jade, America does rock!
    Our semi-corrupt government, however...
  9. swampert97

    swampert97 Active Member

    Happy independence day! Me, i'm just lying around the house waiting for my parents to decide what they want to do today. Yeesh Jorel I hope you get to feel better.
  10. Apache

    Apache New Member

    Right now, I'm wondering if I can playtest with Jorel today...
  11. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    Rain and a cold..... blehh

    Hope everyone else had a nicer day then I did. lol
  12. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    The neighbor's fireworks always scare my dog. Dodging a giant furball that's catapulting around your house howling maniacally is not fun.
  13. drmario

    drmario New Member

    What a depressing thread this has turned into.
  14. charchar

    charchar New Member

    sighs..... so much wind and rain blowing the happiness out of me........ sooo cold........
  15. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Did it just rain here on the east coast, or did it rain out west too? It rained all day long.

    I liked the cooler temperature though.
  16. Azure Kite

    Azure Kite New Member

    We had some rain in the afternoon, but it went away quickly. It sounds like everywhere else got it pretty bad though.:frown:

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