UCONN State Championship Report

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by JohnnyBlaze, Apr 25, 2004.

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  1. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Sceptile EX Swarm
    Pokemon – 14
    4 – Treecko
    2 – Grovyle
    3 – Sceptile EX
    1 – Sceptile R&S (Energy Trans)
    4 – Wurmple (Dragon)
    3 – TA Seviper
    2 – Ditto

    Trainers – 27
    4 – Professor Oak’s Research
    4 – TV Reporter
    3 – Oracle
    3 – Professor Elm’s Training Method
    3 – TA Schemer
    3 – Rare Candy
    2- Pokemon Nurse
    2 – Switch
    2 – Low Pressure System
    1 – Town Volunteers

    Energy – 14
    11 – :grass:
    3 – Boost

    Strategy – With more and more Water decks becoming rampant because of Blaze Ex I decided to play Sceptile because of the Water resistance and because it has such undercosted attacks its not funny. Basically this is a Sceptile Swarm with Sceptile R&S for its energy Trans and then Pokemon Nurse combo. Also with the Green Heal Attack its major annoyance trying to ko the Sceptile. Basically the only thing that can OHKO it is Blaze EX. Fortunately I usually outspeed my opponent and get a 3rd Turn Sceptile doing 100 damage with Boost Energy. What you say Outspeed but how with no Delcatty combo? Its not needed and I usually find that attaching the energy to Treecko 1st turn and getting the advantage by doing damage 1st. Also the TA Seviper is usually used to draw the 4 cards. Sometimes if I start with it I can always call for family. The Wurmple is better than Dunspacre in this deck because of getting all the Treeckos I need. The Ditto’s are tech for Ray and even Energy Trans 4 energy to use a Volcanic Ash attack against a Blaze EX. This deck has enough speed to keep pace and mainly dish out early damage for the win.

    On to the report. My son had a basketball tourney in Springfield Mass for the weekend so the Uconn tourney is only about 30 minutes away. My son’s first game was running late so he just hung out with his Team nad the coach at the Basketball hall of Fame while I drive my 2 + 5 year olds and my son’s friend Jake to the State Championship. We saw a lot of familiar faces from T.J’s. In the 15 + I think there were 7 people so BJJ decided not to judge and play instead. This left PokeMeBob as Judge. There were a variety of decks consisting of BAR, Kingdra Ex, Muk EX, Cradily EX , and others.

    Round 1 vs. Alan S.
    Alan a.k.a Monkey on the PokeGym. Alan was having a difficult time deciding on what deck to use. He saw a couple of people playtesting Grass decks before the tourney and he was debating on his Typhlosion Ex or his Fossil Mulligan. He also saw that I was playtesting a Team Aqua Deck with Kyogre. He chose Fossil Mulligan. Too bad for Alan. He was all weak to grass except for his Omastar. He chose to go for the Kabutops Ex line instead of stopping my Supporters with Armaldo. He did have a chance when he attached a Crystal Shard to Kabutops Ex with 3 energy to attack my Grovyle. He rolled 3 tails on Cutter. After that I evolved into Sceptile EX and pounded away on the rest of his team. I won by benching.


    Round 2 vs. Nick Cap.
    Nick won the NH State championship and is an excellent player that I haven’t been able to beat in a while. He was playing his Cradily EX deck that he just built and posted on the Gym a couple of days before. I had Grass weakness so this would be a good match. I go 1st and we both ended up mulliganing. I ended up with 2 Treeckos and a Wurmple. I figured that I needed to build the Sceptile Ex as soon as possible so I start with the Treecko. By Turn 3 he gets the 80 Hp Lileep and I have a Grovyle with 2 energy. I play PETM to get a Sceptile EX and then play Boost for the 100 damage to ko the Lileep. He was holding a Cradily Ex so it was great that I did that. This took him by surprise and he was like “Wow, I was not expecting that.” He only had a Linoone and Skitty left. I ended up ko’ing them for the win. We play a friendly game after that and he ended up getting a Cradily to Ko my Sceptile but I had another Sceptile ready on the bench. So I probably would of won that too but then time was called.


    Round 3 vs. Brain Jessing (BJJ)
    Brian is running his infamous Sceptile Tech deck that just ended up beating his wife Maria’s BAR deck. Brian’s deck also was the one that made mincemeat out of my Ninkin deck at the Springfield City Championship last month. Brian goes 1st and Strikes nad Runs to get both of his Wobbuffets and a Treecko. I also set up with Wurmple and find out that my Sceptile Energy Trans is in my prizes. I knew this the whole game but wouldn’t let on. He gets the 1st 2 early prizes with Wobbuffet to knock out a Treecko and Wurmple. I then pump up 2 Sceptile EX and we stall back and forth with my Green heal and him Transferring energy then Pokemon Nursing it all back. I end up getting only 2 prizes the whole game. Brian ends up winning with like 30 seconds left because of my R&S Sceptile being in the prizes.


    Its called that there will only be a Top 2 for each age division because of the turnout. With my high resistance I end up facing Brian for the championship.

    15+ Championship game.
    A very different game than the lst one. I get setup very early and don’t evolve just yet to Sceptile EX. I instead use Grovyle to attack and damage his Wobbufetts. He has to waste a Rainbow on Dunsparce to get basics. Brian gets very little draw power. He does end up getting both of his Wobbuffets powered up. By various means other than Sceptile EX I get 3 prizes. My last 3 prizes I use Sceptile R&S Tail Rap to win. I rolled 6 heads in a row. 2 Heads for each Tail Rap to win.


    I end up winning the Uconn State Championship in the 15+ for a 2 round bye at Origins and the cool looking trophy that I give to my 5 year old who played in his 1st Pokemon tourney today. Our friend Jake neds up winning the 10 and under with his Swampert/Suicune deck. They were going to hold a second tourney but it was 3 in the afternoon and I had to drive back to Springfield to pick up my other son for his next Basketball game. I did find out that he won the 3 Point contest and the Basketball Hall of Fame. Such a Busy but fun weekend. Thanks for reading.
  2. Monkey

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    Yup, congratulations on winning the CT states! Yeah, I probablly should of just played with my Typlohision deck that I made haha. Infact, I won the tourney after the main one with my Typlohsion deck! :fire:

    Anyway, congratulations again on you and your son's win! :)
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  3. Darkash

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    Figures... Now Tim and I are the only "usual suspects" to not have won a major/semi-major tournament recently... But that will all change when I get to Milford! Good job, John. (I'm shocked, no BAR/BEX/RAMBO?) And good job to Jake too.
    (Edit: Just reread your final vs. BJ. 6 heads in a row?!? Well, that explains it right there. When Johnny Blaze gets something better than a 25%/75% Heads/Tails ratio (and about .01% when the flips
    really count), then you may as well scoop right there.)
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  4. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Just curious, how many people were there???


  5. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    8: 15+
    6: 11 - 14
    3: 10 & under

    Great games Johnny! Call you Double Header from now on :D
  6. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    good job johnny and to your son also.

    I am really shocked that there were no bex/bar/rambo or ninikens at all. It seems as tho that People have found bex's weakness and are exploiting it.... evil people :mad:
  7. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Yeah that is the luck part of the game. That many heads has not happened to me before. It was just crazy flipping double heads for 3 turns in a row.

    And in the 15+ there was one BEX deck.
  8. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    woah i thought all states would have at least 40+ attendance, congrat on ur first place, gotta luv sceptile ex, why do u think there was such a low turnout?

  9. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    MuD - The funny thing is there were absolutely NO players from UCONN all the players were from surrounding States. If we didnt show up there wouldnt have been any. lol
  10. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    haha, weird, what could've been more important than Pokemon?!?! lol

  11. Freddy K.

    Freddy K. New Member

    GREAT JOB JB =)) Unlucky, BJJ maybe next time but both of you are great players IRL.

    Really hope that you do well at Origins, I gotta see those ROCKING t-shirts one more time!

  12. Nice job johnny. Nice deck idea you made. I always wondered the way to work on septile EX. Good luck at origins. Ill be fighting right along side ya,just you have 2 rounds to rest as i am gonna be in the pools of trainrs for 2 rounds ><.

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