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Discussion in 'Archive' started by irwinmalek, Aug 6, 2003.

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  1. irwinmalek

    irwinmalek New Member

    I've set up a calendar of UK Pokemon events, right here.

  2. Android17a

    Android17a New Member

    What? London and Norwich? >_<
    I wish I could get some guys together and organise one in Leicester or Birmingham. Think about it. Birmingham is right smack in the middle of the country - it's in the ideal position to get the most people in attendance...

    If only I could find a bunch of guys to set it up with... ah wells. I'm going to try get to the event in London on the 28th September (you know, the one at that university place)...

    Oh, wait (edit)! I just read in the London event that they're already planning a B'ham event! Class! I'm 100% sure to get to that one!
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  3. irwinmalek

    irwinmalek New Member

    Cool... Well, so far, Norwich and London are the only places people have submitted info from. As you probably know, there are lots of other UK places to play... UK guys, SEND your league/tournament info to the address on that site!
  4. djcati

    djcati New Member


    But, when will Nintendo actually sort anything for us? I mean, Wizards stop the Battlezones in September, right? But there's still nothing about the UK on the Poktmon TCG site ('cept the FAQ.. :\)

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