UK Nationals - Sat June 12th 2010

Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by NoPoke, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    The Pavilion, Wicksteed park
    Barton road
    NN15 6NJ

    Entry : FREE

    Registration 9am to 10am

    Sorry but no food within the pavilion. Bring a picnic or buy from the park's fast food outlets.

    Car parking £6 for the day per vehicle.
    Minibuses £10 ( or free by prior arrangement with Wicksteed Park)

    There is a campsite on site for those that wish to bring a tent or caravan.

    More information about the venue

    Anticipated event structure:
    masters: expect 7 swiss rounds and a Top 16 cut.
    seniors: expect 6/7 swiss rounds and a Top 8/16 cut.
    Juniors: probably 6 swiss rounds and a Top 8 cut.
    swiss rounds should be finished around 6pm
    finals should be finished by 11pm.

    The deposit for the venue was paid a long time ago so it won't be changing. 2nd payment due soon :( lol

    FACEBOOK GROUP for those that use/have facebook
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  2. jameswilliams1324

    jameswilliams1324 New Member

    Thanks for the info.
  3. Deoxys Cool Form

    Deoxys Cool Form New Member

    Yeah thanks Ian.

    It's going to be good.
  4. jameswilliams1324

    jameswilliams1324 New Member

    Corrected. :thumb:
  5. TheLegendKiller

    TheLegendKiller New Member

    I hope there are "booster pack prizes".
  6. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    what you want prizes as WELL!
  7. PokemonSteve

    PokemonSteve New Member

    I'm pretty sure Ian has lots of Stormfront left over :thumb:
  8. Kashmaster

    Kashmaster New Member

    Great news :). First Nats for me. Don't know where Northamptonshire is lol.
  9. Donezator

    Donezator New Member

    ^ Near me in the west midlands, search for it on Google Maps.

    Fantastic choice, this is the first nationals where I won't have far to travel :p Lol.

  10. X_empoleon_X

    X_empoleon_X New Member

    THIS IS MADNESS!! :mad:
  11. Kashmaster

    Kashmaster New Member

    ^ Looool. Don't worry ryan, we can all eat out together, in the sun. Whilst I worry about the exams which decide my life the following monday :p.
  12. TheLegendKiller

    TheLegendKiller New Member

    Kashmaster: I will get mummy or daddy to ask John if hes doing a Mini bus or something this year as Nats is outside of our area for the first time in a while. Last time it was in Woburn & Birmingham we had one.
  13. Jigglypuff666

    Jigglypuff666 New Member

    Quick question, how would arrange this?

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to it, should be good.
  14. The Machampion

    The Machampion New Member

  15. TheLegendKiller

    TheLegendKiller New Member

    If you play in London, Im sure there will be some thing organised. There always is, just the fact we havent really havent had to travel very far in recent years means we are as prepared as before. From what ive seen anyway the location is accessible to St Pancras. However, the problem might be on the return as trains into London might finish early to the estimated 11pm finish. But its good that all the details to the venue have been put up so early giving us ample opportunity to book accomadation or arrange alternative methods of transport. So props to Nopoke.
  16. Tyran-Itar

    Tyran-Itar New Member

    thank god its not an 8 hour trek for us scots like the previous nats have been XD Cant wait luckily it is 1 week after the end my exams :D
  17. TheLegendKiller

    TheLegendKiller New Member

    Same, if i dont get enough "sleepy time,i get vewy vewy crawnky".:frown:
  18. Donezator

    Donezator New Member

    ^You say that, yet your up all night talking about how Pikachu is next BDIF...

    On topic, yeh I totally agree Tyran-Itar. I assume the main reason for moving it to the center of the country was so that players that live in the north of the country could actually get to Nationals within a reasonable time (And I thought I had it bad having to go from West Midlands to London area every year LOL).

  19. nnaann

    nnaann New Member

    I like the actual location alot. Its alot more central and easier to get to for places like Scotland but is still -3 hours to the South East which has the big playerbase.
  20. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    I suspect that though it may have been true in the past that the South East has the most players it is not the case any more. This is based on a completely unscientific analysis of attendance and registered players.

    The center of gravity for players has been moving north. Player distribution is much more spread out than it once was when the South East Challenges were all that was left of OP.

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