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    So the bad news is up. Once again are organisers have picked some of the worst venues across the UK, including staff who have never held, or been to a major event. They have picked venues in small shops which can hold 60-80 people max opposed to halls that can hold around 150. They have picked areas out of the way from the major player base and so travelling to these events will be a pain. One of these places only had an attence of 16 players at there last cities. They have picked organisers who they are friends with opposed to organisers who the community likes and respects. There is no logic to this organisation for regionals. We need a more a structured system here in the UK, compared to are current state of disorganiseation, with less bias staff.

    As a result of this I am only able to attend 3-4 of these high valued events and to be honest I don't even want to go to them due to the fact that they arn't even nice venues. One venue is practically outside and occasionally rain falls onto the tables. This is not suitable for any players and I won't be surprised if we see a drop in attendance compared to last year. One venue is crampt and smells horrible due to a toilet right behind the playing tables. This needs to be sorted, but it probably won't be. This makes me lose faith in pokemon and doesn't provide an enjoyable place to play in, with inadequate venues, pokemon UK has really took a turn for the worst.
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    Have you contacted Gordian Knot Games to let them know how you feel?

    Basically unless this thread blows up badly posting here will have close to zero visibilty and achieve very little. I think the 'gym is a great place for players but it is not particularly effective as a place to drive change internationally.
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