UK South East Challenge 28 September 2003

Discussion in 'Archive' started by ukpokemonpro, Aug 7, 2003.

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  1. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    The next South East Challenge is booked for Sunday 28 September 2003 at the :

    South Bank University Student Union,
    Keyworth Street,
    Elephant & Castle,
    London SE1

    the venue is close to the Elephant and Castle and a map to help you find the venue can be found at the link below:

    Cost will be £5 on the door with proceeds going to pay for the venue and to fund future Challenge Events.

    The prize pile includes..

    1. Eon Tickets exclusive to the SE Challenge
    2. Uncut card sheets to the top 3 players in each age group
    3. Oversized Card Lucky Dip (will you find a Buzz, or even the rare TR Mewtwo?)
    4. Ladies Prize
    5. Exclusive WotC and Nintendo Promo's
    6. Pokemon goodies from around the world

    this event will be 8 rounds of age modified Swiss using the Nintendo Rules and Rulings BUT will not include 2 on 2 battles.

    The card pool is modified plus Ruby and Sapphire and any new Nintendo set with a UK release date up to a week before the event.

    Provisonal round timings for the next SE Challenge are:

    11.00 – 11.30 Round 1
    11.45 – 12.15 Round 2
    12.30 – 13.00 Round 3
    13.00 – 14.00 LUNCH
    14.00 – 14.30 Round 4
    14.45 – 15.15 Round 5
    15.30 – 16.00 Round 6
    16.00 – 16.30 BREAK
    16.30 – 17.00 Round 7
    17.00 – 17.30 Round 8
    17.45 – 18.00 PRIZE GIVING
    18.00 END

    The 1hr Lunch break and 1/2hr afternoon break are to enable entrants and watching parents to not only eat but have a chance to look round the MiniCon too.

    Remember these are unlikely to survive fully intact when they meet reality but will give you an idea of the structure for the day.

    There are trade stands and other games to watch and try not just MtG!

    Watch out for the Ladies challenge too, a surprise prize for the highest placed female!
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  2. djcati

    djcati New Member

    "There are trade stands and other games to watch and try not just MtG!"
    Anyone play Harry Potter or Star Wars? (preferably HP, I'm better at that.. :p)

    "Watch out for the Ladies challenge too, a surprise prize for the highest placed female!"
    *maniacal laughter*
  3. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    Great news that you are coming over djcati you can aim me or email me if you need any specifics not in this post.

    If you want some help with a deck let me know what you are planning to play (cos I am the TO man and unable to play in this one so any help I can give is yours... plus it means I won't scope ya deck :thumb: )

    See ya there in a little under 2 months :clap:
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  4. djcati

    djcati New Member

    Ack, I still don't have any focus for my deck.. will be playtested a LOT at school, tweaked, once I get more cards..
    Might post it up later, or something. ^^
  5. Android17a

    Android17a New Member

    Whoop, I got my Ruby theme deck and six RS boosters yesterday... Can you say "Lapras EX"?
  6. Lord Ninetales

    Lord Ninetales New Member

    Glad you can finally make it to a big tournament, djcati. If Jim (new guy at the Borders League) makes it, that will be three members of the Glasgow League ready to show the Londoners who's boss!
  7. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    A long way from the border but still the Scottish raiders are coming south run for your lives :p

    I guess the major prizes are gonna be heading north this time :clap:
  8. Android17a

    Android17a New Member

    "28th September... My first tourney. *shock horror* What on earth am I thinking!? First tourney and already in the 15+. o_o I'm gonna get wasted! XD"

    I second that. Still, I'm going to put up the best fight I can to put Leicester on the map. *crosses fingers for a Birmingham event in the future*
  9. Prof Donphan

    Prof Donphan Member

    Is the tournament opened at Italian Players?
    How could I arrive from Stansted airport?
  10. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    The tournament is open to all and if you are coming from Standstead we know a man from Norwich that just might be able to pick you up!

    Will check but Martin Banham maybe able to collect you he is going to slide right by Stanstead on his way from Norfolk.
  11. Tego

    Tego New Member

    The prizes look great. Good luck with the tournament. :thumb:
  12. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    TEGO it is the welcome to the new boards and why not go quackers and fly yourself over for the 28th!
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  13. RocketZapdos

    RocketZapdos New Member

    yo pro,
    you expect to see a good turn out by team london..
  14. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    On your home turf it will be great to see Team London in action again.. just don't mention legally stalling to a judge ;)

    And someone teach Freddy how goldberry works :lol:

    I will be TO and reporter dood again so can't play but I expect Geoff, Shane, Matt and Kraig will defend the honour of the Gamers Guild :clap:

    Looks like we got a strong Celtic contingent coming down too so maybe a Celt will take how the spoils from SE4?
  15. djcati

    djcati New Member

    Scottish players > everyone else

    Hopefully I'll be able to make it to the Glasgow league sometime in September.. Hey, will it be running on the 27th? Cause I might be able to scrounge a Friday night leave... Hm..
    How many members are there, now? :p
  16. Prof Donphan

    Prof Donphan Member

    Thank you very much ukpokemonpro!!!
    If I decide to come in England, I'll contact you by e-mail.
  17. Tego

    Tego New Member

    Sounds expensive, but it would be really fun to finally attend a big tourney again. I haven't played outside Norway since Worlds one year ago. :(

  18. Android17a

    Android17a New Member

    It's looking like I'll make it, and I should have my brother and one of my friends (who is learning the TCG) with me as well. If you see a group of three enter, of which only one looks normal (my bro), thats us.

    Team N00b!
  19. djcati

    djcati New Member

    Ha, no fear... You and your friend won't be the only weird-looking ones. :p I have taken the Japan badge OFF my hat now, but still, only normalizes a little.

    *doesn't think "normalize" is a word*

    I'm bringing my unlimited deck as well, plus my Star Wars and Harry Potter cards (and Ruby :D), since I can guarantee you I won't be in the tourney for long. XD;;
    Anyone else play HP or SW, or willing to beat - uh, play - an unlimited match with me at some point? ^^
  20. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    Wierd is the new normal at these events anyhow just check out some of the pics of past events:

    Well be glad to see you all there and Android 17a the cards should reach you this morning I hope!

    Oh and djcati... the tourney is swiss so you don't get knocked out of the tourney you'll be playing till the end :)

    But there are some rest slots between games and if your match ends early bringing your GBA and Ruby or Sapphire is a good idea.

    Plus don't forget we got the GBA reader hooked up to the ganme cube again for more fun and frolics and wall sized Ruby and Sapphire through our projectors.

    It's gonna be fun and we'll see you all there!
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