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  1. tglilly

    tglilly New Member

    Well I am new to all of this but I want to try my hand at making a fake card.
    Umbreon Lv X 110 HP :dark:
    Level Up: Put Umbreon lv x on top of Umbreon
    :pbody: Moon Light: If any player has moonlight stadium in play you may remove 2 damage counters from Umbreon between turns.
    :dark: Stadium Call: 10 search your deck or discard pile for a stadium card and put it in play. If you search your deck for a stadium card shuffle your deck afterwards.
    :dark::dark::colorless Dark Fang: 60 flip a coin if heads the defending pokemon is paralyzed. If tails this attack dose no damage and discard an energy attach to the defending pokemon.
    Weakness :fighting: +40
    Resistance :psychic:-20
    Retreat cost :colorless

    Espeon Lv X 110 HP :psychic:
    Level Up: Put Espeon lv X on top of Espeon
    :pbody: Sun Light: If any player has Dawn Stadium in play you my remove 2 damage counters from Espeon between turns.
    :psychic: Stadium Lock: 20 Your opponent can not play any stadium cards during there next turn.
    :psychic::psychic::colorless Psychic Focus: 70 Flip a coin if heads any damage done to the defending pokemon next turn dose an additional 30 damage.
    Weakness: :psychic:+40
    Retreat cost:
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  2. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    Sun Light and Moon Light are Poke-Bodies, other than that these are good
  3. Umbreon28

    Umbreon28 New Member

    How Cant I Like Umbreon Lol Love It Hate Espeon
  4. tglilly

    tglilly New Member

    I fixed the poke-body on them both since I posted up the wrong symbol .

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