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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by garchompx12, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    SOoooooo i sleep over my friends house and go playing the most ORIGINAL deck in the format....... G&G

    seniors- 4 rounds with cut to T4

    ROUND 1-?????? w/gyrados/xatu

    so i start with a lone ralts, him with natu. he goes first, attaches, and hits the flip and does 30 since im weak
    +10. uh-oh, if he flips heads next turn, or attaches and evolves, im finished. topdeck......mentor!! WOOOHOOO. i grab an absol, ralts, and sableye. attach to ralts, and smack him with a charm for 30. he evolves, master balls, grabs a majikarp, and kills me. io bring up absol, attach, celios, gallade, candy. i baleful wind an energy. he uses energy singe on gallade, since absols resistant. i build up gallade, while he gets out a gyrados and starts builing that one up. he eventually knocks absol out, and i just swarm with gallade and gardevoirs and use gardy X,bring down, last prize. gg


    ROUND 2- Kahyyn Kwon w/gardylade stantler

    he starts with stantler, I with absol. i go first and baleful wind his roseannes and celios. OVERKILL!!
    he leads for a roseannes. i start building up a gallade on the bench and baleful wind a 2nd roseannes and a DRE. OUCH. he gets ******, and manages to topdeck a ralts, candy, gardevoir. he builds it up. i warp point my fully powered gallade into play, and he has to bring up gardevoir. i flip over ???? prizes and KO it. He slams his hand on the table, screams, "BALEFUL WIND!!" and concedes. gg


    ROUND 3-geofferey Sauk w/GardyLade absol AKA GALACTIC

    he starts with ralts, I with absol. i go first and baleful wind his 2 roseannes and make HUGE dent in his once perfect hand. he fails the confuse ray flip, and he eventually concedes from being unable to setup properly.


    ROUND 4- Michael Diaz w/ vire/absol

    he starts with absol, as do I. He baleful winds, i baleful wind, and discard some important trainers. I dont remember much, as it was LONG, but i get him cornered mid-game, and power of evolutions to get better stuff. He KOs my gallade, and i cant power up anything, since i couldnt get a DRE for my LIFE. he sets up his vires, and i get a Gardy lv.X going. time is called, and it goes down to 2 to 2 prizes, going into sudden death. he gets me cornered, and i just surrender by bringing down my own sableye.


    T4 looks like this: 1st-michael diaz(AS USUAL LOL) w/ vire/ absol
    2nd-Alex Maiman(me) w/galactic
    3rd -David Shoyket w/ Galactic
    4th-Kahyyn Kwon w/ G&G and stanter

    T4 HERE WE GO!!
    i verse david.

    game 1 - we both get set up, and i forgot most of this game. it comes down to 1 to 1 prize, my gardy X vs.
    his Gardy X. Mine has 2 energy, his has 2 as well. he goes, and doesnt have an energy, has a chunk of cards in his deck, and only 2 energies left. BTW, both gardys have 8 damage on them. He uses TGW, loses, and STILL topdecks the energy. he psychic locks the game. gg

    game 2- i get ralts with a chunk of energies. uh-oh. i go second, topdeck a gallade, rare candy, DRE, and sonic blade his absol. He gets Turn 2 Gardy AND gallade. he brings out gallade, DRE, and sonic blades me, forcing me to bring oout a benched ralts. i warp point, he brings up gardy, and psychic cut KO. he brings up gallade, attaches, and kills me. i cant get a mentor/celios, and he kills my lone ralts. gg

    props- pulling honchkrow X from the box( i came in 4th, and got the lv.X from the box used for prizes, lol)
    getting some rating points
    the glassetts for driving me

    slops-David for topdecking the energy he needed to win when i wouldve won next turn:mad:
  2. L00p_H01eS

    L00p_H01eS New Member

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  3. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    OOO youre the guy who came in second BTW i knew i would lose next turn anyway
  4. L00p_H01eS

    L00p_H01eS New Member

    what eve.... its alternate universe

    u could have attached to sableye and trigger the body to kill him.. then u could use gallade to kill the vire X since gallade's sramble was active.... but i guess he could have done 120 + charm next turn so
  5. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    nope i was thinking of that but its the FIRST one to get a prize so i would automatically lose

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