Unlimited First Generation Damage Swap Deck needs fine tuning

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by jfelong4, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. jfelong4

    jfelong4 New Member

    My friends and I used to play Pokemon TCG years ago. We decided to bring out our old collections and play with unlimited decks for fun. Here's the deck I've been using...

    4x Abra (Base 43/102)
    3x Kadabra (Base 32/102)
    3x Alakazam (Base 1/102)
    1x Mewtwo (Base 10/102)
    1x Mewtwo (Promo 3)
    1x Mewtwo (Promo 12)
    2x Mr. Mime (Jungle22/64)
    3x Chansey (Base 3/102)
    3x Lickitung (Jungle 38/64)

    2x Switch (Base 95/102)
    1x Gust of Wind (Base 93/102)
    4x Pokemon Center (Base 85/102)
    4x Pokemon Trader (Base 77/102)

    24x Psychic
    4x Double Colorless

    My strategy is the classic Damage Swap. I get out Alakazam as soon as I can and keep him on the bench. I use his power to move damage to Lickitung and Chansey. I usually attack with Chansey's Double Edge then move the damage off of him the next turn. I use Mr. Mime to stall big hitters and the Mewtwo's for other attackers. Once I build up enough damage on my bench I use Pokemon Center to clear it all away. Since I try to keep the damage on Pokemon without energy, I usually don't lose much energy from the Pokemon Centers. This strategy has caused me to win most games, however I feel the deck needs fine tuning. I recently lost three games in a row against a friend using a Fighting/Fire deck (also with First Edition cards). His big hitters were Rhyhorn and Arcanine... myChansey and Lickitung's Fighting weakness was fatal. He uses Energy Retrievals to build up energy quickly and uses Bills to get his hand built up. Also, my Mr. Mime stands no chance against his Charity, which he simply uses to reduce his attacks to 20 damage when I have Mr. Mime out. Also, he uses Gust of Winds to bring out my damage filled Pokemon to KO them. Because of my losses, I know that this deck needs work... any help is appreciated. Keep in mind, my TCG collection consists of only First Edition cards... mostly Base, Jungle and Fossil, with a fair amount of Rocket and a few gym cards. Since I'm playing unlimited games with my friends I am also using some of the older promos. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Alazor

    Alazor Active Member

    Pokemon: 17

    3x Abra (Base 43/102)
    2x Kadabra (Base 32/102)
    3x Alakazam (Base 1/102)
    3x Mewtwo (Promo 12)
    1x Mr. Mime (Jungle22/64)
    3x Chansey (Base 3/102)
    1 Ditto (Fossil)

    Trainers: 27

    4 Erika (Gym Heroes) or Bill (Base) add some Imposter Oak's Revenge (Team Rocket) if you plan on using Erika

    4 Computer Search
    3 Energy Removal
    4 Pokemon Breeder
    4x Scoop Up (Base 95/102)
    4x Gust of Wind (Base 93/102)
    2x Pokemon Center (Base 85/102)
    2x Pokemon Trader (Base 77/102)

    Energy: 16

    12x Psychic
    4x Double Colorless

    Hope that helps. :)
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