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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by k0ngcrete, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. k0ngcrete

    k0ngcrete New Member

    Pokemon : 21
    2x Mysterious Treasures Tropius
    1x Ex Fire Red & Leaf Green Bulbasaur
    1x Ex Fire Red & Leaf Green Ivysaur
    1x Ex Crystal Guardian Venusaur
    3x Neo Genesis Hoppip
    2x Neo Revelations Skiplooms
    2x Team Rockets Jumpluff
    1x Neo Revelations Jumpluff
    3x Hidden Legend Oddish
    2x Hidden Legend Gloom
    1x Unseen Forces Bellossom
    1x Hidden Legends Bellossom
    1x Vileplume EX

    Trainers : 21

    1x Town Volunteers
    2x Focus Band
    2x Sitrus Berry
    2x VS Seeker
    1x Lanette's Net Search
    4x Bill
    1x Holon Farmer
    3x Pokemon Breeder
    3x Pokemon Trader
    2x Rare Candy

    Energy : 19

    17x Grass Energy
    2x Double Colorless Energy

    Alright, I know this looks busy, and it is. But trust me, It works. I haven't lost with it yet.

    This deck works wonders. It's fast evolution, fast damage, a lot of condition damage, a lot of trainer/support help. The deck just wrecks.

    Tropius is a good wall with it's amazing heal capabilities and it's cheap 30 dmg with a switch effect.

    The Venusaur I chose does good damage with energy capabilities, plus it's sleep/posion attack. Not a lot of energy here.

    Jumpluff is my favorite pokemon, Energy crush is a good way to do cheap damage and holds a strain on opponents energy use. buffer + focus band is a deadly combo as well. The other Jumpluff is a good way of getting out Hoppips and Skiplooms to do quick evolution. 30 dmg with one energy is nice as well.

    Bellossom is my next favorite pokemon, not the best in card form, but with it's pokemon search / heal effects comes in handy here.

    Vileplume EX is the heavy hitter here. Poison / Sleep or Confused with 50 dmg is just sweet. Along with the fact that the opponent can't play trainers is just lock down.

    Town Volunteers - Brings back the dead!
    Focus Band, Bill, VS Seeker,are obvious.
    Pokemon Breeder / Rare Candy are for speed. Pokemon Trader helps get out that evolution card you need when you have the wrong one in your hand.

    Now, I know you're all going to freak out because I don't have pokedex, professor oak, etc. But this deck works for me and I'm wondering if you could rate my deck with any sort of criticism.

  2. rodrigokpo

    rodrigokpo New Member

    Hi!! my rate is 1,5/5.
    you need computer search, itemfinder, oak and copycat. Take out all the pokes but the vileplume ex line.
    add SER, ER, GOW, Lass, etc. you don't need vs seeker and lanette (there is a better card called Roseanne's Research). There is no way to put in PKMN breeder. you just need 3 rare candy, because you will play 3 vileplume ex.
    and maybe you can put in 4 cleffa and some strange cave and aerodactyl from fossil.
    Hope it helps!
    Good Luck!
  3. k0ngcrete

    k0ngcrete New Member

    those staples are so boring....
  4. Ikari

    Ikari New Member

    I know but... in Unlimited format are necesary :frown:

    Or, you can play a Expedition-On format with your friends or propose it at your league. Doesn't have the WELL-KNOWN Staples card (Not Only trainers, Blastoise Base, Double Colorless energy...) and is fun to play with.

    And... staples are boring, but you have Bills :lol:

    Ok, on topic: Ummm i think it have too much Pokes, you should focus in one strategy (Status Killer, Heavy Hitter, Quick Setup, Disrupt Deck...) and make a deck focusing in the strategy you choose.

    Alright, a fix: Take away all Pokes except for Venusaur CG, and Tropius. Add Sceptile DP4 (When it arrives :lol:) or in this case: Meganium Neo (I dont remember what Neo... :frown: the one with Wild Growth Power), Meg Ex for attach more energy a turn. 4 Doble Colorless Energy if you play with Base Cards. Strategy: Get quick Venusaur and Meg Ex or Meg Neo on the field, attach energy to Venusaur and to the bench with Meg Ex Power. Use Green Blast to do massive damage because:
    - Double Colorless Energy becomes :grass: by the venusaur Pokebody (That is a +20)
    - Meg Neo doubles the amount of :grass:energy attached to all Grass Pkmn (That is x2 damage)
    - Meg Ex to attach 2 Energy and cure 10 a turn.
    - Possible Techs: Celebi MT (Too swap all energy from your pokes) Meg d (DF) Get your evolutions faster.
    - Abuse from CANDY.


    - Venusaur on Active (2 Grass Energy attached)
    - Meg Neo (1 Colorless)
    - Meg Ex (1 Colorless)
    - Celebi (1 Grass energy)

    That will do 20 from the attack + 60 from Meg Neo Pokepower (Doubles Grass Energy) + 40 From Double Colorless (It counts like Grass for the body of Venusaur) so... 120 damage. What you think? :biggrin:

    Cheers! :smile:
  5. SolarPichu

    SolarPichu Member

    I'm not so sure this will work, since Meganium's power says Grass Energy Cards, which even if Double Colorless is, would still only provide 2 Grass.
  6. Ikari

    Ikari New Member

    Yes, thats true, it dont double the Double Colorless. But Double Colorless is here because Venusaur's Body make it Grass, and it count for a +20 bonus. And its the requeriment of the attack, so with luck, we have a T2 40 or 50 from no where with Venusaur. Meg Neo will double your basics energys, Meg Ex attach an extra Energy each turn, so... it will work :tongue:
  7. k0ngcrete

    k0ngcrete New Member

    I want to stick to Jumpluff / Vileplume / Bellossom run.

    Venusaur takes too much energy and is slow.

    Perhaps if I run a 4-2-4 of Jumpluff and a 2-1-2of Vileplume EX and Bellossom with two Tropius?

    With no Venusaur, I could add a Fire Red & Leaf Green Chansey.

    Chansey - 90 HP
    attack 1 - 1 energy, pokemon is a sleep.
    attack 2 - 3 energy, flip a coin, if heads 50 dmg, if tails, 50 heal.
    (attach a focus band to this and watch your opponent get annoyed)

    Having : 18 pokemon.

    I could probably let go on Bellossom, but it's one of my favorite pokemon.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Perhaps even running a Dragonite EX. His Dragon Roar attack is cheap and really nice.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2007
  8. votalesin

    votalesin New Member

    An EX in unlimited? Multiple lines of stage 2's? No ER?

    Your deck looks like a fun unlimited deck to play against modified, but if you want to go toe-to-toe with unlimited you will die. ATM Rock-Fossil Aerodactyl-Energy Removal-Slowking/Chaos Gym

    If any of your attacks take more than 2 energy, you more than likely won't be using them. With FRLG Raticate recycling ER every turn and Item finder to speed it up even more, 3 energy on any one pokemon will be a one turn event. However...

    Pick 1 stage 2 line. Bellossom or whatever, max your line 4-4-4. 4Rare candy and 4 pokemon breeder, the extras can be ditched for Item Finder and Computer Search. 4 Focus Band, Cleffa/Tyrogue for baby stalling. Cessation Crystals are your friend, get them onto someone with free retreat, lock Aerodactyl and Slowking and evolve and trainer spam as hard as you can. 4 DCE is good, keep them. 4 Recycle energy too. The only way I can see this functioning in a serious unlimited format is to stall like crazy and trainerspam your setup in 1 or 2 turns.

    All in all, it a serious unlimited deck. Some n00b posted a deck with 1 Lugia EX and 20 potions the other day, and thought it would seriously work. Good luck!
  9. Ikari

    Ikari New Member

    votalesin, no offense but, if he wants to stay in a competitive enviroment, he can actually play Modified. I think he is playing Unlimited just for fun and not for being The Supreme Conqueror of Unlimited.

    Like he said, he's just using his favourite Pokemon to make a deck. And Dark Vileplume (Rocket) + Aggron Ex CG + Fossil Aerodactyl disrupts completely your oponnent. And yes, its a Ex in Unlimited.

    But in the other hand, you gave me an idea with that Raticate... Lugia SW... :lol:
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