Unlimited Machamp/Magcargo Deck

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Postdog2Gengar, Nov 30, 2003.

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  1. Postdog2Gengar

    Postdog2Gengar New Member

    This is just a deck I tried to make based around the Machamp I got from the E-Reader standard pack. This Machamp is fairly easy to get your hands on (it comes free with the e-reader, and if you want more, they probably won't be high priced since they are so easy to get), and it is an effective deck. Please make any improvements you want, especially adding cards to make combos.



    2 Machop (Expedition)
    2 Machop (Base Set 2)
    2 Machoke (Expedition)
    1 Machoke (Skyridge)
    2 Machamp (Expedition)
    2 Diglett (Rocket--My favorite Diglett, you can use any one, and one attack is similar to that of Dugtrio's)
    1 Dugtrio (Skyridge)
    2 Rocket's Hitmonchan


    2 Ponyta (Base Set 2)
    1 Dark Rapidash
    3 Slugma (Neo 3, Magma Ring)
    2 Magcargo (Skyridge)


    3 Kangaskhan (Jungle, I had so many of these it wasn't even funny, and they fit well in this deck)


    4 Switch
    4 Berry
    3 Elm
    3 Energy Search


    9 Fire
    10 Fighting
    2 DCE

    Stratagy: Get Machamp out ASAP (though this might not be easy; that's where Magcargo comes in), stall with Magcargo and other evo's, KO babies with Dugtrio, then, when Machamp is out, destroy your opponent with Iron Fist, which should be good now due to your stalling with the BBP's and Magcargo.
  2. penguin_master

    penguin_master New Member

    What does DCE Mean??
  3. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    DCE, Double Colorless Energy. It was 1 energy card that provides 2 colorless energy at the same time. Was released in Base Set.

    Too many Pokemon and energy, add more trainiers. Concentrate on Machamp + Backups.... Maybe Magcargo, but mostly Big Basics + Babys
  4. EsPeOnEX

    EsPeOnEX New Member

    i agree your trainer line is far too weak to even put up a fight. . .
    also your pokemon will be ruined by people who max out on energy removals and super energy removal. Most unlimited decks take 3 turns to get anything going yours however takes 4-5 turns by then your opponent will have something far too powerful. lets see have a 4/3/3 line of machamp take out the kangaskans and add 3-4 dittos(base set) this will give you a good edge against your opponent using his low powered moves against him. you definetly want the basic set up for babies like 2 cleffa 2 tyrogue and since there are tons of slowking floating about 3 igglybuff. your trainer line is what is hurting you. you definetly need a better trainer line like 4 oak 4 itemfinder 4 computer search 3 gold berrys 3 gust of winds 4 switch 3 copycats 1 town voluteer have at least 3 dce but 4 would be better and the rest fighting. oh yah and ecogym or no removal gym because energy removals are going to slaughter you. here i will give you a deck write up

    4/3/3 machamp
    2 cleffa
    2 tyrogue
    3 ditto
    3 igglybuff
    4 oak
    3 computer search
    3 gust of winds
    4 switch
    3 copy
    1 town voluteer
    2 fan club
    3 ecogym or no removal gym
    4 DCE
    9 Fighting

    that should run a lot smoother

    basically get out ditto early and wait for the big boy machamp to get powered up.

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