Unown ! / ? and the Red/Green secret

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by CHARIZARD MASTERTRAINER, Sep 5, 2003.

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  1. Hey everyone

    I read a little something on , that says that there are 2 new Unown that were added with the 26 current ones. Unown ! and ? is this true? The site also states that those pokemon were found in Ruby/Sapphire. How could this be?? Hope anyone knows the answer to this one.
    Also a bit of news on, a worker of the pokemon company stated that there was going to be a re-make of Red/Green versions which could trade with Ruby/Sapphire. Anyone know about that one too??


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  2. Red5bv06

    Red5bv06 <a href="

    There are 2 new unown in the game, but they are unobtainable at the moment, just like all the other Unown (and the other 185 for that matter). They will probably be released sometime in the near future, most likely through Pokémon Colosseum for GCN.

    I hadn't heard about the R/B/G remake. So, I won't comment, other than to say I doubt it.
  3. The Anaconda

    The Anaconda New Member

    I like the idea for the remake. It was posted on PokePale (a japanese site), but hasn't yet been mentioned on the official GameFreak website (for that matter they haven't posted anything related to pokemon other than some wallpapers for Windows on their site since Ruby/Sapphire came out last November).

    Let's just hope they preserve the Running Shoes from Ruby/Sapphire(to have to walk all of that distance at normal speed again...)

    EDIT: Err... the site is called Palette. the web adress is PokePale(dot com)
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  4. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    It would not be surprising to see a "Special Edition" for ruby and sapphire. It would probably be called Emerald or something like that. However, it is unlikely we will hear anything anytime soon. So just be happy with what we have.

    Unown "!" and "?"? That sounds too weird but you never know. The trick is that the Unown never appeared in Ruby and Sapphire (directly) so the need for making new forms would seem pointless. However you never know. Pokemon Colleseum will allow you to catch older pokemon for your Ruby and Sapphire so we will see more of the crazy reality bending things.

    "They look like alphabet soup without the soup." ~ Meowth from Pokemon 3 The Movie.
  5. Well,

    There was a release date in Japan for Oct. 2003, but sources at say that this date is actually a magazine release which would include more info on the supposed Red/Green remake. I think the magazine is called the 5th Grader magazine. Well I will try to find out more, but it will be difficult since I don't know Japanese at all.

    :confused: Bye :confused:
  6. Skantid

    Skantid New Member

    About the R/G remake, I can't say anything for sure yet, but I think it's true since it's an easy way to make more money.
    And about the !? Unown, they really exist, they were found a long time ago through gameshark/gfx ripping. What I don't know is why they look bored, they don't have their eyes wide open like the old ones...
  7. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    the RED/GREEN remake is not a rumor it's a fact. In Pokeomn Colloseum, you'll be able to catch the G/S/C Pokemon, and the remake will allow you to catch the R/B/Y Pokemon. I think they will inlcude other stuff in the remake, such as the new leveling up system using effort values, and many berries which are unobtainable right now, also it would be cool to finally get a legal shining charizard:) and a legal shiny articuno:). This is what I'm expecting, but I could be wrong :p
  8. dkates

    dkates New Member

    What do you mean by "legal" shiny Charizard and Articuno? Well, Articuno I get, but isn't it theoretically possible to breed a shiny Charmander and evolve it to Charizard?
  9. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    oops your right :p its that since shiny pokemon have never liked me, and could never breed a shiny poke until yesterday, which i got a shiny feebas, i forgot you could breed a shiny charmander in G/S/C :p my bad sorry
  10. Big if not huge news!!!

    Looks like we have some more bit of info on the new remakes of Pokemon Red (Fire) and Green(Leaf). It will probably be released early 2004 (Feb.) to celebrate the Red and Green anniversary. It is compatible with Colosseum and a picture has already been posted on

    Now there might be more on these remakes sometime this week or next, so make sure you keep looking around for anything else.

    See ya!!

    PS Thanks for the info!!!
  11. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    hehe... i have poke green (not a remake... just green...) im not sure if its worth buying another one, unless we get to import the original 150... nick wants mewtwo!!!
  12. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    (About unkown ? and !, they were implemented in the code but were uncatchable because they were never placed.
  13. Hello,

    I've got more news on Pokemon Green(Leaf) and Red(Flame). Pokeschool. com post a link to some more pictures from a Japanese magazine. They look cool, and even show you some stuff on Pokemon colosseum(hope I spelled it right). Now I really can't wait to see what's in store for pokemon for 2003-04. There is also some pics on the battle e-cards. Well, I will try to look around for more news.

    See ya

    PS Thanks to Pokeschool for all the info!!!
  14. If the R/G updated versions are going to be compatible with the R/S, do you think they will both be able to trade with each other. In R/S there aren't many of the originial 150 pokemon, so that might pose a problem. Is it also possible, if the R/G is a updated version, it might be able to trade with the G/S/C versions out now.

    So maybe there might be a chance to get all pokemon with this upcoming game. I just hope this updated version allows any trading to go on, since it's a GBA game, not GB game like it's old self.

    :) See ya :)
  15. dkates

    dkates New Member

    That's what compatible means, isn't it? If it's supposed to be "compatible" with R/S, then trading will work, but it probably won't be able to trade with the other, older games.
  16. The Anaconda

    The Anaconda New Member

    ChizardMasterTrainer, from the sounds of what you're saying, you don't know that Ruby/Sapphire has all the data for all the pokemon so far (whether they be available to capture in the game or not). So I'll tell you.

    There's one thing I noticed in the screenshot from Fire Red/Leaf Green. The Charmander and the Bulbasaur have genders (both are male). So this new game has genders and probably the ability to hold items also.
  17. Dek

    Dek New Member

    anyone got any links to any of these sites that you people are mentioning?
  18. Hey,

    If you want to know more, than head to Also for that gender question, well you can also trade a pokemon, say geodude from the G/S/C versions(which do have a gender) and trade it to the old R/B/Y versions. So it's not gender that's a problem.

    I will still believe that it will be possible to get all 251 pokemon from the past games, in the flame and leaf versions. Anyone else have a problem with this theory?

    See ya
  19. donte

    donte New Member

    yes I do,When you say trade a pokemon from G/S/C versions you can trade for a carmander in Yellow versions.
  20. The Anaconda

    The Anaconda New Member

    Who asked about genders?

    That's an interesting theory.. it could be possible.

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