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  1. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Updated 5/27/04
    Note: I don't send first. For trusted traders I will send at the same time. I only need the US cards listed below. I only collect Japanese Promos, not regular sets (except Discovery Butterfree)
    [email protected]


    Trainer Deck A (got a used one that's open? That'll do!)
    “Sample” e-cards
    E3 Pikachu (red cheeks)
    Jumbo Rocket’s Hitmonchan (?)
    1 Electabuzz #2
    3 Dragonite #5
    3 Meowth #10
    4 Venusaur #13
    1 Mewtwo #14
    1 Sabrina’s Abra #19
    4 Unown J #38
    4 Pokémon Center #40
    4 Rapidash #51 (both types)
    4 Ho-oh #52 (both types)
    4 Rocket’s Mewtwo Best (non-Winner)
    4 Rocket’s Hitmonchan Best (Winner or regular)
    Most JP Promos

    Error Cards
    50 HP Vulpix (Base Set) (OK, so that's "non-error")
    Wartortle (Wartorle picture instead of Squirtle)
    Ninetales (missing attack damage)
    Dark Dragonite (#5 non-foil)
    Dark Persian (no HP)
    Diglett (sideways F energy)

    Base Set 1st Edition
    Clefairy Doll
    Computer Search
    Devolution Spray

    Gym Heroes 1st Edition
    Blaine's Molres
    Lt Surge's Electabuzz foil
    Misty's Tentacruel
    Rocket's Hitmonchan
    Brock foil

    Gym Challenge 1st Edition
    Giovanni's Machamp
    Koga's Ditto
    Blaine foil
    Sabrina foil
    Blaine's Rapidash
    Sabrina's Mr Mime
    Blaine's Quiz #3 (unl)

    Neo Discovery Unlimited
    Butterfree holo (JP)

    Neo Discovery 1st Edition
    Tyranitar rare

    Neo Revelation
    Entei holo(unl) –low priority

    Neo Destiny 1st Edition
    Dark Typhlosion
    Light Arcanine

    Neo Destiny Unlimited
    Dark Crobat
    Dark Espeon
    Dark Gengar
    Dark Typhlosion
    Light Dragonite

    Legendary Collection - Reverse Holos

    Expedition (RH = Reverse Holo)
    Box Topper #1
    Box Topper #2
    Ampharos #2 RH
    Arbok #3 RH
    Butterfree #5 RH
    Cloyster #8 holo & RH
    Fearow #11 RH
    Feraligatr #12 RH
    Machamp #16 RH
    Magby #17 RH
    Meganium #18 RH
    Mewtwo #20 holo & RH
    Ninetales #21 RH
    Pichu #22 RH
    Pidgeot #23 RH
    Poliwrath #24 RH
    Raichu #25 RH
    Rapidash #26 holo
    Skarmory #27 RH
    Tyranitar #29 holo
    Venusaur #30 holo & RH
    Alakazam #33 RH
    Ampharos #34 RH
    Blastoise #36 RH
    Feraligatr #46 RH
    Kingler #50 RH
    Machamp #51 RH
    Meganium #53 RH
    Mew #55 RH
    Ninetales #57 RH
    Rapidash #62 RH
    Tyranitar #66 RH
    Venusaur #68 RH
    Vileplume #69 RH
    Weezing #70 RH
    Bayleaf #71 RH
    Croconaw #74 RH
    Electabuzz #76 RH
    Gloom #78 RH
    Magmar #86 RH
    Pidgeotto #88 RH
    Poliwhirl #89 RH
    Quilava #91 RH
    Wartortle #92 RH
    Bulbasaur #94 RH
    Caterpie #96 RH
    Charmander #97 RH
    Ekans #108 RH
    Gastly #109 RH
    Hoppip #112 RH
    Meowth #121 RH
    Oddish #122 RH
    Pidgey #123 RH
    Ponyta #126 RH
    Squirtle #131 RH
    Bill’s Maint RH
    Multi TM #1 RH
    Pokémon Reversal RH
    Warp Point RH
    Energy Search RH
    Full Heal RH
    Professor Oak’s Research (8 for play)

    Boost energy (8 for play)
    Crystal Energy (8 for play)
    Warp Energy (8 for play)

    Need all Holos, rares, and RHs!

    Need all holos and RH rares
    in addition…
    Grovyle 31 RH
    Lairon 36 RH
    Manectric RH
    Marshtomp 41 RH
    Wailmer RH
    Goldeen RH
    Mudkip 59 RH
    Mudkip 60 RH
    Phanpy RH
    Ralts 66 RH
    Ralts 68 RH
    Treecko 76 RH
    Wingull RH
    Mewtwo ex
    Magmar ex

    Aggron ex
    Gardevoir ex
    Kabutops ex

    Need all!


    Jumbo Articuno, Moltres, & Zapdos
    Jumbo Hitmonchan
    Jumbo Rocket’s Scizor
    Jumbo Dark Ivysaur
    Jumbo Dark Venusaur
    Jumbo R’s Mewtwo
    2 Charizard Boxtopper
    1 Dark Raichu Boxtopper

    2 Treeko - Target Promo 16
    3 Torchic - Target Promo 17
    1 Mudkip - Target Promo 18
    3 Whismur – Target Promo 19
    2 Bagon (no stamp)

    10 Electabuzz Best & Winner
    10 Hitmonchan Best & Winner
    10 Professor Elm Best
    10 R’s Scizor Best & Winner
    10 R’s Sneasel Best & Winner
    10 Dark Ivysaur Best & Winner
    10 Dark Venusaur Winner
    8 Rocket’s Mewtwo Winner

    1 Trainer Deck B sealed
    1 Jungle Electrode rare 1st Ed (error – wrong picture)
    1 Jungle Butterfree error (“Ed d”)

    1 Prerelease Aerodactyl
    4 Prerelease Dark Gyarados
    5 Prerelease Misty's Seadra
    5 Gold W Dark Arbok
    5 Gold-Bordered Meowth
    9 Cool Porygon
    2 Jigglypuff #7
    2 Happy B-day Pikachu
    10 Entei Reverse Holo
    1 Psyduck
    2 Surfing Pikachu
    4 Scizor
    8 Smeargle
    2 Computer Error
    1 Team Rocket’s Meowth
    1 Dark Persian
    1 NP Mewtwo
    1 Mew foil #9
    1 Pikachu (snap, #26)
    Marill (sealed or open)
    Lucky Stadium 41 (sealed)
    10 Celebi sealed
    10 Machamp #43
    10 Magmar #44
    10 Elecabuzz #46
    10 Mew # 47
    10 Articum #48
    10 Snorlax #49

    3 ____'s Chansey (white diamond)
    Here Comes Team Rocket (white star)
    1 Mew (Vending, “Bubble”)
    2 Mewtwo (Vending, Lvl 30)
    Marill (Coro Coro)

    Pojo Master promo
    2 Pojo DragonBall Z promo

    Alakazam English
    Raichu English

    Base Set
    2 Hitmonchan (1 JP, 1 unl)
    2 Charizard (1 unl, 1 JP)
    2 Nidoking
    1 Raichu
    2 Beedrill
    3 Electabuzz (1 Chinese)
    3 Pidgeotto (2unl, 1 Chinese)
    3 Dragonair (1 JP, 1 Chinese)
    1 Dugtrio (Chinese)
    2 Devo Spray

    Base Set 2
    3 Electabuzz

    Vaporeon (1 1st Ed holo/1 1st rare)
    Kangaskhan (1 1st ed holo/ 1 1st ed rare/1 rare/1 JP)
    Mr Mime (1 1st ed holo/1 holo/ 2 1st Ed rare/ 1 JP)
    Nidoqueen holo (3 1st Ed holo/1 holo/1 rare/1 JP)
    Pidgeot holo (1 1st Ed holo/1 1st ed rare/1JP)
    2 Electrode (1 1st Ed holo/1 JP)
    Vileplume (1 1st ed holo/1 1st Ed rare/1JP)
    Jolteon (1 1st ed holo/ 1 1st Ed rare)
    Pinser (1 1st ed holo/2 1st Ed rare)
    2 Clefable (1 1st Ed rare/1 JP)
    2 Scyther rare (1st Ed)
    3 Snorlax (1 1st Ed rare/1 JP)
    2 Victreebel rare (1st Ed)
    2 Wigglytuff rare (1st Ed)
    1 Venomoth rare (1st Ed)
    4 Flareon (3 rare 1st Ed/1JP)
    all commons and unc (1st)

    1 Kabutops foil (1st Ed)
    Muk (JP)
    Hitmonlee (JP)
    Gengar (JP)
    Haunter (JP)
    Hypno (JP)
    Ditto (JP)
    Lapras (JP)
    Articuno (holo)
    Moltres (1 holo/2 rare
    ALL rare (1st Ed)
    2 Haunter rare (Unl.)
    all commons and unc (1st)

    Team Rocket
    1st Ed Factory Sealed Box
    1 Dark Charizard rare (1st Ed)
    1 Dark Blastoise JP
    1 Dark Machamp JP
    Dark Dragonite (1rare 1st Ed/1 JP)
    1 Dark Hypno rare (1st ed)
    1 Dark Magneton rare (1st Ed)
    Dark Slobro (1 rare 1st Ed/1JP)
    1 Dark Vileplume foil
    1 Dark Weezing foil (1st Ed)
    1 Here Comes Team Rocket (rare)
    1 Rocket's Sneak Attack (rare) (1st Ed)
    All commons & uncommons (1st)

    Gym Heroes
    Lt Surge's 'Buzz rare
    Brock's Onix rare (1st Ed)
    Erika's Venusaur (JP)
    Misty’s Poliwrath (JP)
    Erika (JP rare)
    All commons & uncommons

    Gym Challenge
    Blaine foil
    Blaine rare (JP)
    Koga's Muk (1st Ed)
    Koga's Beedrill (JP)
    Rocket Zapdos (JP)
    Misty's Golduck
    Chaos Gym
    Misty's Wish (1st)
    Sabrina foil (JP-deck)
    Giovanni foil (JP)
    2 Gio’s Last Resort (1st/JP)
    All commons & uncommons

    Neo Genesis
    1 Lugia (1st Ed)
    1 Azumarill (1st Ed)
    1 Elekid
    1 Pichu (JP)
    2 Magby (1st Ed)
    Sneasel (2 JP, 1 1st)
    2 Murkrow (1st Ed)
    2 Skarmory (1st Ed/JP)
    Sup En Ret. (3 1st/1 unl)
    1 Arcade Game (1st ed)
    1 PokéGear (1st Ed)
    1 Ecogym (1st Ed)
    1 Energy Charge (Jp)
    2 Time Capsule (1st Ed)
    All commons & uncommons (1st)

    Neo Discovery
    4 Yanma rare (1st & unl.)
    1 Hitmontop rare (1st)
    2 Politoed rare (1st & unl)
    1 Smeargle (1st)
    4 Poliwrath (1st & unl)
    1 Ursaring foil (1st)
    4 Ursaring rare (1st & unl)
    2 Houndoom foil (1st & Unl)
    5 Houndoom rare (1st & unl)
    2 Houndour rare (1st & unl)
    1 Forretress foil (1st)
    1 Forretress rare (1st)
    1 Kabutops rare (unl)
    1 Beedrill rare (1st)
    1 Wobuffet rare (1st)
    2 Umbreon rare (1st)
    4 Espeon rare (1st & unl)
    2 Scizor rare (1st)
    All commons & uncommons (1st)

    Neo Revelation
    1 Kingdra (1st Ed)
    1 Starmie (1st Ed)
    All commons & uncommons (1st)

    Neo Destiny
    All rares (1st Ed)
    All commons & uncommons

    Legendary Collection (Normal/Rev Holo)
    Alakazam (1/0)
    Articuno (1/0)
    Dark Dragonite (3/1)
    Dark Raichu (0/1)
    Dark Slobro (1/1)
    Flareon (1/0)
    Gengar (1/0)
    Gyarados (1/0)
    Hitmonlee (1/1)
    Jolteon (1/0)
    Machamp (1/1)
    Muk (1/0)
    Ninetales (2/0)
    Zapdos (1/0)
    Beedrill (4/1)
    Butterfree (4/1)
    Electrode (4/1)
    Exeggutor (3/0)
    Golem (2/0)
    Hypno (4/1)
    Jynx (6/1)
    Kabutops (2/1)
    Magneton (2/1)
    Mewtwo (0/1)
    Moltres (1/0)
    Nidoking (1/1)
    Nidoqueen (2/0)
    Pidgeot (2/1)
    Pidgeotto (5/0)
    Rhydon (4/0)
    Pokémon Breeder (0/1)
    Dark Wartortle (#/1)
    Dewgong (#/1)
    Dodrio (#/1)
    Fearow (#/1)
    Golduck (#/1)
    Ivysaur (#/1)
    Nidorina (#/1)
    Nidorino (#/1)
    Primeape (#/1)
    Raticate (#/1)
    Tauros (#/1)
    Tentacruel (#/1)
    Abra (#/1)
    Bulbasaur (#/1)
    Caterpie (#/1)
    Doduo (#/1)
    Drowzee (#/1)
    Eevee (#/1)
    Exeggcute (#/1)
    Grimer (#/1)
    Machop (#/1)
    Magnemite (#/1)
    Mankey (#/1)
    Nidoran F (#/1)
    Ponyta (#/1)
    Rattata (#/1)
    Rhyhorn (#/1)
    Sandshrew (#/1)
    Seel (#/1)
    Slowpoke (#/1)
    Spearow (#/1)
    Voltorb (#/1)
    The Boss's Way (#/1)
    Challenge! (#/1)
    Mysterious Fossil (#/1)
    all non RH commons, & uncommons

    2 Kingler holo
    1 Ivysaur 82 RH

    Aquapolis Reverse Holo
    Bellossom 5
    Elekid (rare)
    Exeggcutor #12
    Houndoom 14
    Octillery 26
    Slobro 33
    Steelix 35
    Zapdos 44
    Golduck #50a
    Drowzee #74a
    Fighting Cube
    Metal Cube
    Undersea Ruins

    Ruby & Sapphire - Reverse Holo
    Weezing 24
    Aron 25
    Delkatty #29
    2 Electrike #30
    2 Hariyama #33
    Skitty #44
    Slakoth 45
    2 Electrike 52
    Electrike 53
    Makuhita #56
    Makuhita #57
    3 Makuhita #58
    2 Numel 61
    Poochyene #63
    2 Poochyene #64
    Poochyene #65
    2 Shroomish 69
    Skitty #71
    Ralts #67
    Lady Outing
    Energy Switch
    Lum Berry
    Oran Berry
    2 Pokemon Reversal
    2 Switch
    2 Professor Birch
    2 Energy Removal 2
    2 Energy Restore
    2 Psychic Energy
    1 Grass Energy
    1 Water Energy

    SandStorm Rev Holo
    Azurill 31
    Baltoy 32
    Elekid 36
    Quilava 51
    Ekans 64
    Seedot 76
    Shroomish 78
    Slakoth 80
    Wailmer 83
    Mys Fossil 91

    Dragon - Rev Holo
    Skarmory 21
    Bagon 50
    Magikarp 60
    Numel 70
    2 Swablu 75

    TMvsTA Rev Holo
    TA Sealeo 16
    TA Sharpeso 18
    TM Claydol 33
    TM Lairon 36
    TM Rhyhorn 38
    TM Aron 59
    TM Baltoy 60
    TM Poochyena 66
    TM TM 01 84

    Chinese Base Set - 1st Edition
    Have uncommons and commons.
    Ask if interested

    French Base Set - 1st Edition
    Zapdos (Electhor)
    Clefairy (Melofee)
    Assorted commons & uncommons

    Italian, Dutch, & French Jungle - 1st Edition
    Complete Foils. (French is unlimited)
    Last edited: May 28, 2004
  2. Tyranitar666

    Tyranitar666 New Member

    Hey. I am loaded with alot of your earlier wants and needs plus your Ex-Sky needs as well. I have alot of the promos too and LOADS of foil energy ( 100+ count wise in every kind ) I am interested in the Trainer Deck B and the square cuts too...I don't know how much your asking for those, but give me some estimate values of those. I also have a solid amount of first ed base set.
  3. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    T-666: Tell me about your 1st Ed base set. That's what I'd be looking for for things like the square cuts and the deck b.
  4. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    For your dark venusaur, would you take a reverse holo aerodactly from skyridge? or wigglytuff rh from skyridge? or reverse holo crystal shard, or cleffa, or hoot-hoot, or teddyursa, or pineco, or swinub, rh from skyridge?
  5. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Yeah, we can work something out there. Let me check my SR needs.
  6. NMScizor

    NMScizor New Member

    2 Professor Birch
    2 Energy Removal 2
    2 Energy Restore
    2 Psychic Energy
    1 Grass Energy
    1 Water Energy

    For my
    4 Mewtwo winner
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2004
  7. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    I need the non-winner, not the Winner.
  8. NMScizor

    NMScizor New Member

    ok I have those as well
  9. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    Just PM me if you would like to trade.
  10. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Sorry for the delay.
    WOrk has taken precedence.
    OK, I'll go for the RH Aero for the Dark Venusaur Winner
    If that's acceptable, I'll IM you my address.
  11. ToneDawg

    ToneDawg New Member

    I have these of your needs:
    Dark Espeon UNL
    Japenese holo Butterfree ND
    Dark Gengar UNL
    Mareep RH 119
    Dark Crobat UNL
    Light Dragonite UNL
    Sabrina H 1st Ed
    Lt. Surge's Electabuz H 1st Ed
    Lt. Surges Electrode
    Dugtrio R 44

    I need newer cards, but I have track practice now so let me know if you need any of those still and if you'd trade for R/S and up. Thanks.
  12. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    If you can guarantee that they are non-winner, then yes.
    Will you send first?
  13. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Well, take a look at my list and let me know what you want for the above.
    The unlimited cards are a lower priority for me, but I't like to finish up my 1st ed collections.
  14. ToneDawg

    ToneDawg New Member

    Well, I need staples from the newer sets. Sadly, I have like none. I mean like trainers and stuff. I'll get back to you when I find out which I need. I know I need like Boost energy and Double Rainbow Energy to name a few.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2004
  15. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    I could spare a couple of Boost, but need the DRE that I have.
  16. NMScizor

    NMScizor New Member

    I would prefer to send same time
  17. jesschow12

    jesschow12 New Member

    well i am not sure which reverse foil i have wich u want,check my haves plz

    i need

    prof elm best
    1 Mew (Vending, “Bubble”)
    Rocket’s Mewtwo Winner
  18. ToneDawg

    ToneDawg New Member

    Actually, I don't really need Boost energy.....I think I'm just going to try to get EX sets. Let me know if you have any of these for trade:
    Prof Birch
    High and Low Pressure systems
    Rare Candy
    Britney's Compassion
    TV Reporter
    Most of the Aqua/Magma trainers

    That is what I could use for trainers. For energies I could use the Aqua and Magma ones and any reverse holo ones but the RH ones are not a high priority. I'll see what Pokes I could use. Thanks.

    And BTW, can we still use the Rainbow Energy from TR? I think that's the set it came out in, but I mean instead of the newer one. Thanks.
  19. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Yeah, you can use them, or the promo Rainbow, but they go by the new text, place a counter, instead of do 10 damage.
  20. jesschow12

    jesschow12 New Member

    well ok i have these

    neo destiny Dark Typhlosion
    expedition Caterpie #96 RH
    #14 mewtwo promo
    skyridge(which one u want?)

    i need

    prof elm best
    1 Mew (Vending, “Bubble”)
    Rocket’s Mewtwo Winner
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