Urgently need some cards

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by ShadowCacnea, Sep 18, 2003.

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  1. ShadowCacnea

    ShadowCacnea New Member

    I need:
    1x Espeon {sandstorm}
    3x Lanette's Net Search
    3x Professor Birch
    3x Wally's Training
    1x Cacnea {Poison Payback}
    3x Root Fossil
    3x Claw Fossil
    3x Energy Restore
    2x Wynaut
    2x Azurill
    2x Raichu EX
    2x Delcatty (r/s holo)

    ...more as I think of them. Sorry I have no well-sorted haves...
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  2. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

    I'm fairly certian I have most of those that you're wanting (off the top of my head, I know I don't have the Raichu EXs or the Delcatty holos)... Whacha got to trade? I'm looking for Animal Crossing cards (and maybe sealed packs if any of your local stores still have 'em in stock) the Combusken promo e-card and the corrected Lady Astrid e-card....

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