US Nationals Is Now An Uncapped Tournament

Discussion in 'Conventions' started by Mystery Thing, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. Mystery Thing

    Mystery Thing Administrator

    This just in: thanks to a rather large problem with the Origins event registration system, the cap on all three age divisions has been removed. Note that unless PUI says otherwise, the top cut has not been changed.

    Also, note that the times for registration has not changed. You may begin to line up at 8:00 am, registration will start at 9:00 am (or whenever the staff is ready to open it), and if you are not in line by 9:30am, you will be registered with a first round loss.

    You now only need two things when you get in line:
    1) A fully completed deck list. This includes set and collector's number for all your Pokémon, and proper marking of all your Energy as either Special or Basic
    2) A registration slip. If you do not have one of these already, you can pick them up inside the TCG hall. You need to fill out your name, birthday, POP ID, and check the box for the division you are registering in.

    If you have an event ticket, still bring it and hand it in.

    See you tomorrow...
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  2. UchihaBlood

    UchihaBlood New Member

    Yes! Good, now I can go in tomorrow worry free! =D Thanks so much for the update.

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