Using balloon berry on a free-retreat Pokemon??

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by jesschow12, Nov 14, 2003.

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  1. jesschow12

    jesschow12 New Member

    [CHRISBO EDIT - Fixed title to be more descriptive.]

    * In the Japanese card, there is text saying "If Balloon Berry is attached to one of your Pokemon, the Pokemon's retreat cost is 0". So, you should play Balloon Berry as if it negates the Pokemon's retreat cost while attached to that pokemon, not just when it actually attempts to retreat. For example, Muk-EX's "Slimy Water" attack damage will be reduced to only 40 against a Pokemon with Balloon Berry attached to it. (Nov 13, 2003 PUI Rules Team)

    Q. If I have Balloon Berry attached to a Pokemon, do I *have* to use it to pay for the Retreat Cost, or can I choose to discard energies and save the Balloon Berry for later?
    A. No, you must use Balloon Berry if you retreat that pokemon normally. (Nov 13, 2003 PUI Rules Team)

    is this the same ruling as last time because the Rules Team says u use B-berry if you retreat that pokemon normally,so if i attack to a neo gen cleffa and retreat ,do i throw away balloon berry?
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  2. Chrisbo

    Chrisbo Administrator

    No, those rulings assume that the Pokemon which Balloon Berry is attached to has a non-zero retreat cost. Here's an older ruling that explains what you are asking about:
    == BALLOON BERRY (Neo: Revelation Expansion)
    Q. What happens if a free retreater with Balloon Berry attached retreats? Does Balloon Berry get discarded in place of 0 cards? (Probably not)
    A. No it does not. (Oct 18, 2001 WotC Chat, Q8 & Q11)

    Hope this helps,
  3. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Well Chris, we should ask that. With the new interpretation of the card, I wouldn't depend on that ruling.
  4. Chrisbo

    Chrisbo Administrator

    I've got no problem with that (even though I think the answer will still be the same ;) ). I'll put it on my list.

    Thanks Pop,
  5. Chrisbo

    Chrisbo Administrator

    UPDATE - Sorry, but we ran out of time and did not get around to this question. Looks like we'll have to wait until after Thanksgiving to find out.


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