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Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by treecko_332, Nov 9, 2003.

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  1. treecko_332

    treecko_332 New Member

    I know this seams like a stupid question, but how exactly do you use a rod?

    Every time I try, and I get a bite it says "Oh, it got away

    Thanks for your help,

  2. Postdog2Gengar

    Postdog2Gengar New Member

    Well, in Ruby and Sapphire, it's a little harder to use a rod than it was in the earlier games. Here's what you do. First, start fishing. Then, when the periods stop and it sais, "Oh, A Bite!", press A immediately. Then, the periods will start again. Repeat this until it says "A Pokemon's on the hook".
  3. treecko_332

    treecko_332 New Member

    Thanks a lot !

    I just caught my self a Wailmer and a Carvanha!
  4. Joshman

    Joshman New Member

    I thought only mages could use rods?
  5. Postdog2Gengar

    Postdog2Gengar New Member

    Sorry, Joshman, but what is a Mage?
  6. Carrington388

    Carrington388 New Member

    Joshman's referring to a different RPG entirely.
  7. Postdog2Gengar

    Postdog2Gengar New Member

    Oh, ok. Now, treeko, since you will have access to some new water Pokemon, I would definately recommend Shrapedo over Carvahna. Also, get a Gyrados if you can, and teach it a variety of moves. My personal favorite is Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Waterfall, and Hyper Beam.

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