Vaporeon Lv.X

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  1. Dragonite Forever

    Dragonite Forever New Member

    Vaporeon Lv.X:water:120hp\
    :ppowr: Healing Waters
    Once during your turn before you attack you may use this pokepower. Flip two coins. For each heads remove two damage counters from your pokemon in any way you like.

    :water::water:aqua jet 50

    :water::water::colorlesshydro pump 70
    your opponent switches the defending pokemon with one of his or her benched pokemon.

    weakness reasistance retreat :colorless:colorless

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  2. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Heh, you can't bump your own thread like that.

    It's okay, I'd just give Hydro Pump the typical Energy bonus damage, or change the name to something else.

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