venom or poison ?

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by berra_gud, May 5, 2008.

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  1. berra_gud

    berra_gud New Member

    Well i have seen some poison decks out in the forums lately and tought of making my own.

    here is the plan : (strat) poison with cacturne , Add damage with weezĂ­ng , Toxicroak and skarmoary ex helps kepp the poison on them , Furret sets up and arbok for doing heaps of damage at almost no energy cost.

    Pokemon: 22

    4-4 Weezing GE
    1-1 Toxicroak MT
    2-2 Cacturne PK
    4-4 Arbok GE

    Trainers : 25
    4 Roseannes resarch
    4 bebes search
    4 Quick ball
    3 Strenght charm
    3 TGM
    4 sidneys stadium
    3 Scott

    Energys: 13

    4 Special dark Energy
    9 Psychic Energy
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  2. Dennis Hawk

    Dennis Hawk New Member

    Luls, Cacturne PK doesn't work without Sidney's Stadium. I suggest you take out other stadiums and put in 4 of those.

    I like something like this:

    4-4 Arbok
    3-3 Weezing
    2-2 Cacturne PK
    (1-1 Toxicroak)
  3. FutureTrainer

    FutureTrainer New Member

    I agree with Dennis. You must have Sidney's stadium. Max out on Arbok. I can see the advantage of Skarmoary ex, but it is risky, and it takes bench space that you could use for Weezing. I don't see the need for Furret. Ideally your bench will be 3 Weezing, 1 Arbok with Energy, and 1 Ekans or Arbok.

    I think Toxicroak is helpful, but not required. As long as you have Cacturne/Sydney going, you will auto-poison, and do good damage. Especially with the +10 to +30 from Weezing.

    Also, you might want a couple Night Maintenance or 3-4 TSD. Arbok does good damage, but he won't last long against most stage 1 or stage 2 attackers. I use Night Maintenance to get Arbok, Ekans, and an energy back into my deck. Then you can recover with 1 Roseannes (Ekans & Energy) and 1 Bebe (Arbok). That takes two turns so you should have an Arbok ready to go from the bench as often as possible.

    Good luck poisoning your opponent.

  4. berra_gud

    berra_gud New Member

    ooops forgot about the sidneys sorry.. but i still think i need a starter.. what about pachi ?
  5. WinkWinkNudgeNudge

    WinkWinkNudgeNudge New Member

  6. berra_gud

    berra_gud New Member

    thanks i really need the inspiration, but how would it fare in a format dominated y banette and darkrai/ honchkrow? also i just saw the md scans and the md toxicroak should i add some of these ? the poison and maybe paralyse and do 20 damage for one energy i think. hat do you think ?
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