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  1. Armando292

    Armando292 New Member

    4-4 Venomoth
    4-4 Wormadam plant cloak
    2 Mothim
    3 Mawile GE (anti-Gallade)

    4 TV Reporter
    3 Oak Visit
    4 Celio
    2 Roseanne

    2 Cessation
    4 Plus Power
    2 Warp Point
    2 Master Ball

    15 Grass Energy
    2 DRE

    There isn't a specific combo. It is just one of the fastest deck playable. It can often do 60 (or 70 with mothim) at the 2nd turn. He can also inflict confusion with wormadam and with the pokebody of venomoth an opponent have to think well while attacking. It is also a cheap deck.

    The unique real problem is the weakness, but the real feature of the deck is that you'll never remain without a pokemon ready to fight, even if magmortar break you easily.
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  2. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    I don't think it'll be that good........ use something else faster like lucario or something.
  3. Armando292

    Armando292 New Member

    believe me, Lucario is as fast as Wormadam but is much less stronger. The strategy is this: burmy become active pokemon with an energy already attached. You can attach it an energy from the discard pile and another one from your hand. So you attach 2 energy in a turn. Then you can evolve burmy in Wormadam, attack and do 60 damage, with much probabilities of confuse the defending pokemon. Lucario can't do that, and it also has 30 less hp.

    (sorry for my english. I'm italian)
  4. zthunderz2

    zthunderz2 New Member

    I dont know how itll do against other decks
    but it should do good against Gallade
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