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  1. Cloud08

    Cloud08 New Member

    Hi, I've just came back into the game from about a three year break and this is my new deck so even though I hate to say it go ahead and bash me or this deck lol as long as it will help me in the long run, and this goes for all but Lass and Bruggy lol just kidding ^.~

    Mon: 24

    4x Weedle
    2x Kakuna
    4x Beedrill
    3x Combee
    3x Vespaqueen
    3x Exeggcute - *
    3x Exeggutor - *
    these might not be in here but I like the fact that it can do lots of damage and get energy for vesiqueen to use her effect and then retreat later, she has a (retreat cost of three for those that don't know)
    2x Celebi (seceret wonders) - * I don't want this in here but allows me to switch energies on pokemon (I was thinking of Smeargle too get more energy speed for vespa or executor)

    Trainers: 14

    2x Switch or Warp Point
    3x Prof. Rowan
    3x Copycat
    3x Rare Candy
    2x Hamana's Research
    1x Mizuki's Network


    22x grass energy

    So main point is to get beedrills out to do big damage with band attack and too use vespaqueen too heal considering I'll be taking some damage from the current fire/electric meta decks, but it could do well agaist the possible up comming kindra meta, and as of now the exeggutors will get the energies fast and will still do some damage or do potiential massive damage but this is my first new build so please comment ^.^ thanks
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  2. Lass

    Lass New Member

    Ok? You have a major fire weakness in your line. Sence Bruggy told me you only have the bee line lets start there. Beedrill is based on speed so 2 phone 4 call nrg. You are wasteing space with the Vesp. I think Vesp is a waste of a turn pull them. Also pull out the Eggs and the Cleb. You need speed Clay is a must run 2. If you really want another attacker try and work in something new.
    Wow... I was going to figure that trainer line till I saw the nrg line. Chop the nrg to 10. Bee decks are based on speed. 10 grass nrg 4 call. Even then you shouldn't need that many.
    Now on to trainers
    4 - KND
    4 - network
    2 or 3 - TGW
    2 - Copycat
    2 - Steve
    3 - Roseanne
    3 - Night maintenance
    3 - warp

    I also beleive ball engine is great speed for this deck. You want to fill the drill spots fast. Ball engine is great because it doesn't waste support for the turn. For example
    4 - great
    4 - master
    4 - dusk
    Ok something new was just brought to my attention. Don't use decks made by Adam G. (not my Adam). New challenge for you if you want to be part of my team. I will continue to help you when you do this for me. Stop using other peoples decks and try to make your own. I'll even get you a good start.
    Try building a deck around Shiftry from the DP set. Sorry if Bruggy didn't break the news to you. However DP-LA will be format come mid August. So lets consider starting there for you.

    Bruggy you have to let me chose who is in or I'll kick you out. He better be as fast a learner as you say.
    Dan not to be mean but this game is alot harder than Yugioh. Thats why I never played really. Where yugi is based on who can get the best cards this game (plox just unusually unfair) is ever changing. The weakness and resistance create circumstances where a deck can't make it every time (except plox this format again with the plox reference).
    Well best of luck to you. Just consider this your initiation into T34M CR1M1N4L.
  3. Cloud08

    Cloud08 New Member

    ok so basically you want me to trash this deck a make one on shiftry for D&P, and Bruggy explained that it will be down too D&P up and I have looked through D&P too LA and just to to throw this out there both adams told me to run beedrill but your adam told me to add vespa lol so give me a half an hour and I will have the shiftry deck up ok and thanks
  4. Lass

    Lass New Member

    I think the deck is unreliable. What do you do if any combination of 2 weedle or 2 KDN is prized. Also stop takeing Adam's advice that will get you no where.
  5. Cloud08

    Cloud08 New Member

    ok true I just used this cause I currently have no cards so adam g. let me use this deck and it didn't do bad but then again I was facing bad ppl so this deck is trashed lol
  6. Bruggy

    Bruggy New Member

    um dont you think your being a little harsh on me lass. lol ur always so harsh
  7. Lass

    Lass New Member

    You want harsh! I could had said. "Only if you five years of age would I expect it." Jk! I just want him to learn on his own. I'll say it again. Anyone can have a good deck. However if you don't know how to play first your done. This is true of most games. I'm only stating that the deck is unreliable.
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