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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by vespa wielder, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. vespa wielder

    vespa wielder New Member

    1)Ref rules. (I can confirm 10+ ref on & 15+ ref on under the user name Vespa Wielder
    2)all my cards are mint and i assume that yours are as well (tell me if otherwise)


    Great Encounters
    Blaziken 1/106 x2 (one rev. holo)
    Sceptile 8/106 x2 (one rev. holo)
    Swampert 9/106 x1
    Togekiss 11/106 x3
    Latias 22/106 x1 (rev holo)
    Mawile 24/106 x1 (rev holo)
    Wigglytuff 32/106 x1
    Lapras 21/106 x1
    Butterfree 14/106

    Linoone 43/106
    Gorebyss 38/106
    Wingull 95/106
    Slugma 83/106

    Left overs x4
    Amulet Coin x4
    Premier Ball x4

    Secret Wonders


    Flygon x1 5/132
    gastrodon x1 8/132
    Venusaur x1 20/132
    Wormadam (sand, plant, & trash)
    Xatu x1 44/132
    Furret x1 27/132


    Ivysuar 51/132
    Breloom 45/132
    burmy sand coat 79/132
    sunkern 114/132
    Unknown X 71/132

    Mysterious Treasure


    Magmortar 12/123 x2 (1 rev holo)
    Azelf x4 (4 rev holo)
    Mespirt x3 (3 rev holo)
    Uxie x2 (2 rev holo)
    Toxicroak 36/123
    manectric 28/123
    Mr. mime 30/123

    Quilava 60/123

    Diamond & Pearl

    Rhyperior 12/130 (rev holo)
    Roserade 13/130
    clefable 22/130
    Gengar 27/130 x2 (1 rev holo)

    Turtwig 103/130

    POP 6
    Bastiodon 1/17
    lucario 2/17
    manaphy 3/17
    Rampardo 5/17
    Bidoof 11/17
    Buneary 12/17

    Stantler 9/17
    burmy palnt coat 11/17
    kirlia 8/17
    mareep 14/17
    ralts 15/17

    Special Dark energies x3
    Foil Water energy (leagues)

    Claydol X4 (GE)
    Delcatty EX X1 (CG)
    Porygon z X4 (GE)
    Roseanne's research X4
    celio's network x2
    castaways x4
    rare candy's x4
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  2. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    Interested in Pachirisu. I can trade a Porygon Z for it. PLMK!
  3. cheetor586

    cheetor586 New Member

    CML for 2 or 3 togekiss, and the Pachirisu please.
  4. Jayson

    Jayson Active Member

    My 3x Porygon Z for your 1x Pachirisu, 1x Blaziken, 1x Togekiss? LMK
  5. Maguschild

    Maguschild New Member

    I have porygon Z r/h and want your latias r/h GE
  6. vespa wielder

    vespa wielder New Member

    sorry for the late response. i have decide to keep the pachirisu

    sorry secret.

    Cheetor: I will check your list and get back to you, because, i am currently trying to trade off two togekiss for 4 roseannes research and a celio's network on , if that trade fails i will make you an offer

    jayson: i can offer a blaziken and togekiss for 2 porygon z

    Maguschild: that trade sounds perfect, PM me your info so we can finish the trade. :)

    thank you everyone for your friendly responses

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