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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Dacreepfromdadeep, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. Dacreepfromdadeep

    Dacreepfromdadeep New Member

    Hey, this is my deck I'm running for regionals. Don't put it down just yet. It has proved well. Its main idea is to get out quick damage while also managing your bench. This deck works even without the correct set up. This is a rough deck so I am open to help. Thank you!

    The List:
    Victreebel x3 TM
    Weepinbell x3 TM
    Bellsprout x3 TM
    Jumpluff x2 HGSS
    Skiploom x2 HGSS
    Hoppip x2 HGSS
    Sunflora x2 HGSS
    Sunkern x2 HGSS
    Spiritomb x2 AR
    Uxie x2 LA
    Vileplume x2 UD
    Gloom x2 UD
    Oddish x2 UD
    Total= 29 Woah! This is a lot of pokemon but keep readin':thumb:

    3 Bebe's search
    2 Looker's Invsetigation
    2 Judge
    2 Copycat
    3 PKMN Collector
    3 BTS
    Total: 15

    4 warp energy
    12 grass energy

    This deck focuses mainly on getting jumpluff out fast. After, you start setting up using your supporters and sunflora's. Also, Get Vileplume out for its pokebody which will stop the use of all trainers so your opponent might have some trouble as you continue on with ease. Power up Victreebel so If all the Jumpluffs on the field are KOed, you can come up and wreak havoc as you either prepare for more jumpluffs, or as you take out their pokemon.

    This deck had the most trouble with Dialga G, its pokebody made Vileplume's useless. If this happens, don't panic, your opponent will be able to set up easier but keep moving on and try you best to power through it.

    You can also throw in some Yanmega Prime. This will counter Umbreon if Jumpluff doesn't.
    Thanks for reading!
  2. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    I say:
    -1-1-1 Victreebel (if it's your secondary attacker meant for late game, it shouldn't have more than your primary, right?)
    -2 Copycat
    -2 Grass Energy

    +2 Palmer's Contribution
    +2 Spiritomb
    +1 Collector (more likely T1 Collector, which is needed to get out Jumpy, and Vilelume, and possible Uxie?)
    +1 BTS
    +1 Bebe's. (Bebe's to utilize BTS better... Sunflora THEN Bebe's to get a Vileplume t2)

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    Do those make sense to you? :)
    Hope I helped.
  3. Dacreepfromdadeep

    Dacreepfromdadeep New Member

    Hmm... good idea! I can't Find any Palmers though.
  4. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    Really? you should get 1-2 at league or something. just trade some people for them :) they aren't RARE... so they should be pretty easy to come by :)
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