View from the Middle of the Pack -- A Eastern Canada Regionals Report

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    What a difference a year makes. Last year, my eldest son and I trundled off to downtown Toronto with my wife and youngest in tow to "try-out" what a Pokemon tournament was like with our first Canadian Eastern Regionals. This year I was leading a delegation of junior players from my league down for their first experience with a large tourney. In total we had myself (MA obviously) and 6 juniors

    > My sons Quinn (9) [BanBliss] and Patrick (6) [DWB]
    > Cam A. (8) [Empoleon / Gyarodos]
    > McKenzy Q. (7) [Raichu / Vire]
    > Nathan (9) [Infernacatty]
    > Myles (9) [Armour Fortress]

    My wife gratiously acted as chaperone for the flock and we arrived at the venue early so we could get all the registration stuff taken care of with lots of time to spare. OK with 10 minutes left in registration we were still furiously doing registration chits.

    I had decided after much thinking that I was going to play an exact duplicate of Quinn's BanBliss deck as I was hoping to make a Top Cut at least once this season. At the last minute I threw out the Sableye CG tech and replaced it with Mawile GE (bad choice).
    So my deck looked like:

    1 Mawile GE
    4 Shuppet CG
    4 Bannette SW
    3 Chansey
    3 Blissey

    4 Celio
    4 Castaway
    4 Cessation Crystal
    4 TVR
    2 Roseanne's Research
    2 Holon Mentor
    2 TSD
    3 Rare Candy

    10 Psychic
    4 WP
    4 DRE
    2 Water

    So the tourney starts (we're finished the last of the announcements by 11:10 -- HUGE props to the organizing team for getting this thing off on time).

    Round 1: vs. John R. [Palkia / Swampert]

    We've played before he destroyed my Ursaring / Dusknoir deck early in the BR season:

    I have double Chansey start (not my favourite),but fortunately pull a Blissey on my initial draw and have a CC to start. I'm second so I CC my Chansey and pass. Turns out no Windstorms in his deck, so I've got him locked up really badly. I keep the lock up for the whole game and although he takes a couple of prizes I have a pretty easy time.

    Quinn (1-0)
    Patrick (1-0)
    Cam. (1-0)
    Kenzy (1-0)
    Nathan (0-1)
    Myles (0-1)

    Round 2: vs. ? Flak [Magmortar]

    Sorry I've got no idea what else you might have had in your deck. This is the curse round, I've got Kevin sitting on one side of me and Sean on the other, I've played these guys at most of the tourney's this year and I haven't beaten them yet. I start two Shuppet with one benched and go second. First turn he flares me for 20, I Celio for a Banette, candy to a second Banette (already in my hand). And Ghost Head for 50. Then I realize I forgot to attach any energy and the Cessation I had in my hand. He Celio's for Magmortar attaches a fire and he's 80 away from a knock out. He blows away my Banette. I top deck a TVR, and draw Chansey and Celio and another Banette. I toss the Banette and bench the Chansey. Attach an energy to Chansey, forget to attach CC to my Banette and Ghost Head for 70. He Lvls up, attaches another fire so if your keeping track that's 50 away from the knockout and Bazooka's my second Banette with 20 on my Chansey. Up comes Chansey. I'm in trouble I need to top deck something to allow me to discard an energy or a basic. No luck. I'm forced to attach an energy and Celio for Blissey. Hit for 40. There's no way he has another energy!! Yes he does. Attaches, Torrid Wave (oh yes I've totally forgotten I have CC in my hand),Flame Bluster for 100. I roll tails for the burn and that’s it. I've squandered a perfect start, made a major error on every turn. My team fairs no better.

    Quinn (1-1) -- Loss to Charles A. (props to him for how far his game has come this season)
    Patrick (1-1) -- Loss to Ethan P. (Patrick says this was his best game of the day -- G&G has been our bane since it started showing up)
    Cam. (2-0) -- OK this is a surprise his deck is a somewhat random collection of water cards with 4 Lapras and Amlet Coins to tie it together
    Kenzy (1-1)
    Nathan (1-1)
    Myles (0-2)

    Round 3: vs. Mark ? [Flygon Ex [d]]

    Mark's ex's are stuck somewhere deep in the bowls of his deck, he draws no trainers and I think I beat him 6-0. Sorry Mark, terrible luck on your part.
    Quinn (2-1)
    Patrick (2-1)
    Cam. (3-0) -- Win against Brent S. I'm really getting impressed at my player here I know he's a pretty good player, but his deck should be falling apart by now
    Kenzy (2-1)
    Nathan (2-1)
    Myles (0-3) This whole structure deck thing that served him well at Provincials (8th) is falling apart now

    Round 4: vs. Scott [Kiss/Chomp]

    Sorry, totally forget your name [but your buddy later in the thread refreshed my memory] (probably because I was kicking myself so hard for one little stupid mistake I made), but if its any consolation you are a real pleasure to play with and don't deserve your name forgotten. I get a good start in this game for the most part with a Castaway to start and I'm able to get my Banettes in play early. I hold back my CC crystal from my first Banette as I'm expecting it to get knocked out. Next thing I know its a couple turns in and boom here comes Kiss. All of a sudden I'm staring at 2 fully loaded Garchomps and a loaded Kiss. Two rounds same mistake -- If you have CC attach it, it does nothing if its in your hand. I'm able to finally get things going down 4 to 1, with a TSD. But time expires as I take my next prize. This was a good game, but wish I could have won it. My deck has been working great today, but I've been playing it terribly, not to take anything away from my opponents, but I get the distinct feeling I'm beating myself.

    Quinn (2-2) loss to Daneil C.
    Patrick (3-1)
    Cam. (3-1)
    Kenzy (2-2)
    Nathan (2-2)
    Myles (0-4) He pulls the bye for the last round

    Round 5: vs. Kristi B. [G&G / PLOX -- who can really tell?]

    Start (after 3 Mulligans) Shuppet. She starts Sentret I think. I Mentor to get 2 Shuppet and a Chansey, bench the Chansey and Shuppet keep one Shuppet in my hand, discard a Banette and ascention for a Banette. Next turn get Blissey going and Ghost Head for the knock out of her starter. Draw CC as my prize. Next turn .., I REMEMBER TO ATTACH IT, from then on its a case of using my Banettes for knock outs on her Lvl X's and free retreat of Blissey to avoid her Galade (an attached water makes Sonic Blade useless). I have to sacifice a couple of Shuppets to keep my good Pokes from being Brought Down, but all in all I think I play reasonably well and pull of the win.

    Notice a trend, get CC in play -- Win. Don't lose.

    Quinn (3-2)
    Patrick (3-2) loss to Charles A. – again great job Charles
    Cam (3-2)
    Kenzy (2-3)
    Nathan (3-2)
    Mylses (1-4)

    Round 6: vs Jeremy [Torterra / Sceptile]

    My start looks great, two Shuppet 1 Rare Candy, 2 Psychic Energy, a DRE and a Celio's. I go second. He starts Sentret / Turtwig (if only he'd have had one I would have had a T1 KO. I decide to play it safe, attach to Shuppet, Candy to Bannette on the bench, Ascention. T2 he still only has two basics at the end of his turn, I'm licking my lips. I draw another DRE. Ghost Head knock out. Now it all goes awry, I think its around here that he Mentor'sfor 3 and I end up facing a Turtwig which KOs my first Bannette and I KO with another Ghost Head. He's brings up another Turtwig which I KO with Spiteful Pain. Now I recognize what I'm playing against and think, well if I can just get a Cessation Crystal up, I'm ahead by 3 prizes. How can it go wrong and then it does. I don't draw another celio's and decide to put Chansey in play, top deck a Blissey the next turn. But I can't get a CC / TVR / Castaway to save my life. He rare candies to Torterra. Next turn he rare Candies to Scepty. Up comes Torterra Lvl X Vigourous Dash and he takes down Two Banettes. I am forced to bring up my Benched Mawile, boy that's useful. He uses Forest Murmurs to bring up my Blissey and Vigorous Dashes again. I KO his Lvl X with my injured Blissey (20 hP left). He Forest Murmurs again brings up my Mawile and its a Double KO FTL. Jeremey makes it into the T16 so Congrats to him.

    End my day (3-3).

    So here is the final tally:

    Cam 6th
    Quinn 8th
    Patrick 9th (oh so close to the top cut)
    Nathan 12th or 13th
    Kenzey 19th
    Myles 25/25

    Me smack dab in the middle of the pack (25th) where I always end up -- should have played a red face paint and had an excuse other than bad play.

    So it comes down to T8 in the Juniors which was single round elimination.

    Cam vs. Paige

    It looks like quite a long game, but from a few quick peaks on my way he's down most of the way. His Empoleons are no match for her Gallades. It ends and she's on to T4. Great job to both Cam and Paige

    Quinn vs. Brennan A.

    This game was over long before my Round 6 game, so I was wondering what happened. As I left, I saw Quinn and he was obviously quite upset. Apparently he was handed a game loss for not dealing out his prizes. As I understand it from him it was ruled a game loss rather than a prize card because he had played a searching supporter and hence the game state was "irreparably broken". As he tells it the judge was called just after he shuffled his deck after searching before he attacked. I really struggle with this as I can see the 3 basics being returned to the deck, shuffled, prize cards dealt and this being no different than a mid game shuffle without a the effect of a card. But, I was not judging so I've accepted the ruling, especially since he seemed to shake it off after a few minutes. If any one from the judging staff wants to PM me if there was more broken in the game state then I understand I'd appreciate that. At the time I wasn't quite ready to be civil so I took a pass on the chance for conversation, I appologise if my behaviour was not stellar, hopefully no one noticed.

    All in all a great day. For a Gym that started in Septemeber I'm very happy to see 3 of my players in the Top 10. Thx to everyone and we'll see those who are coming out for the BRs soon -- hopefully we'll land one in Georgetown.
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  2. Throne0fLegends

    Throne0fLegends New Member

    Oh and I thought you played your anti GG banny deck hahah =P. Great report and hopefully I'll see you at league this coming Sunday.
  3. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Great job Terry:) Are you going to Nats?
  4. pokmeman

    pokmeman New Member

    You played my buddy Scott in round 4. All he needs is one turn to set up. Furret helps of course...
    Good job though.
  5. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Wish I could enlighten you on that call, but I was no where near there unfortunately. However had I been there, a game loss IS the appropriate recommended penalty and I would say especially so in a Tier 2 environment. I'm sure the head judge made the call, and not one of the other judges, so you'd have to get in touch with Marvin and Mike to be clearer on the situation.

    Well you won 3 more games than I did, Terry. I hope that helps! No, I guess that wouldn't help much would it? How bout the next time we get together at an event you and I have a fun game? I'm sure it wouldn't take much to beat me. Then at least you could have that on your conscience for the rest of the day!
  6. ugly psyducky

    ugly psyducky <a href="

    @ Matt

    I gave up on it early on Saturday morning scoped the wasted Banettes into this and went with it -- I should have dropped the Mawile

    @ Zack

    Yep, we'll be there

    @ Friend of Scott -- Thx I've updated my report with proper names, its always great to meet new people, just hard to remember the names


    I'll hold you to a game someday!! As per other posts, lets hope for best 2 out of 3 in the Top 8 next year, it will make things less tramatic.

  7. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Terry: Lucky:lol:

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