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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Hippowdon SaveSand, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. Hippowdon SaveSand

    Hippowdon SaveSand New Member

    And for the third repetitive comment in a row, Oliver Twist and his twin asked the pioneers for more savoury rice, and to their dismay witnessed the men melt.

    My probably ok-ish Vilegar:

    4-3-3-1 Gengar sf
    2-2-2 Plume
    4 Tomb
    2 Uxie
    1 Unown Q
    1 Azelf
    1 Mr Mime

    3 BTS
    4 Bebe's
    4 Collector (consistency ftw)
    3 Looker's
    2 Copycat
    2 PONT
    1 Twins
    1 Palmer's
    2 Seeker

    7 Pyschic energy (I want to have more psychic than rescue,simply because gengar just cannot attack without one attached.)
    3 Rescue
    2 Warp

    Strategy is standard vilegar- trainer lock from the start, build up plumes and gars to hit for massive damage with Poltergeist. Most amount of damage I did with it during casual play was somewhere in the 300s.

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  2. NathWalt

    NathWalt New Member

    -1 PONT/Copycat
    +1 Bebe's

    The extra Bebe's should help you get more Gengars out, you only have the 3 bebe's and Tomb for searching out your Haunter/Gengar/Gloom/Vileplume you have a lot of hand refresh already so the loss of a Copycat/PONT shouldnt hurt.
  3. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    -2 Looker's, -2 Pont, +3 Call, +1 Copycat

    Copycat is all the shuffledraw you need.

    Running Spiritomb without Call is suicide at high level tournaments.
  4. Hippowdon SaveSand

    Hippowdon SaveSand New Member

    Righty dokey. Edited da list.

    ---------- Post added 03/01/2011 at 08:11 AM ----------

    Luckily I only have 3 call in my collection lol

    Thanks for the advice :D
  5. dracodeus

    dracodeus New Member

    -3 Looker's
    +2 PONT
    +1 Seeker

    The problem with Looker's is the fact that it says draw up to 5 cards. your opponent can choose to draw no cards. PONT is good for draw power, and seekers help with BTS to remove damage from gengar.
  6. Naki Feralkin

    Naki Feralkin New Member

    ^ As I mentioned in a different thread, not drawing leaves you at a disadvantage. I'll just shadow room around you if you're going to go that route in which case your only option to draw more cards then lies in bench techs (OH WAIT THEY HAVE POWERS TOO I'LL JUST GET RID OF THEM), in which case your only good option is if you magically top deck Uxie off your one card, an incredibly low statistic. Looker's is a double edged sword, only beneficial to you if you draw 5 cards and get the minimal amount of trainers/supporters from it, in which case gauging improperly your opponents deck when playing Lookers will result in this.

    Lookers/Copycat are your best forms of personal draw in this deck barring "Free-prize" Uxie.

    Also, You must draw at least one card. There is no decision to draw no cards, lest "Draw" would not be in its text.
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  7. pokemandan

    pokemandan New Member

    The player has to take at least one card, but this point does stand.

    However, with that point, who wants to draw only one card? Especially when you are going to be behind. Just relying on top decks isn't the best thing.

    ^^ Got ninja'd!

    List looks good otherwise. I wouldn't have anything to add except maybe Ditto LA? It would be great in the mirror match as it gives you a fourth Gengar SF, therefore getting the upper hand.

  8. jonatas pires

    jonatas pires New Member

    hey here's my vilegar list i hope this help you

    4-3-3-1 Gengar SF/lv.x
    2-2-2 vileplume UD
    2-2-2 machamp SF
    2 uxie LA
    3 spiritomb AR
    1 unown q MD

    3 bts
    2 judge
    2 twins
    2 looker's
    1 palmer
    3 collector
    2 seeker
    3 bebe's

    3 psychic
    4 rainbow
    2 call
    2 rescue
    2 warp

    Machamp is just great here once you can put one and your oponent doesn't have cards to play is just easy kills(against sp)
  9. Hippowdon SaveSand

    Hippowdon SaveSand New Member

    What is the ideal amount of energy I should have? Obviously call, psy, rescue and warp, but to what proportions?
  10. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    6 Psychic, 3 Rescue, 2 Warp, 3 Call works fine for me, but it's a lot of energy overall.
  11. Hippowdon SaveSand

    Hippowdon SaveSand New Member

    Got it. Thanks for all the help guys, I will update the list tomorrow.
  12. Happiny13

    Happiny13 Active Member

    I wouldn't go lower than 7 psychic so I dislike call. 2 isn't enough to be worth it anyways.
  13. poisonmaster

    poisonmaster New Member

    I've found Call is extremely ineffective.

    The one time I started with only an Oddish and I couldn't grab the call and got donked...
    I find Calls are only to get you out of those types of situations, and with the necessary Warps and Rescues, Calles just clunk your energy lines too much...
  14. Hippowdon SaveSand

    Hippowdon SaveSand New Member

    Call with double tomb as a starter is too awesome. With 7 psychic that gives me 15 energy, which seems much. However, 7 psy energy is better than 6 in terms of drawing it more often...

    ---------- Post added 03/02/2011 at 09:10 AM ----------

    4-3-3-1 Gengar sf
    2-2-2 Plume
    4 Tomb
    2 Uxie
    1 Unown Q
    1 Azelf
    1 Mr Mime

    3 BTS
    3 Bebe's
    4 Collector
    1 Looker's
    4 Copycat
    1 Twins
    1 Palmer's
    2 Seeker

    7 Pyschic energy
    3 Rescue
    2 Warp
    3 Call
  15. poisonmaster

    poisonmaster New Member

    4 Copycat????
    I just think having 4 different energies is a mistake....

    Test it I guess...
  16. Hippowdon SaveSand

    Hippowdon SaveSand New Member

    Call with Collector increases the probability of achieving the opening goal of gathering important basics T1/T2 (depending on if you go first or second) from approx %40 if you just use Collector to around roughly %60 if you utilise both Collector and Call, so I guess the seemingly clunky energy lines will stay.
  17. Pokebert

    Pokebert New Member

    Gengar Prime is also a good tech in VileGar especially with Mr. Mime, because you can possibly Lost Zone important pokemon of your opponent. You can also spread with Cursed Drop (in combination with Gengar lv. X). If you choose to add the Gengar Prime, you could even consider to add one Lost World.
  18. Hippowdon SaveSand

    Hippowdon SaveSand New Member

    I own no Gar prime :(
  19. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    Makes this deck so freaking consistent. @[email protected]
  20. Hippowdon SaveSand

    Hippowdon SaveSand New Member

    Gonna show you all the updated list within the next day or so for final touches. I personally feel that its as good as it can be as of now, as far as my collection will allow.

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