Vilegar (states master)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Squeaky, Mar 10, 2011.

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  1. Squeaky

    Squeaky New Member

    4 Spirittomb
    1 Azelf
    2 Uxie
    2 Unown q
    2 Oddish - LA psychic
    2 Gloom - UN
    2 Vielplume - UN
    4 Gastly - SF
    3 Haunter - TM
    2 Gengar - SF
    1 Gengar prime
    1 Gengar lvl x
    1 Mewtwo MD
    1 Mewtwo lvl x

    4 Bebe
    2 Twins
    4 Lookers
    3 Broken Time Space
    1 Palmer's Contribution
    2 Pokemon Collector
    2 Professor Oak New Theory

    7 Psychic
    3 Rescue
    4 Warp

    Standard Vilegar built but with Mewtwo x. Lock trainers with spirittomb and vileplume. Hit with gengar polt and use gengar prime to send away pokemon if they have any in their hand. Mewtwo x is for sp's.

    I have consider taking out a looker to put another pokemon collector and also take a unown q for a crobat.
  2. TunderBlow

    TunderBlow New Member

    - 1 bebe, -1bts, - 2 looker, - 2 warp, + 2 collectors, + 2 copycat (trainer lock, your opponent hand is big), +2 seeker
  3. Squeaky

    Squeaky New Member

    what if i did this
    take out four lookers for two collectors crobat and mr.mime
  4. Ch0ncey is Pr0

    Ch0ncey is Pr0 New Member

    -1 warp -1 unown q -1 looker -2 Oaks new theory

    +2 copycat +2 pokemon collector +1 mr. mime/crobat

    You need ways to search out your basics, and copycat is usually better than PONT here. Mr. Mime could be interesting so I included it. You could also play a crobat in that spot too.
  5. Squeaky

    Squeaky New Member

    choncey what would you say about taking out 2 looker for mime and crobat
  6. TunderBlow

    TunderBlow New Member

    you may put one line of machamp SF (for match Vs Sp decks!)
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