Vileplume/Gliscor Lv.X/Beedrill for States

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by CincyBoy03, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. CincyBoy03

    CincyBoy03 New Member

    Pokemon: 27
    4 Spiritomb
    3-2-2 Beedrill RR
    2-2-2 Gliscor X (Gliscor from UD)
    2-2-2 Vileplume
    2 Uxie
    2 Unown Q

    T/S/S: 20
    4 Collectors
    4 Seeker
    3 PONT
    3 BTS
    2 Bebe's
    2 Copycat
    2 Twins

    Energy: 13
    4 Grass
    3 Fighting
    3 Rainbow
    3 DCE

    Strategy: Start with Spiritomb to help set up. T1- Use a collector to grab a Oddish, Weedle, and Gligar. If you already have one or two of those grab an Uxie and Unown Q. Darness Grace Weedle evolve to Kakuna. T2- Hopefully be able to play a BTS. Then use an Uxie, Copycat, or PONT to get more cards. Evolve to Beedrill and use Beedrills Body to get out Gloom. Darkness Grace Gloom to Vileplume. T3- If Spiritomb isnt dead yet retreat by attaching an Unown Q. If he is dead hopefully you have a twins. Put Gliscor active and use Ninja to do 30 and poison and paralyze them. T4- Retreat Gliscor and put Beedrill active and use needle shock to do 30 damage and poison and paralyze them. T5- Retreat Beedrill put Gliscor active, Level up to paralyze and poison them again.

    Seekers are used to pick up and reuse Gliscor Lv. X to be able to repeat the cycle.
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  2. DragonClyne725

    DragonClyne725 New Member

    In this deck, I think Sunflora HS would work better than Beedrill

    -3-2-2 Beedrill
    +2-2 Sunflora
    +3 Something else

    or you could go 3-3 Sunflora

    Hope it helps! :thumb:
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