Virginia's HeartGold SoulSilver Prereleases

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by totoro, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member

    I think Flight 1 had about 36 people. There were 4 TDCers but I don't know if they were counted in that ~36 count. Flight 2 had about 10 people. Overall, ~46 out of 68 who prereged doesn't sound that bad considering the snow. I'll need to get the actual numbers from totoro. Oh no, Midlothian and/or Warrenton might actually beat Fairfax attendance at a prerelease! :eek:

    Prime Pokemon were all over the event with quite a few people pulling more than 1 in their 8 packs. I heard one of the TDCers had an exceptionally good haul in the 4 packs. That usually never happens with lvX.

    At league yesterday, the most popular cards from the set were Double Colorless Energy, Feraligatr (Prime), Ampharos (Prime), and Donphan (Prime). Only DCE was experimented with in the league tournament.

    Gives you an idea how hard it is for a county to decide whether or not to cancel school :rolleyes:
    Anyway, as I saw people continuing to come to Michaels in the snow before the tournament, I figured the roads were managable enough to keep the event on.
  2. totoro

    totoro Active Member

    There were 41 in flight one (37 in the main event, 4 in the TDC) Flight 2 had 10 (all main event)

    51 won't be beat in Midlo for the simple reason that I don't see how the store can hold that many!!

    it seems like primes are about a set (6) per box, so that's 1 in 6 packs!!!!
    I got a full Ho-oh legend, a full Lugia legend, a red gyrados, and 6 Primes in a box..

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  3. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member is being unfriendly/unnavigatable. Can I get the age breakdowns, please? :redface:

    Have you tried rearranging the tables? Are the tables at BCG smaller than the ones at HW? Perhaps playing on the floor? I still have that caution tape.

    Anyway, that sounds like a challenge. I now would like to see you get 40-something people in order to see how you solve that space problem :biggrin: . Isn't Kimberly bringing a van of people? If another poke-parent can be found, maybe it'll be two vans! :lol:
  4. totoro

    totoro Active Member

    Age breakdown:
    JR 9
    SR 22* (had 23 orig, but one player moved to TDC, so totals are now correct)
    MR 16
    TDC 4

    Total 51
    based on the snow, that is simply incredible!

    FLT 1's upload is again delayed due to one player with multiple IDs...:mad:

    Not my store; not my call. Y'know some stores don't LIKE people messing with their tables--the s/o puts things where s/he wants them! (You do FAR too much for HW) :biggrin:
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  5. cullenmon

    cullenmon New Member

    wow great turn out even with the weather
  6. Trican

    Trican New Member

    Well I don't know if Kim is still going this weekend, not sure why she wouldn't be, but I'll also be bringing up a car full
  7. cullenmon

    cullenmon New Member

    did anyone use any of the legends in the battles?
  8. RB Golbat

    RB Golbat New Member

    Gonna try to go to Warrenton with a bunch of people from Lusby league, but if it snows again this weekend......
  9. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member

    Now hear this: snow is predicted for this Friday and Saturday and it's not going to be the powdery kind that's so good to drive in. Totoro's life is becoming very exciting at the end of the year of the ox.

    Excellent. The CC there had 43 people, so there's plenty of room as long as everyone is willing to make friends :rolleyes: . I kind of want to be there to see that.

    That is amazing! :clap:

    You should see what I do to hotel rooms :rolleyes:
  10. Ghetto Overlord

    Ghetto Overlord New Member

    remind me not to fly on the same plane as you guys to nationals
  11. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    I might be at Warrenton.
  12. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member

    @GO: dude, never say that. Not even as a joke. :nonono:

    Of course you laugh when you hear about how 2 inches of snow paralyzes northern virginia :rolleyes:
  13. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    Why? Because I'm not from Northern Virginia, or because it's not very much snow? Or are you mad at me for not being able to get to league yesterday?
  14. totoro

    totoro Active Member

    Because West Virginians don't measure snow in inches; they measure it in feet (and fractions are rarely needed!!!) :wink:
  15. Darkelf1313

    Darkelf1313 New Member

    Snow days

    Well, I just checked the weather forecast.

    We are looking at snow on Friday, Saturday and in to Sunday here. :mad:

    What happens then, Mr. T?
  16. totoro

    totoro Active Member

    We cry.....

    No, in all seriousness, I already have a TPCi approved backup plan. As of now, though, everything looks Super. Note that if the weather is ok here but not ok in NoVA, I can't help you.
  17. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member

    That is a lot of snow. "2 inches" is a magic number that everyone in FCPS hopes for because it cancels school *nods*.

    I figured you wouldn't be at league because of the snow. You missed some epic misplays. Javier forgot how to use Bring Down :lol:

    Isn't the storm coming from the south? Or is that just tonight's snow?
  18. cullenmon

    cullenmon New Member

    All im saying is im really starting to hate this awful weather, but im gonna be there Sunday in Midlo

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    and by that i mean please dont postpone it haha
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  19. yoyofsho16

    yoyofsho16 New Member

    ^They CAN'T postpone it anymore. That's the last week they would be PREreleases. I suppose we could do a "Release Celebration event" (like PR but after release) like they have to do in Europe and stuff...
  20. totoro

    totoro Active Member

    Ummmmm, which part of this isn't registering???? If the need arises, the event certainly can be postponed to a "release event" rather than a prerelease event just like Europe.
    But let's not go down that road yet!! The latest forecast for the Richmond area points to "all systems go" for Super Sunday. The NoVA-ites will have a tough time getting here, but points south (including Tidewater) shouldn't have any trouble.

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