W: sleeves, bw cards, collecter H:collector items, jpn pokedolls, many more!*updated

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by purelyxc, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. purelyxc

    purelyxc New Member

    Hello all its been almost a month since ive been here, and so far its all been good!
    Just to remind you guys that I am from the Asian region. And we would trade addresses when a deal is finalized!

    LOTS OF CARDS HAVE JUST BEEN ADDED, and ive organized them according to primes, lvx's, promos, deckables, sp, pokemon types, energies, t/s/s, and collectables and merchandise!

    Before we start!
    Some simple rules:
    1) Cards must be in mint/near mint condition.
    2) No ripping/scamming please.
    3) I trade to everywhere.
    4) Please ship cards in sleeves and top loaders, as will I.
    5) Please notify once you have received the items. I would do the same.
    6) No fake or WC cards please.
    7) I have cards from base set onwards, if you are looking for cards from those sets try asking and i will look for them.

    Without further ado....
    x1 RR prerelease sleeves*
    x1 MD prerelease sleeves*
    x1 LA prerelease sleeves*
    x3 RH pokemon collector*

    x2 RH bebe's search
    x2 RH legend box
    x2 RH vileplume UD
    x2 RH pokemon communication* black white only!
    x2 magnezone prime
    x2 emboar (fandango)
    x2 klingklang
    x2 RH cinccino
    x2 RH mandibuzz
    x2 RH professor juniper
    x2 RH buoffalant (revenge)

    x1 RH regice LA
    x1 typhlosion prime
    x1 scizor prime
    xx reverse holo/ holo energy from any set prefererably EX Emerald
    xx pokemon collector
    xx smeargle

    *- more important wants

    level x's:
    x1 glaceon lv x
    x1 gliscor lv x
    x1 drapion lv x
    x1 mismagius gl lv x
    x1 electivire fb lv x
    x1 charizard g lv x (promo)
    x1 arcues lv x (omniscient)

    x3 absol prime
    x1 kingdra prime
    x1 feraligatr prime

    x1 houndoom prime
    x1 mew prime

    x 1-1 lugia legend
    x 0-1 kyogre groudon legend
    x 1-1 entei raikou legend
    x 1-0 raikou suicine legend
    x 1-1 dialga palkia legend

    x1 ho-oh (COL)

    x1 magnezone dp44 promo
    x1 porygon z dp35 promo
    x1 gliscor dp 36 promo

    unown q MD x1
    uxie LA x2 (one is LP)
    azelf LA x2 (one is LP)
    smeargle UD x1
    crobat g PL x1

    sp cards:
    luxray gl RR x1
    floatzel gl RR x1
    bronzong g PL x1
    ambipom g RR x4
    dragonite fb SV x1
    skuntank g PL x1
    honchkrow g PL x1
    charizard g SV x2
    arcanine g SV x1
    electivire FB RH RR x1
    mismagius GL RR x1
    rampardos GL RR x1
    darkrai g RR x1
    gyarados g PL x1
    houndoom g SV x1

    dark type cards:
    honchkrow UD 15 x1
    honckrow UD 16 x1
    umbreon UD x1
    umbreon MD x1
    drapion SF x1
    houndoom UD x1

    electric type cards:
    luxray LA x1
    luxray AR x1
    manectric PL x1
    electivire TM x1
    elekid TM x1
    pichu HGSS x1
    ampharos HGSS x1

    fighting type cards:
    giscor LA x1
    infernape SF RH x1
    toxicroak AR x1
    nidoking TM x1
    nidoking RR x1

    fire type cards:
    blaziken PL x1
    infernape MD x1
    heatran AR x1
    rapidash AR x1
    arcanine RR x1
    arcanine HGSS x1

    grass type cards:
    vileplume UD x1
    victreebell TM x1
    beedrill RR x1
    shaymin PL 15 x1
    tangrowth SF x1
    torterra PL x1
    bellossom UD x1
    vileplume LA x1
    combee SF x1
    shaymin UL x1

    colourless type cards:
    noctowl HGSS x1
    flygon RR x1
    slaking PL x1
    togekiss UD x1
    garchomp SV x1
    snorlax COL x2 (one is prerelease)
    chatot MD x1

    psychic type cards:
    drifblim UD x1
    drifblim SF x1
    mewtwo MD x1
    mismagius SF x1
    mismagius UL x1

    mismagius UD x1
    gengar SF x2
    gengar AR (curse) x2

    slowking x1
    celebi TM x1
    jirachi UL x1
    spiritomb TM x1
    spiritomb LA x1
    espeon MD x1
    espeon UD x1
    haunter SF RH x1
    banette PL x1
    unown ? LA x1
    unown ! LA x1
    unown w LA x1
    unown y LA x1
    mr mime COL x4 (one is RH)
    mime jr COL x1

    steel type cards:
    jirachi RR x2 (one is RH)
    skarmory UD/COL x4

    scizor UD RH x1
    empoleon SF x1

    water type cards:
    arceus AR x1
    wailord TM x1
    politoed LA x1
    phione MD x1
    swampert SV x1
    empoleon PL x1
    gyarados SF RH x1

    x2 base set DCE
    x4 rescue energy (one is RH)
    xx rainbow energy team rocket onwards
    xx special metal/special dark neo genesis onwards
    xx base set basic energy onwards

    x4 pokemon communication
    x2 rare candy (both are from ex sandstorm/emerald series)

    x2 energy exchanger
    x2 legend box
    x2 dual ball
    x2 good rod
    x2 pokegear
    xx super scoop up (expedition onwards)(a few from expedition are RH)
    xx pluspower (base set onwards)
    xx defender (base set onwards)
    xx energy switch
    xx switch (base set onwards)
    xx potion (base set onwards)

    x4 engineer's adjustments
    x4 seeker
    x4 underground expedition
    x4 sage's training (one is RH)
    x4 judge
    x2 volker's philosophy
    x2 pokemon collector
    x2 looker's investigataion
    x2 interviewer's questions (one is RH)
    x2 professor oak's new theory
    x2 copycat (one is RH)
    x2 cyrus conspiracy
    x2 lucian's assignment (one is RH)
    x2 professor elm's training method
    x1 cynthia's guidance
    x1 aaron's collection
    xx twins
    xx black belt

    x4 lost world
    x2 burned tower
    x2 indigo plateau
    x2 pokemon contest hall
    x2 sunyshore city gym
    x2 dawn stadium
    x1 snowpoint temple

    other collector's items:
    x2 charizard base set (not shadowless)
    x1 shining magikarp
    x1 shining gyarados
    x1 shining kabutops
    x1 shining tyranitar
    x1 shining steelix
    x1 chansey ex EX R/S
    x1 sneasel ex EX R/S
    x1 lapras ex EX R/S
    x1 kabutops ex EX Sandstorm
    x1 wailord ex EX Sandstorm
    x1 latios ex EX Dragon
    x1 groudon ex Black Star 038 Promo
    x1 latias star

    x1 jumbo serperior pokedoll (from jpn pokemon centre)
    x1 jumbo zekrom pokedoll (from jpn pokemon centre)

    thanks for viewing =)
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2011
  2. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    CML for your:
    x2 charizard base set (not shadowless)
    x1 shining magikarp
    x1 shining gyarados
    x1 golem ex EX Dragon
    x1 latias star
    x4 Smeargle UD
  3. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    I desperately need your Latias *, if it's in near-mint to mint condition. It's one of the few I'm missing from my collection. Here's my offer...
    2x Pokémon Collector (Both RH)
    1x Full Entei/Raikou Legend
    1x Garchomp C (RH)
    2x Twins (Both RH)
    1x Legend Box (RH)
    1x Fisherman (RH)
    1x Expert Belt (Both RH)

    1x Latias *
    2x Smeargle UD or 1x Wailord ex

    Let me know ASAP, please. Thanks.
  4. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    cml for:

    latias star
  5. purelyxc

    purelyxc New Member

    hello medix,
    interested in your:
    x1 toxicroak g promo
    x1 vulpix sh6
    x1 twins RH
    x1 1-1 ERL
    x2 magnezone prime
    x1 premier ball sf RH
    x1 dusknoir sf shadow command
    x1 jirachi rr RH
    x1 umbreon COL RH

    for my:
    x1 charizard base set (non shadowless)
    x1 golem ex EX Dragon
    x1 smeargle UD
    x2 lost world
    x1 RH haunter EX Legend Maker
    x1 RH gengar EX Legend Maker

    if you think its not too fair maybe you can tell me how much you value your cards so i could change the deal accordingly? thanks!
  6. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    Ill think about it few hours later. Whats condition of your cards?
  7. purelyxc

    purelyxc New Member

    All my cards are mint near mint :) The cards I have offered have never been played..
    Let me know the conditions of your cards too! Thanks!
  8. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    Please add condition to each of your card.

    x1 toxicroak g promo - M
    x1 vulpix sh6 - played, but still nice (N or N/VG)
    x1 twins RH - M
    x1 1-1 ERL - M
    x2 magnezone prime - M
    x1 premier ball sf RH - NM
    x1 dusknoir sf shadow command - NM
    x1 jirachi rr RH - M/NM
    x1 umbreon COL RH - M
  9. SurplusCCGs

    SurplusCCGs New Member

    Please cml for these

    x1 shining magikarp
    x1 shining gyarados
    x1 shining kabutops
    x1 wailord ex EX Sandstorm
    x1 latias star

    I have these from your wants.

    x2 RH gengar SF
    x1 dusknoir lv x
    x1 shiny duskull

    cml for more.

  10. SSBBDaisy

    SSBBDaisy New Member

    Dusknoir (SF) Shadow Command
    Lucario (COL) RH
    something else

    Water Energy COL
    Steel Energy COL
  11. Jazzbie

    Jazzbie New Member

    x1 jumbo zekrom pokedoll (from jpn pokemon centre)
    x1 Jumbo serperior doll

    x3 pokemon collector(non-foil)
    x1 RH expert belt
    x1 RH bebe's search(scratches)
    x2 gengar SF
    x1 magnezone prime
    x2 RH dusknoir sf (shadow command)
    x1 shiny duskull
    x1 ERL
    x1 lucario COL

    CML please? I have some merch and plushies(incl japanese ones) unlisted if you're interested. Also sealed B/W tins.
  12. Monkeylad

    Monkeylad Active Member

    Cml for:
    x2 kingdra prime

    xx base set basic energy onwards(15 Water, 10 Fight, 10 Psychic)

    x3 pokemon collector

  13. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    how many charizard do u have and do u have any gengar prime????
  14. wolfroke

    wolfroke New Member

    I really need 3 seekers and one DCE, but i have none of your wants :(
    i can trade 2 DCE HS for 2 DCE from base? wait nvm that just went against what i was trying t get xD but i need one of them <.< also, i have unlisted 2 Rainbow energies rh from hs
    but cml for seekers please <.<
  15. purelyxc

    purelyxc New Member

    medix: okay those sound good here are mine

    x1 charizard base set (non shadowless) - m/nm
    x1 golem ex EX Dragon - m
    x1 smeargle UD - m
    x2 lost world - m
    x1 RH haunter EX Legend Maker - nm
    x1 RH gengar EX Legend Maker - nm (a very small bend on the top right edge of the card, very much unnoticeable)

    politoed666: hey man im really sorry i'd wanna save the latias star for something i really really want, mostly being the prerelease RR sleeves, however if i do have a change of mind i will get back to you since you really need it for your collection, because the RH collectors are really tempting and they probably wont be there for long..

    akimbo: well you'd be the next in line if i couldnt strike a deal with politoed if we do make one..

    surplusccgs: i would have to get back to you on that, i would post on your thread if i decide to make a trade! thanks though! cos currently im looking for more of my important wants..

    SSBBdaisy: i am interested in your-

    x1 dusknoir level x
    x1 RH lucario COL
    x1 RH riolu PT
    x1 lumineon sf (could you throw in a finneon?)

    for my

    x1 water energy COL
    x1 steel energy COL
    x1 RH combee SF
    x1 RH mr mime COL

    jazzbie: hmmm could you list some of your japanese merch? because well, ah the price of the jumbo dolls were pretty hefty..

    monkeylad: i am interested in your-

    x1 pokemon communication
    x1 RH magnemite TM
    x1 RH magneton TM

    for my

    xx base set basic energy onwards(15 Water, 10 Fight, 10 Psychic)

    sorry i cant really find anything i'd want in trade for kingdra or the collectors..

    gamer1oo: erm if my earlier trades go through that would leave me with one charizard, maybe 2.. erm yes i do have gengar primes but its unlikely im letting them go unless im getting something i really want

    wolfroke: hey man im really sorry i cant help much because there is nothing i really need from your list..
    would you have any primes or level x's that you have lying around? i could consider trading for em..

    whew trading is tough work.......
  16. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    well wat do u really want
  17. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    is it mint? i have PR sleeves.
  18. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    What makes your Charizard m/nm?
  19. Monkeylad

    Monkeylad Active Member

    No problemo. How many of each energy do you have? I also just got in another Pokemon Communication if interested
  20. wolfroke

    wolfroke New Member

    only lv x i have is shaymin sky and primes, only Ampharos. But Amphy is decked :p
    and Shaymin sky is up for trade too
    i just need the DCE now <.<"
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