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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by DavisJes, Feb 20, 2004.

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  1. DavisJes

    DavisJes New Member

    I am looking for these promos
    please post if you have any
    my haves are posted below

    Base Yellow Cheecks Pika SEALED
    promo 51 Rapidash SEALED
    promo 52 Hooh SEALED
    w-stamped dark charmeleon SEALED
    Prerelease Clefable green stamp
    Prerelease Clefable blue stamp
    Prerelease Clefable red stamp
    Prerelease Clefable gold stamp
    Prerelease Raichu
    EX Ruby & Sapphire Promo #005: Mudkip Holo (Ukonly)
    EX Ruby & Sapphire Promo #006:
    EX Ruby & Sapphire Promo #007:
    EX Ruby & Sapphire Promo #016 Treecko
    EX Ruby & Sapphire Promo #016 Treecko SEALED
    EX Ruby & Sapphire Promo #017 Torchic SEALED
    EX Ruby & Sapphire Promo #018 Mupkip SEALED
    EX Ruby & Sapphire Promo #019 Whismur
    EX Ruby & Sapphire Promo #019 Whismur SEALED
    Poketour99 Promo (Pikachu in Italian with a gold "W)
    50/97 (Promo symbol) Bagon with GenCon logo
    50/97 (Promo symbol) Bagon without logo
    City Championship Dragon Charmander
    City Championship Dragon Charmander SEALED

    Lighting Energy

    JAPANESE not sure what set

    Neo Genesis Bellosome
    Neo Discovery Poliwrath

    Neo Destiny Radio Tower
    Neo Destiny Broken Ground Gym
    E5 Nidoqueen
    Dragon Virbava
    Dragon Dragonair
    Dragon Flaffy

    dark gyarados 1st edition (dent near his mouth)
    fossil gengar 1st edition

    20 psyduck
    36 igglybuff
    37 hitmontop (8)
    pika from tin
    meowth from tin

    BASE Gyarados
    BASE Nidoking
    BASE Poliwrath
    BASE Venusaur
    BASE Hitmonchan
    JUNGLE Electrode
    JUNGLE Kangaskhan
    JUNGLE Wigglytuff
    FOSSIL Aerodactyl
    FOSSIL Ditto
    FOSSIL Hitmonlee
    FOSSIL Magneton
    FOSSIL Muk
    FOSSIL Muk
    TEAM ROCKET Dark Golbat
    TEAM ROCKET Dark Hypno
    TEAM ROCKET Dark Machamp
    TEAM ROCKET Dark Weezing
    TEAM ROCKET Here Comes Team Rocket!
    GYM HEROES Brock's Rydon
    GYM HEROES Erika's Vileplume
    GYM HEROES Surge's Magneton
    GYM HEROES Misty's Tentacurel
    GYM HEROES Brock
    GYM HEROES Erika
    GYM CHALLENGE Giovanni's Machamp
    GYM CHALLENGE Koga's Beedrill
    GYM CHALLENGE Surge's Raichu (will take a lot to get from me)
    GYM CHALLENGE Sabrina's Alakazam
    GENESIS Azumarill
    GENESIS Bellosoom
    GENESIS Feraligatar 5
    GENESIS Heracross
    GENESIS Jumpluff
    DISCOVERY Forretress
    DISCOVERY Hitmontop
    DISCOVERY Magnemite
    DISCOVERY Poliwrath
    DISCOVERY Tyranitar
    DISCOVERY Ursaring
    DISCOVERY Wobbuffet
    REV Blissey
    REV Crobat
    REV Delibird
    REV Jumpluff
    REV Magneton
    REV Porygon2
    DESTINY Dark Feraligatar on hold for noah121
    DESTINY Light Azumarill
    E Cloyster
    E Dugtrio
    E Feraligatar
    E Golem
    E Kingler
    E Machamp
    E Magby
    E Meganium
    E Pidgeot
    E Poliwarth
    E Typhlosion
    E Tyranitar
    E Venusaur
    E Vileplume
    AQUAPOLIS Blissey
    AQUAPOLIS Jumpluff
    AQUAPOLIS Tentacruel
    AQUAPOLIS Togetic
    AQUAPOLIS Victreebell
    AQUAPOLIS Vileplume
    SKYRIDGE Magcargo
    SKYRIDGE Magcargo
    R/S beautifly
    R/S manectric

    SRATCHED HOLOS (light sratches to heavy sratches)
    BASE---GYM CHALLENGE need to sort through cards to see if they are mint or not
    GENESIS Slowking
    DISCOVERY Houndour
    DISCOVERY Magnemite
    DISCOVERY Smeargle
    DISCOVERY Unown (Anger)
    REV Ampharos
    REV Raikou
    REV Suicune
    DESTINY Dark Donphan
    DESTINY Dark Scizor
    DESTINY Light Togetic
    EXPEDITION Blastoise
    EXPEDITION Butterfree
    EXPEDITION Clefable
    EXPEDITION Skarmory
    AQUAPOLIS Ampharos on hold for noah121
    AQUAPOLIS Azumarill
    AQUAPOLIS Bellossom
    AQUAPOLIS Exeggutor
    AQUAPOLIS Octillery
    AQUAPOLIS Slowking
    AQUAPOLIS Sudowoodo
    AQUAPOLIS Tyranitar on hold for noah121
    SKYRIDGE need to type up a list

    Team Rocket Dark Slowbro
    Team Rocket Dark Magneton

    Base Super Energy Removal Trainer
    Base Super Energy Removal Trainer
    Base II Super Energy Removal
    Base II Imposter Professor Oak
    Team Rocket Dark Weezing 2
    Gym Heroes Erika's Clefairy 2
    Gym Heroes Brock’s Onix
    Gym Heroes Brock's Golem
    Gym Heroes Misty's Goldeen
    Gym Heroes Misty’s Cloyster
    Gym Heroes Misty’s Tentacool
    Gym Heroes Brock Trainer
    Gym Challenge Brock's Protection Trainer
    Neo Rev Starmie
    Neo Destiny Exp. All Trainer
    Neo Destiny Thought Wave Machine Trainer
    Expedition Cloyster
    Expedition Weezing
    RS Seaking

    51 Barboach
    55 Geodude
    67 Nincada
    70 Numel
    72 Slugma
    76 Taillow

    15 Flygon
    15 Flygon
    17 Magneton
    18 Ninjask
    19 Salamence
    19 Salamence
    20 Shelgon
    20 Shelgon
    20 Shelgon
    21 Skarmory
    21 Skarmory
    22 Vibrava
    22 Vibrava on hold for noah121

    54 Corphish
    55 Geodude going to brocks ninetails
    55 Geodude
    55 Geodude
    56 Geodude
    56 Geodude
    57 Grimer
    58 Horsea going to brocks ninetails
    58 Horsea
    58 Horsea
    58 Horsea
    58 Horsea
    59 Houndour
    59 Houndour
    59 Houndour
    59 Houndour
    60 Magikarp
    60 Magikarp
    60 Magikarp
    60 Magikarp
    61 Magnemite going to brocks ninetails
    61 Magnemite
    62 Magnemite going to brocks ninetails
    63 Magnemite going to brocks ninetails
    64 Mareep going to brocks ninetails
    64 Mareep
    65 Mudkip
    65 Mudkip
    70 Numel
    71 Pineco going to brocks ninetails
    71 Pineco
    72 Slugma
    73 Spoink
    73 Spoink
    76 Taillow going to brocks ninetails
    76 Taillow
    76 Taillow
    77 Torchic
    78 Trapinch
    79 Trapinch going to brocks ninetails
    79 Trapinch
    80 Treecko
    80 Treecko
    81 Wurmple
    piximon st30
    garurumon st06
    palmon st09
    scorpiomon st32
    scorpiomon st32
    scorpiomon st32
    mojyamon bo14
    mojyamon bo14
    jagamon bo26
    crabmon bo28
    crabmon bo28
    ebidramon bo18
    seadramon bo06
    seadramon bo06
    drimogemon bo10
    drimogemon bo10
    gesomon bo30
    gesomon bo30
    kuwagamon bo13
    kuwagamon bo13
    kuwagamon bo13
    orgemon bo04
    sinmon bo25
    sinmon bo25
    sinmon bo25
    tapirmon bo36
    tapirmon bo36
    tapirmon bo36
    dragmon bo33
    syakomon bo29
    gorillamon bo19
    megaseadramon bo31
    asuramon bo24
    meramon bo05
    minotarumon bo21
    devimon bo02
    devimon bo02
    metalgreymon bo01
    coral rip bo44
    iorn drill bo47
    fly away bo46
    fly away bo46
    organic enhancer bo48
    fly trap bo43
    fly trap bo43
    aquatic attack bo45
    aquatic attack bo45
    power freeze bo50
    power freeze bo50
    optioneater bo49
    optioneater bo49
    optioneater bo49

    patamon bo113
    silphymon bo 176
    mantaraymon bo195
    archelomon bo202
    nohemon bo203
    data duplication bo 205
    soliders of nightmares bo215
    impmon bo218
    karatenmon bo224
    keramon bo 227
    lynxmon bo200

    piedomon bo42 1st edition holo (little worn around the corners)
    megaseadramon bo31 1st edition (water damage warped in the middle)
    pumpkinmon bo37 1st edition (water damage warped in the middle)
    iorn drill bo47 1st edition (water damage warped in the middle)
    LOD susa solider

    LOD the warrior returning alive
    MRD robbin' goblin
    LOB dragoness the wicked knight

    SDK dark energy
    SDJ maha vailo
    SDJ 7 colored fish
    SDY beaver warrior
    SDY ultimate offering
    SDY two-pronged attack
    SDY magical ghost
    SDY witty phantom
    SDY claw reacher
    DCR blindly loyal goblin
    MRD block attack
    MFC pixie knight
    PSV cyber falcon
    LOD mysterious guard
    MRL electric snake
    MRL griggle
    MRL psychic kappa
    LOB one-eye shield dragon
    LOB kumootoko
    LOB m warrior 1
    PGD souleater
    PGD birdface
    PGD servant of catabolism
    PGD metamorphosis
    PGD disturbance strategy
    PGD servant of catabolism
    PGD posion mummy
    PGD buster rancher
    PGD kruyel
    PGD non aggression area

    SDK ancient telescope
    SDJ the stern mystic
    SDY yami
    PGD banner of courage
    LOD the hunter with 7 weapons
    LOD fiend comedian
    LOD roboyarou
    LOD frontier wiseman
    LOD spirit's invitation
    LOD bark of dark ruler
    LOD life absorbing machine
    PSV wingweaver
    PSV girochin kuwagata
    PSV the all-seeing tiger
    MRL red archery girl
    LON skull lair
    MRD steel scorpion
    MRD lava battleguard
    MFC pigeonholding books of spells
    MFC miracle restoring
    MFC decayed commander
    MFC burning beast
    MFC roulette barrel

    85 Dagger

    31 Beast

    42 Caught

    98 Dark Phoenix Saga on hold for [email protected]
    147 Hellfire Club on hold for [email protected]

    1991 X-FORCE
    11 Come Home
    19 X-Factor
    72 The New
    84 X-Force
    89 War

    6 Marvel Superhero Contest of Champions
    28 Secret Wars II
    35 X-Men and Alpha Flight
    44 The X-Men vs the Avengers
    81 Marvel Superheroes Spring Special
    95 The Deadly Foes of Spiderman

    58 Venom
    101 X-Factor vs Apocalypse
    125 X-Men vs Magneto
    148 X-Force
    154 X-Factor
    155 Excalibur

    4 Catwoman
    48 Catwoman

    D Batmobile
    47 Catwoman

    95 White Queen

    75 Black Costume Saga

    34 Resentment
    37 Phoenix
    40 Hellfire Club
    88 The End?

    75 Excalubur
    76 Hellfire Club
    76 Hellfire Club
    76 Hellfire Club

    11 Phoenix
    108 Venom
    120 Carnage
    123 White Queen
    172 X-Force
    173 X-Factor
    180 Excalibur
    180 Excalibur
    195 Dark Phoenix Saga

    1993 X-MEN SERIES II
    99 The Fury of Storm

    19 Carnage
    19 Carnage
    85 Phoenix

    57 Carnage
    57 Carnage
    145 Spiderman vs Carnage
    154 X-cutioner's Song

    11 Catwoman
    11 Catwoman
    47 Catwoman
    47 Catwoman

    1994 BATMAN
    35 Catwoman

    11 Bishop
    30 Polaris
    42 Dazzler
    42 Dazzler
    46 Sunfire
    46 Sunfire
    65 White Queen
    65 White Queen
    94 Locus
    96 Reignfire
    107 X-cutioner's Song
    123 Phoenix

    48 The Black Costume Saga
    130 Venom The Madness
    Venom Lives

    110 Phoenix
    120 Storm
    123 White Queen
    125 Carnage
    131 Venom

    1994 DC STARS
    4 Doomsday
    43 Phobia

    1 Apocalypse
    2 Archangel
    6 Black Cat
    9 Black Widow
    10 Blackout
    13 Blaze
    14 Blood Wraith
    20 Carnage
    21 Century
    24 Colossus
    40 Galactus
    43 Ghost Rider 2099
    44 Green Goblin
    48 Havok
    49 Hawkeye
    50 Hulk
    53 Husk
    55 Invisible Woman
    60 Junkpile
    61 Justice
    66 Legacy
    69 M
    74 Mephisto
    76 Mr. Fantastic
    79 Morbius
    80 Morg
    81 Namor
    83 Night Thrasher
    88 Penance
    92 Psi-Lord
    97 Random
    99 Red Skull
    109 Siege
    110 Silver Sable
    111 Silver Surfer
    112 Skin
    114 Solo
    117 Spider-Woman
    119 Strange
    124 Thor
    126 Typhoid Mary
    127 Tyrant
    128 Ulik
    131 Venom
    132 Vision
    133 War Machine
    134 Warlock
    136 White Queen
    PB2 Archangel
    PB3 Cable
    PB6 Magneto

    5 Spider-Agility Spidey's Powers
    10 Vulnerable to Sonics Venom
    14 Disguise Venom
    25 Spider-Hulk Strange Transformations
    25 Spider-Hulk Strange Transformations
    27 Shrinking Spidey Strange Transformations
    29 Spider-Slayer Enemies
    38 Demogoblin Enemies
    40 Hammerhead Enemies
    73 Black Cat Allies
    80 Prowler Allies
    80 Prowler Allies
    83 Spider-Man & Daredevil Greatest Team-Ups
    146 The Black Costume Saga Events

    1995 MARVEL VS DC
    29 Abomination on hold for [email protected]

    32 Phoenix
    66 Venom
    135 Crash and Burn
    PB 1 Wolverine

    8 Phoenix

    67 Lady Deathstrike
    90 Beast
    90 Beast
    91 Colossus
    92 Cyclops
    94 Iceman
    95 Prof X
    99 Wolverine

    48 Scarlet Spider Luis Perez
    64 Kraven Vince Evans
    65 Chameleon Vince Evans
    66 Grim Hunter Vince Evans
    68 Spider-Clone Joe DeVito
    70 Spencer Smythe Joann Daley
    72 Alistair Smythe Joann Daley
    73 Jack O'Lantern Cliff Nielsen
    74 Hobgoblin Cliff Nielsen
    75 Demogoblin Cliff Nielsen
    76 Kingpin Bob Larkin
    77 Schemer Bob Larkin
    78 Blood Rose Bob Larkin
    79 Green Goblin Bill Hall
    80 Green Goblin Bill Hall
    81 Fake Parents Bill Hall
    87 Alien Costume Saga Juda Tverski
    89 Kraven's Last Hunt Marc Sasso
    98 Straight on 'Til Morning Jon Ellis
    114 Deathlok Bob Larkin
    115 Dr. Strange Ray Lago
    124 Nova
    126 Scarlet Witch Peter Bollinger
    127 Silver Sable Chris Hawkes
    128 Dr. Octopus Ray Rubin
    129 Green Goblin Ezra Tucker
    131 Lizard Ray Rubin
    132 Man-Thing Tom Kyffin
    145 Claw-Hide Jean-Pierre Targete
    146 Doppel Shock Jean-Pierre Targete

    7 Black Tom Lou Harrison
    9 Brood Cliff Nielsen
    10 Ch'vayre Larry Stroman
    14 Cyclops Marc Sasso
    16 Dazzler Boris Vallejo
    18 Exodus Bob Larkin
    18 Exodus Bob Larkin
    28 Magneto Marc Sasso
    29 Maverick Marc Sasso
    31 Mother Askani Peter Bollinger
    32 Mr. Sinister Bob Larkin
    41 Sabretooth Dave DeVries
    46 Sinsear Marc Sasso
    55 Guardian Glenn Fabry Alpha Flight
    61 Sauron Lou Harrison Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
    63 Sabretooth Luis Perez Alternate X
    64 Amanda Sefton Cathleen Thole Excalibur
    66 Douglock Cathleen Thole Excalibur
    70 Banshee Robert Rodriguez Generation X
    75 Mondo Robert Rodriguez Generation X
    77 Skin Robert Rodriguez Generation X
    78 Synch Robert Rodriguez Generation X
    80 Feral Peter Scanlan Mutant Liberation Front
    82 Locus Dimitri Patelis Mutant Liberation Front
    90 Cyclops John Romita, Sr. Original Team
    92 Marvel Girl John Romita, Sr. Original Team
    95 Cyclops Ray Lago X-Men Blue Team
    99 Wolverine Ray Lago X-Men Blue Team
    101 Bishop Boris Vallejo X-Men Gold Team
    108 Polaris Nelson DeCastro X-Factor
    113 Cable Peter Scanlan X-Force
    115 Domino Peter Scanlan X-Force
    117 Shatterstar Peter Scanlan X-Force
    119 Warpath Peter Scanlan X-Force
    120 Fall of the Mutants Greg & Tim Hildebrandt X-Overs
    120 Fall of the Mutants Greg & Tim Hildebrandt X-Overs
    126 Archangel vs Apocalypse Ray Lago Greatest Battles
    127 Cable vs Deadpool Glenn Fabry Greatest Battles
    128 Cable vs Stryfe Ray Lago Greatest Battles
    130 Cyber vs Wolverine Greg & Tim Hildebrandt Greatest Battles
    132 Longshot vs Mojo Dan Lawlis Greatest Battles
    134 Magneto vs Wolverine Dan Lawlis Greatest Battles
    139 Sabretooth vs Wolverine Greg & Tim Hildebrandt Greatest Battles
    140 Sauron vs Wolverine Greg & Tim Hildebrandt Greatest Battles
    143 Iceman Luis Royo Spring Break
    144 Professor X & Jubilee Luis Royo Spring Break
    149 Wolverine Luis Royo Spring Break

    8 Sunfire Alternate X Ken Lashley, Tom McFarland
    26 Spider-Woman Force Works John Czop, Regie Milburn
    46 Ghost Rider 2099 Marvel 2099 Ken Lashley, Tractor
    55 Xi'an Marvel 2099 David Boller, Regie Milburn
    84 Banshee X-Men John Czop, Milburn/Sava
    86 Bishop X-Men Adam Kubert, Jung Choi
    89 Chamber X-Men John Czop, James Jukes
    90 Colossus X-Men Yancy Labat, Don Cassity
    91 Cyclops X-Men Kevin Hopgood, Digital Chameleon
    101 Omega Red X-Men Adam Kubert, Jung Choi
    105 Mondo X-Men John Czop, Tom McFarland
    109 Penance X-Men John Czop, Jung Choi
    109 Penance X-Men John Czop, Jung Choi
    113 Random X-Men Yancy Labat, Tractor
    116 Sauron X-Men Tony Santini, Lehigh Colortronics
    119 Storm X-Men Adam Kubert, Jung Choi
    125 Wolverine X-Men John Staton, Tom McFarland
    MB 13 Storm

    37 Catwoman
    65 Catwoman

    1996 XMEN
    8 Phoenix
    27 Nightcralwer
    35 Penance
    47 Lifeforce

    9 Jean Grey

    2 Black Costume Saga

    1997 XMEN
    49 Jean Grey and Jubilee

    1997 SPIDERMAN
    12 Carnage
    33 Black Cat
    67 Carnage vs Spiderman
    black cat power 2
    carnage climb
    storm energy booster
    black cat power 2
    black cat training
    storm power 6
    storm chain lighting
    venom fighting 5
    storm chain lighting
    venom alien webing
    venom creepy crawler
    storm power 6
    black cat training
    venom fighting 5
    black cat training
    carnage insane rage
    war machine

    Apocalypse 6 4 4
    Dr. Doom Super Genius AT
    Hulk Intimidate BC
    Invisible Woman Invisible Ram AS
    Iron Man 7 6 6
    Mr. Fantastic 3 6 3
    Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch Teamwork (Str 7 to use)
    Wolverine, Cyclops, Beast Teamwork (Fgt 7 to use)

    Apocalypse Enhance Strength AY
    Apocalypse Genetic Engineering BD
    Apocalypse Survival of the Fittest AC
    Beast Biochemist AL
    Beast Drop Kick AS
    Cable Battle Tactics AT
    Cable Bionic Eye AN
    Captain America Avenger AC
    Captain America Mighty Shield AG
    Captain America Ricochet Shield AB
    Captain America Super Soldier BA
    Colossus 4 4 7
    Deadpool "A Gun in the Night" 1 of 7 Annihilation Affair Captain America "How the Mighty Fall" 3 of 7 Annihilation Affair
    Dr. Octopus Evasive Action AG
    Elektra Anticipate AG
    Elektra Ninja Master AB
    Gambit Staff Attack AE
    Hobgoblin Goblin Glider AG
    Hulk Green Goliath AE
    Human Torch Fire Shield AM
    Human Torch Inferno AE
    Human Torch Searing Heat AI
    Invisible Woman Bubble Shield BH
    Invisible Woman Invisibility AM
    Invisible Woman Unseen Assailant AB
    Iron Man Concealed Arsenal AA
    Iron Man In the Line of Fire AC
    Iron Man Radar Warning AG
    Magneto EM Force Lines
    Magneto Evil Genius AF
    Magneto Gravity Alteration AI
    Magneto Repel Object AD
    Mr. Fantastic Protect Teammate AG
    Mr. Fantastic Python Hold AV
    Mr. Fantastic Team Leader AF
    Punisher 4 7 4
    Spider-Man Web Shield AD
    Wolverine Snikt AC

    Abomination Girder
    Apocalypse Shape Shift AC
    Archangel Strength 1
    Archangel Training
    Beast Analyze AO
    Beast Animal Dexterity AD
    Beast Beastial Brawn AA
    Bishop XSE Tactics AA
    Black Cat Energy 2
    Black Cat Training
    Bloody Mary Fighting 1
    Bloody Mary Sword
    Cable "In the Nick of Time" 2 of 7 Fatal Attractions
    Cable Bodyslide AG
    Carnage Climb AD
    Carnage Insane Rage AA
    Century Training
    Colossus "Brother Against Brother" 6 of 7 Fatal Attractions
    Colossus Haymaker AR
    Colossus Metal Barrier AC
    Colossus Smash Object AI
    Cyber Booster Shot
    Cyber Strength 5
    Cyclops Energy 7
    Cyclops Visual Sweep AA
    Cyclops Wide Beam AR
    Deadpool Killing Machine AA
    Deadpool Super Spy AJ
    Doppelganger "Deadly Duplicates" 5 of 7 Maximum Carnage
    Dr. Doom Concussion Beams AA
    Dr. Octopus Criminal Mastermind AF
    Dr. Octopus Multi-Armed Menace AB
    Dr. Octopus Villainous Shield AC
    Exodus "To Cleanse a Nation" 1 of 7 Fatal Attractions
    Galactus "Reality" 4 of 7 Infinity Gauntlet
    Gambit 52 Card Pickup AA
    Gambit 6 5 4
    Gambit Charge Object AK
    Gambit Intercept Object AD
    Hobgoblin 2 3
    Hobgoblin Pumpkin Bomb AR
    Hobgoblin Razor Bats AA
    Hulk Hulk Smash AI
    Human Torch Fire Storm AB
    Iron Man Ener-2 Fght-2 Str-2
    Jubilee 6 3 1
    Jubilee Blinding Flare AG
    Jubilee Distracting Burst AG
    Jubilee Fireworks AB
    Jubilee Spectrum Tease AC
    Loki Divine Intervention
    Loki Strength 4
    Longshot Fighting 3
    Longshot Throwing Blades
    Magneto "Shock Felt 'Round the World" 4 of 7 Fatal Attractions
    Mr. Fantastic Ingenuity AK
    Mystique Infiltration AJ
    Nebula Energy 1
    Nightcrawler Ener-3 Fght-3 Str-3
    Nightcrawler Fighting 4
    Omega Red Drain Lifeforce AL
    Professor X "Dreams of Light and Dark" 7 of 7 Fatal Attractions
    Professor X 8 2 1
    Professor X Alien Technology
    Professor X Cerebro AB
    Punisher Full Auto AB
    Punisher Rocket Launcher
    Punisher Smoke Screen AD
    Punisher Sniper AN
    Rogue 5 3 7
    Rogue Intercept Attack AC
    Rogue Sky Soar AG
    Sabretooth Bloodlust AA
    Sabretooth Danger Scent AD
    Sabretooth Healing Factor AL
    Sabretooth Wildcat Attack AR
    Sauron Energy 3
    Sauron Training
    Silver Surfer Energy Protection AG
    Spider-Man Wall Crawl AG
    Spider-Woman Arachnophobia AI
    Spider-Woman Manhole Cover
    Spider-Woman Web Lines AG
    Storm "Unholy Crusade" 3 of 7 Fatal Attractions
    Storm Chain Lightning AA
    Storm Energy 6
    Super Skrull Strength 6
    Thing 1 4 8
    Thing Rock Skin AG
    Thing Strength 7
    Thor "Power" 5 of 7 Infinity Gauntlet
    Thor 4 3 6
    Thor God of Thunder AY
    Thor Mystic Uru Metal AA
    Thor Protect Teammate AC
    Venom Alien Webbing AI
    War Machine 4 3 7
    War Machine Guided Missile AE
    War Machine Hidden Weapon AA
    War Machine Strength 3
    Wolverine "For the Life of a Friend" 5 of 7 Fatal Attractions
    Wolverine Fighting 6
    42 Berserker Rage
    43 Psi-Shield
    46 Braindrain
    81 Agility Trial
    82 All or Nothing Battle
    83 Bad Blood
    87 Close Call
    91 Cross-Dimensional Raid 2
    92 Cry for Help
    94 Dogfight
    95 Dramatic Confrontation 2
    96 Dramatic Escape
    99 Fight to the Finish
    100 Finishing Blow
    106 Payback
    107 Pounce
    108 Precision Fire
    111 Psychic Showdown 2
    115 Stay Out of Reach 3
    119 Vendetta 3
    120 You Can Make It!
    3 Hulk Hero UncommonA
    7 Spider-Man Special: Web-Blast Hero UncommonA
    8 Human Torch Hero Common
    19 Doctor Octopus Hero Common
    20 Rhino Hero Common
    26 Elektra Special: Assassin Hero UncommonB
    28 Firestar Hero Common
    29 Wasp Hero Common
    30 Crystal Hero Common
    32 Professor X Hero CommonA
    33 Cyclops Hero CommonA
    35 Angel Hero UncommonB
    36 Iceman Hero UncommonB
    37 Wolverine Special: Berserk Hero UncommonA
    38 Gambit Hero Common
    39 Colossus Hero Common
    40 Bishop Hero Common
    41 Punisher Hero UncommonB
    42 Ghost Rider Hero Common
    43 Blade Hero Common
    44 Mr. Fantastic / The Invisible Woman Hero UncommonA
    45 Medusa Hero Common
    53 Sabretooth Hero UncommonA
    54 Mr. Sinister Hero Common
    55 Juggernaut Hero Common
    57 Jubilee Hero Common
    58 Shadowcat Hero Common
    77 Spider-Man / Rhino Teamwork Common
    78 Hulk / Wolverine Teamwork Common
    79 Daredevil / Punisher Special: Crossover Teamwork UncommonB
    80 Fantastic Four Teamwork Common
    81 The Witches Teamwork Common
    82 S.H.I.E.L.D. Special: Crossover Teamwork UncommonA
    83 The Inhumans Teamwork Rare
    84 Ultimate Weapon X Teamwork Rare
    85 The Brotherhood Teamwork Rare
    86 Hydra Teamwork Rare
    87 A.I.M. Teamwork Rare
    89 Sentinels Teamwork Common
    91 Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Special: Crossover Teamwork UncommonA
    93 Morlocks Teamwork UncommonB
    94 X-Force Special: Crossover Teamwork UncommonB
    97 Iron Man Power Rare
    98 Daredevil Special: Blackout Power UncommonA
    99 Punisher Power UncommonB
    100 Hulk Power UncommonB
    101 Spider-Man Power UncommonA
    102 Electro Power Rare
    103 Kingpin Special: Kickback Power UncommonB
    104 Sabretooth Power UncommonA
    105 Magneto Power UncommonA
    106 Green Goblin Power UncommonB
    107 Sage Power Rare
    108 Rogue Special: Hog-Tied Power Uncommon
    110 Jean Grey Power UncommonA
    111 Elektra Power UncommonB
    112 Nightcrawler Power Rare
    113 Iceman Special: Freeze-Out Power UncommonA
    114 Colossus Power UncommonB
    115 Wolverine Power UncommonB
    116 Professor X Power UncommonA
    117 Black Panther / Mephisto Power Common
    118 The Thing / Super Skrull Power UncommonB
    118 Thing / Super Skrull Power Common
    119 Hulk / Abomination Special: Wipeout Power Rare
    120 Iron Man / Kang Power Common
    121 Mister Fantastic / Dr. Doom Power UncommonB
    122 Thor / Enchantress Power Common
    123 Daughters of the Dragon Power Common
    124 Hulk / She-Hulk Special: Wipeout Power Rare
    125 Black Bolt / Medusa Power Common
    126 Captain Marvel / Moondragon Power UncommonA
    127 Daredevil / Black Widow Power Rare
    128 Banshee / Forge Power Rare
    129 Human Torch / Chamber Power Rare
    130 Wonder Man / Beast Special: Premonition Power Rare
    131 Spider-Man / Wolverine Power Rare
    132 Human Torch / Iceman Power Rare
    133 Nick Fury / Cable Power Rare
    135 Stryfe / Domino Power Rare
    136 Ultron / Warbird Special: Rebirth Power Rare
    137 Punisher / Black Widow Power Rare
    138 Bullseye / Elektra Power Rare
    139 Ghost Rider / Typhoid Mary Power Rare
    141 Apocalypse / Archangel Power Common
    142 Mr. Sinister / Cyclops Special: Premonition Power Rare
    143 Magneto / Professor X Power Common
    144 Sabretooth / Wolverine Power UncommonA
    147 Yukio / Wolverine Special: Rebirth Power Rare
    148 Dazzler / Longshot Power Common
    149 Jubilee / Wolverine Power UncommonB
    150 Rogue / Gambit Power
  2. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Just to let you know, the only way you'll get a city championship charmander that's sealed is if you get a package of a whole lot. They didn't come individually sealed. I have one or more that I'm able to trade. Let me know if you are interested. I also have the Ho-oh and rapidash sealed in the original Nintendo power magazine that it came out in.
  3. DavisJes

    DavisJes New Member

    what do you want from me

    how many came in a pack

    I would be interested in the sealed promo 51 and 52 if they look like

    these are without the magazine right
  4. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    By the sealed yellow cheeks Pikachu, are you referring to the Japanese promo that came with the other 10 promos in the CD?
  5. DavisJes

    DavisJes New Member

    yes that is what I am referring to
    what do you want from me
    let me know
  6. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    I don't remember how many came in the packs, but I'm assuming 30 or more. No more than 50. Each kit came with 2 of these packs. We ended up opening both packs. I have a few singles left that I traded for. I also have to retract my statement about the Nintendo power mag. I found out my son traded the last one we had. I do however have the magazine with the Groudon ex and Kyogre ex intact. I thought I'd offer it anyway even though this is not what you're looking for. Now, for what I'd want, a friend of mine needs your Starmie from revelation, and expedition Weezing. Let me know if you are interested.
  7. DavisJes

    DavisJes New Member

    are Groudon ex and Kyogre ex loosing sealed in the magzine or are they sealed or stuck to some kind of cardboard

    I would like your City Championship Dragon Charmander

    can I get it for Starmie from revelation, and expedition Weezing

    let me know
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