Water Wyrm (Eon)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Otaku, Oct 7, 2003.

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  1. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    Well, long sotry short, this is what I can make with recent cards that can be a "long term" deck.

    Water Wyrm

    Pokemon x 19
    Dunsparce (SS) x 3
    Eevee (SS) x 4
    Onix (SS) x 4
    Steelix (SS) x 3
    Vaporeon (SS) x 3
    Wobbuffet (SS) x 2

    Trainers x 21
    Copycat x 4
    Lum Berry x 3
    Mirage Stadium x 2
    Moo-Moo Milk x 2
    Power Charge x 2
    Professor Oak's Research x 4
    Town Volunteers x 1
    Warp Point x 3

    Energy x 20
    Fighting Energy x 4
    Metal Energy x 4
    Psychic Energy x 3
    Rainbow Energy x 4
    Water Energy x 4
    Warp Energy x 1

    Most of this is based on what I have or can easily get. Steelix is a power house unless it faces water: Rage can just be sick. Spinning Tail is good while you let the damage pile on, even though it costs more than Rage. Vaporeon has powerful, inexpensive attacks, and can be searched out by Eevee. Ffet handles nasty Psychics and exers. Dunsparce lets me get a bunch of basics, then make them active. This is important becuase I use Mirage Stadium so my opponent cannot hit and run steelix to death. As I said at the beginning, most cards in here are the ones I was able to get (or can get rally easily). Eventually, I probably would drop the Ffets for an Espeon (SS) or two, since it is fairly effective against most commonly played Pokemon ex.

    Thanks for your time. :)

    Edit: I forgot to mention this, but I am looking for what I need to trade for that I could improve the deck with, even if it's a bit harder to get. The catch is it should be "long term" thinking, that is, avoiding E1-3 as their time is limited. For example, most Pokemon ex that are out can't go toe-to-toe with a Steelix, save for Magmar and Typhlosion ex (which is covered by Vaporeon), and Gardevoir and Mewtwo ex. As such, I was thinking of dropping Wobbuffet and adding in one or two Sandstorm Espeons. That is one reason why Dunsparce was in the deck (that and I can use its attack to get an Onix then swap out with said Onix). I'd drop a Vaporeon then, but two should be sufficient.
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  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    First off, what's Power Flow? Do you mean Power Charge? Second, looks like a good deck overall -- good main hitter, weakness covered, card ratios look good, and it's well focused.
    I'm curious as to why you're using Lum Berry. Switch or Warp Point can easily fill a similar role, without using your Tool slot (meaning Aerodactyl ex can't affect you). Oran Berry could be good, though, since you can Rage with Onix or Steelix, then go into your opponent's next turn in better condition. For a similar reason (namely, why use your Energy attachment to switch Pokemon when you don't have to?), I don't especially advise Warp Energy. Still, those are very minor changes to what looks like a very good deck.
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  3. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    Power Flow is just me mistyping Power Charge (wouldn't it be sweet if Energy Flow was reprinted that way a la Energy/Power Charge?). Oh, and this might seem a bit rushed, but yesterday I typed up a detailed response... only to apparently discover a "short cut" to backing up a page, which deleted all I ahd typed. -_- I am using Luim Berry because the way this deck i set up, even if I have a Switch or Warp Point, I might not be able to easily retreat what I bring up. So it's kinda bad to retreat one fully powered Steelix to get rid of Confusion and gt stuck with a "naked" one active. :p Since all my major draw power involves shuffling my hand into my deck, this gives me something I can get onto an Onix and have for later. Lastly on this issue, the other tools are "=/". They ahve uses, but this seems most imnportant. Oran Berry, like Berry, is just bad. Heal 20 damage and likely be KO'd next turn anyway, or beable to get rid of Confusion ASAP? If someone is playing Aerodactyl ex in Eon, I will win, as they are foolish (Tools, as I staed, are no longer "staples"). Warp I mentioned in another post, I am paranoid. It would be lame to not have at least one, since someone could run an effective Crobat/Persian deck for denial. Still, maybe the deck won't be popular.

    Thanks for you help :)
  4. League Leader Terry

    League Leader Terry New Member

    I just faced this monster. Steelix is nasty strong when used right. :)
  5. Ultramew

    Ultramew New Member

    With your previous statement, if you were confused, you'd only get healed during the "in between turns", so you'll still have a problem with attacking. Unless of course you were powering up rage, still gives you the problem of easily being knocked out.
  6. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    You probably should have included the exact part of the statement, as then it would be easier to clarify. As is, I can only assume you have more or less gotten it backwards. The idea is not to attach a Lum Berry after being confused, but to have it arleady attached so that when an opponent confuses me, it goes away before my turn even begins. Want an example?

    That is my first game with the deck. Please note that, since I ran it trhough apprentice on my end, the deck had a slightly different composition-this:

    //NAME: Water Wyrm
    2 Dunsparce SS
    4 Eevee SS
    4 Onix SS
    3 Steelix SS
    3 Vaporeon
    2 Wobbuffet SS
    3 Copycat
    3 Lum Berry
    2 Mirage Stadium
    3 Professor Oak's Research
    2 Power Charge
    2 Super Scoop Up
    1 Town Volunteers
    2 Wally's Training
    4 Warp Point
    4 Fighting Energy
    4 Metal Energy
    4 Rainbow Energy
    4 Psychic Energy
    4 Water Energy
  7. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    I play a similar deck with Sharpedo instead of Vaporeon and it has Furret for Metals and Rainbows. Sharpedo's 70 and then 20 more if they attack is lethal. Your already playing Rainbows too.
  8. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    I am playing Rainbows... to help cover Fighting, Metal, Psychic and Water Energy costs. Discarding it is a bad idea for me (if it works for you great). With Vaporeon, I get a solid 50 for WCC, or can do 30 for WC. It also gets around Water Resistance. Finally, I might run Espeon instead of Ffet when I get it, and not only can I not evolve Espeon from Carvahna, I can't search out Espeon and Sharpedo with and attack from Carvahna (I can get Espeon and Vaporeon, of course). I will take it under advice, as the deck has only been played twice now and had one win, one loss.
  9. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    True the Eevee would help you get your evo's quicker. I usually use Lanette for a good start and PETM for what I need. Your deck should set up more consistantly but Sharpedo has just been incredible for me.
  10. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    Wheres as I use the attacks, and can use my Supporters to set up. ou'll note that none of my Pokemon I use specialize in quick damage.
  11. lugia

    lugia New Member

    Good Deck.
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