WaterMasterX TCG FanFic [Chapter 1: A Whole New Game]

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    Before you start reading please note three things.

    1. This is my first ever FanFic. They will get better. Trust me.

    2. The only cards that will be used are from Power Keepers and up. You'll know why in a second.

    3. All of the battles in my FanFic actually happened. I didn't make anything up.

    Okay, thats all. Please enjoy the story.

    Cordell shook hands with his opponent and shuffled his deck. By the looks of it his opponent had just learn how to play. Normally he didn’t ever go easy on anyone but his next-door neighbor, and secret crush, Lily Harrison was watching this one. Cordell drew his seven cards and examined them. This was a very decent hand. He set out his active pokemon and benched pokemon. As did his opponent. Then the two players sat aside their six prize cards.

    “Call it Alex.” The referee flipped the coin in the air as he said this.

    “Umm, heads.”

    “Tails, Cordell goes first.”

    The two players flipped over there cards. Cordell had a Piplup LV. 9. His opponent had a Chimchar LV. 8. Cordell sighed and drew his card. It was a Bebe’s Search.

    “I’ll attach a :water: energy card to my Piplup and attack your Chimchar with Peck.” Cordell watched Alex place two damage counters on his Chimchar do to weakness.

    Alex drew his card and smiled. He played the trainer card potion and removed the damage Chimchar sustained during Piplup’s Peck attack.

    “I place a :fire: energy on my Chimchar and attack with scratch.”

    In Cordell’s mind he could clearly see the Chimchar charging at his Piplup and scratching it. Cordell placed the damage counter on his Piplup and drew his card. It was :water: energy.

    “I play the supporter card Bebe’s search.” Cordell placed his newly drawn :water: energy card on top of his deck and searched through it to find a pokemon. Finally he found what he was looking for. He showed the Prinplup LV. 20 card to Alex and placed it into his hand. However it would not stay there long.

    “Now I’ll attach a :water: energy to Piplup and evolve it into Prinplup.” In his mind he could see his Piplup glow and change into Prinplup.

    Sometimes Cordell thought he was insane when he saw these images. Especially when they were so detailed and clear. However, he new that many people who had a deep connection to the pokemon trading card game could see these images too. Most who could see these images had such a deep connection it felt almost as though the pokemon where actually battling for them. These people were called Master Trainers. Cordell happened to be one of them.

    “Next I play Plus Power.” Cordell attached the card to his Prinplup. Cordell saw his Prinplup open the casing and swallow the pills inside. It seemed to glow with power.

    “Now Prinplup attacks with Aqua Shower.” Prinplup raised up its arms water droplets rained down on both the active Chimchar and the one on the bench. Now, thanks to plus power and weakness, Alex’s Chimchar was ten HP from being knocked out and his benched one only had 30. Things where looking great for Cordell.

    Alex now drew his card. He smiled again. “I’ll play a :fire: energy onto my active Chimchar.” Two red glowing balls now hovered over the Chimchar. “Now I’ll evolve it into Monferno LV. 18!

    “He should have played it on his benched Chimchar.” There was a familiar voice in the back of Cordell’s head but he tried to ignore it for now.

    “Now I’ll attack with Monferno’s Fury Swipes!” Alex watched the referee flip the coin three times. Tails, tails, heads.

    “Man, only 20 damage.” Alex seemed very frustrated. Cordell reached over and put two damage counters on his Prinplup. It still had 50 HP; there was nothing to worry about.

    Cordell drew his card; it was a Spheal LV. 17. He placed it on his bench. He watched the image of a Spheal jumping out of a Pokeball and sitting behind his Prinplup. He also placed :water: energy on the Spheal.

    “Now I’ll finish off your Monferno with Prinplup’s Brine attack” Cordell watched as water circulated around his Prinplup and it smashed into the Monferno. The Monferno fell and it returned to its Pokeball.
    Cordell drew his prize, an Armor Fossil. “I really hope he has another basic pokemon…”

    Alex drew his card and frowned. “I guess I’ll attach :fire: energy to my Chimchar and attack with Ember. Alex moved the fire energy to the discard pile. Cordell put three damage counters on his Prinplup. Normally he’d be worried but he was going to win this turn.

    Cordell reached over to his deck placed his hand on the card. He felt a jolt of power as he touched the card. He new what it was before he drew it, Empoleon.

    “I’ll attack again with Brine. I win.” Cordell picked up his cards and walked over to Lily and sat down next to her.

    “Thanks for not going all out on him.” Lily looked up at the tournament board. All of the Master Trainers made it to the 2nd Round. “Come on lets go meet up with everyone else.”

    Cordell got up and followed Lily. He thought about the people who were Master Trainers. Lily and Matthew were already his best friends when the three of them became Master Trainers. Matthew, the Master of Psychic type pokemon, got his talent when he was kid napped. He read his captors mind using his cards and escaped.

    Then there was Lily. She was the Master of Colorless. He got her talent from a Tornado. The tornado completely destroyed her house. Everything was gone except for her deck of cards.

    Cordell was at the beach and got pulled into the ocean by a rip current. He thought he would die but the dolphins saw the light reflect from his deck case and they came and rescued him.

    There were even more Master Trainers that became his friend after they knew that he to was one of them. Their names were James, Ben, Tyler, Blane, Robert, and Luke. Cordell always tried to figure out what had happened to them but none of them ever talked about it.

    “Hi Cordell! Hi Lily!” Tyler was the first to notice the two of them walk up. She was the Master of Grass. “We were just talking about how we won out matches.”

    “Mine wasn’t very hard,” began James. He was the Master of Darkness. “The kid I was fighting seemed a little too intimidated to do his best. Oh well.”

    “I felt bad for the kid I beat. He was a newbie. He didn’t play very well.” Cordell looked down at his Empoleon card. Waiting for something to happen.

    “Yeah, I know what you mean. This new kid couldn’t keep up with the fire so he got burned.” Blane was the Master of Fire.

    “To me it’s a lot easier when you know what your opponent is about to do. I…” Matt was cut off by the announcer’s voice.

    “Alright everyone, please look at the tournament board to find out who you are battling.” Everyone did as the announcer said. Cordell was going to battle Max. Max was another one of Cordell’s best friends. However he was not a Master Trainer. All he same, he was powerful.

    “Don’t worry Cordell, it won’t be that difficult so long as you have me.” The voice in Cordell’s head finally talked to him.

    “I know Empoleon. There is no way we can lose.” Cordell looked over at Lily. She seemed to be having a similar conversation with her Avatar. Hers was a Staraptor. Lily was probably confused as to which person she would cheer for. Cordell was her best friend but Max was her twin brother.
    Cordell walked over to the table and shuffled his deck. So did Max. They drew their 7 cards and placed their active and benched pokemon. Cordell was just about to draw when he felt a strong energy come from across the table. He looked up at Cordell and smiled.
    “Let’s begin.”

    I'm really sorry if this is extremely too long. I didn't know how long an acceptable FanFic should be.
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    No, it's a good length for one chapter. Longer than some, but that isn't anything bad.
    Great start, although try proofreading more.
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    Chimchar has 50HP, not 40...
  4. WaterMasterX

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    Oh sorry. I doubled the damage instead of adding +10. I knew something wasn't right about that. Thanks.

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