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Discussion in 'Ask The VG Experts!' started by P_A, Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. P_A

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    In the Battle Maison, one of the things you can trade your battle points for is an item called the "Weakness Policy." Now I get that if the pokemon that is holding the item gets hit by a super effective move and survives it, that pokemon gets an increase of Attack and Special Attack stats. However Seribii says it increases by "2 stages." Is that immediate? Ummm .... what does that mean to me and my pokemon? What is a stage?

    I'm sure it could be quite useful if it's a more than single use hold item - especially on a pokemon with the ability "Sturdy." Usually those pokes are quite slow, so if it's immediate, the effect could be quite useful as a retaliatory strike.
  2. vaporeon

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    A stage is anything between -6 and +6. Swords Dance increases the attack stat by 2 stages, which is +2 or double its attack stat. Tail Whip decreases a Pokemons defense by 1 stage which is 1.5 times its defense stat or 50 percent of its defense stat.

    Weakness Policy increases its attack stats by 100 percent. The boost happens as soon as the super effective attack happen and damage is dealt. The boost stays until the Pokemon is switched out. The item is a consumable so once its used, its gone. You want it on a Pokemon that can take a hit well and deal damage. A Multiscale Dragonite is a very good user of it.

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