Weekly News Update March 11, 2011

Discussion in 'Pokémon News' started by Lucario EX, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    Are you ready to win your State Championship?

    :fire:pokemon will be launching online gameplay in April, but that's not all! Later in the year, you will also be able to play against human opponents, without having to use a fan-made program.


    :grass:play! Pokemon has updated their contact information, and Dave Schwimmer has posted a detailed explanation of exactly why you may not have heard back from them yet.


    :water:Information about the rules change for Black and White has been posted.


    :fighting:Rumors of Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri's death are confirmed to be false.
  2. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    I'm ready to Win!! My Chance for first are 70% (estimated), but all that really matters is having fun!

    There was a Rumor? I wonder who started it? (know I know who the Pokemon creator is! :D)
  3. wyrmlord

    wyrmlord New Member

    i never heard any rumors about the creator.
  4. Mama_Luigi

    Mama_Luigi New Member

    You calculate your chance of winning? >.>
  5. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    ^what's wrong with that?

    I did get 9th at the Ohio championships
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2011
  6. DeadlyAbsol

    DeadlyAbsol New Member

    but thats just for france right?
  7. Tyraniking

    Tyraniking New Member

    rayquaza: But how do you calculate your chances of winning? I mean, you can't just judge it off a matchup.

    Anyway, I didn't win, but I got 9th in my first state championships (3-2) Decent, but not good enough.
  8. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    oh well doesn't matter.

    I got 2-3. but my opponents were the strongest players there! (and I got bad hands every game)
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2011
  9. Lucariorules777

    Lucariorules777 New Member

    Pokemon Black is a great game..
    but i'm 100% lost..what are the "championships" for? =S
    Lucario:weeeell.....you CAN calculate how lost you are! =D just divide by 0!!
  10. cpeterik

    cpeterik New Member

    WOW. Either a trolling genius or just a terrible person. Grow up.
  11. EpicWin

    EpicWin New Member

    I don't get it. But I plan on trying to win states, but ultimatly fail.
  12. ace_201

    ace_201 New Member

    I lol'd a little inside.

    Also, the answer was yes. I was ready to finally win one of these things. Sheesh. Only took 3 frackin years...
  13. sirhobethc3

    sirhobethc3 New Member

    i feel the same way this is my first year doing states went to one and failed horribly and yes partly due to hands but not all i mean 5 energy prized one game that honestly is bad luck but im going to another one on sturday hopefully i can pull a W
  14. Cbankerjirachi

    Cbankerjirachi New Member

    im gonna fail :/ whatever though :p i guess its ok.
  15. Scrumpet

    Scrumpet New Member

    It should just be about having fun, not driving yourself crazy about what place you're gonna get in. :p
  16. Porii Sames

    Porii Sames Active Member

    No. Just saying.

  17. ABSOLutely

    ABSOLutely New Member

    i lost my states cause i always got either all my vileplumes or gengars prized, the one game i didn't have anything good prized was with 3 tombs and a bunch of energies. worst luck ever.
  18. kingyorri

    kingyorri New Member

    This states was my first states in masters and my swiss record was 5/2 and i got into the top 16 and got paired up with the person that got undefeated and i won but i lost next round. i have to say thats pretty good if i do say so my self. i eather got 8th 7th 6th or 5th place.... i'm still waiting for the results.

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