Weekly News Update March 6, 2011

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    It's time to go monochrome!

    :fire:pokemon Black and White have been released in America. Discuss anything about the games in the official thread.


    :grass:You can download an event over Wi-Fi anytime until April 10th allowing you to capture Victini on either version.


    :water:TCG players, you do have to wait a while for the main set, but the preview tins are available now.


    :fighting:Images of the Black and White theme decks have been posted.


    :lightning:Several Black and White-themed TCG accessories will also be released.


    :psychic:TPCi has updated their contact information. Keep in mind that if you use outdated methods to contact them, you may not receive a response.


    :dark:Eriknance has written an article about the state of Organized Play; Can P!P Dodge a Bullet?


    :metal:A deck article has also been published, Luxray GL/ Garchomp C, by Blitzer.


    :colorless:State Championships will start next weekend. You can find event listings, attendance statistics, tournament-specific information and more in the State/Province/Territory Championships subforum.

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