Welcome New Mod: Chairman Kaga

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by PokePop, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Welcome Chairman Kaga to the PokeGym staff.
    He's going to get his feet wet in the Single Cards and Strategy forum.
    CK has made an impact in a short while.
    We look forward to working with him going forward.
    PokePop for Team Compendium
  2. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    Congrats Kaga!

  3. Rulemaster

    Rulemaster New Member

    can i be a mod too?
  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    ^asking to be a mod is a bad thing and chance is you wont get one if you ask for it ^^
  5. Skitty

    Skitty New Member

    Congratulations Chairman Kaga.:smile:
  6. Venjamin

    Venjamin New Member

    Way to go, CK! I find it completely appropriate. And awesome.

  7. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    congrats CK.

    FWIW I don't see an issue with asking.
  8. Rulemaster

    Rulemaster New Member

    what are his accomplishments
  9. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    ...in what way(s), and as compared to who?

    BTW, welcome CK! :)

  10. Chairman Kaga

    Chairman Kaga Active Member

    Lots of behind-the-scenes stuff that will become visible in the coming weeks and months.
  11. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    He gave us a Prerelease Raichu
  12. Rulemaster

    Rulemaster New Member

    you said he was going to "get his feet wet in single-card and strategy"...and i've never heard of him, so i figured i'd ask to see what tournaments he's won
  13. hectagonman

    hectagonman New Member

    Wow. A prerelease Raichu!!!?!?!? Anyone who does that is a Mod in my book. Congrats Chariman Kaga
  14. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Twice as many as I've won.
    What does winning a tournament have to do with modding?
  15. Squirtle

    Squirtle <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p


    EDIT: JK, it's all in good fun pop =] Grats whoever you are
  16. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    I was all set to sweep the Prof tourney, but your dad stopped me cold!
    :nonono::nonono::nonono: :lol:
  17. Squirtle

    Squirtle <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    HAHA, it was actually a good match to watch...(well at leasr game 1 was!!)
  18. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    yeah, I didn't get any draw that second game. The lack of time spent on my 2-on-2 deck came back to bite me.

    But, enough about that, back on topic
  19. Rulemaster

    Rulemaster New Member

    ah i thought he was gonna write for pokegym...i guess he's just gonna police it lol. what a job
  20. Shellshock929

    Shellshock929 <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Congrats CK.
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