Werewolf VII: LOST (Game cancelled: See my Last Post)

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  1. Cardzmaster2004

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    It was a sunny, glorious day in the South Pacific as you boarded Pacific Air Flight 81215, a Being 747 headed for the United States. You and your pokémon friends had been traversing the world for some obscure reason and were now getting ready to make the difficult and long journey back to the US.

    As you boarded the plane, Seena, world-renowned pokémon player and former US Pokémon champ, greets you. He’s not there to encourage the trainers boarding the plane, however; he’s been hired as a temp worker by the airline, as they’re trying to cut costs by only hiring part-time workers with low pay and huge lack of benefits. His job is to make sure all Pokémon Class follow the proper rules.

    Seena steps towards you, holding out an all-too-well-known plastic box, “Welcome to Pacific Airlines.” He says in a drone voice that would put Ben Stein to sleep, “we thank you for choosing our airline and choosing to fly Pokémon Class as well. As stated in the Flight agreement you signed before coming on, you may only choose one pokémon to release and allow to sit with you during the flight. The rest of your team will be placed in this container and returned to you upon landing.” He then leaned in and whispered, “And you’d better darn well make up your mind quickly. I don’t get paid enough to have you stand here and hold up the line.”

    As he says this, you turn around and see the long line of people from all ethnicities, nationalities, and heritages from around the globe standing behind you, waiting to board the plane. You’ve got to make the quick decision on which pokémon you will take with you on the flight.

    After placing all but one of your Poké Balls in the plastic mini-crate, Seena hands you a floral lei. He starts up with his drone again, “Thank you for your pokémon, sir. They will be taken good care of. And as always, thank you for choosing Pacific Air. Pokémon Class flyers are to be seated this way.”

    You are ushered to the back half of the plane. Where seats normally would occupy the entire floor, only pairs of seats lined the outside walls of the plane. The Boeing’s interior had been gutted of inner chairs to allow for larger pokémon to roam freely and comfortably during the flight. You glance down at your Poké Ball and release the pokémon inside to the centre of the room. You then go ahead and prepare yourself for takeoff, strapping yourself in and securing your pokémon as you gently breathe in the relaxing aroma of the lei around your neck…

    Welcome to Pokémon Werewolf VIII: Pokémon on a Plane!

    Here are the rules below. After the Basic Rules are two more rules pertaining only to this round of Wolf. Note that by signing up for the game, you are stating that you have read and a gree to abide by the rules.

    Basic Rules

    1) Object of the Game

    The object of the game “Are You a Werewolf?” is dependant on what side of the game you are playing on. There are two main factions: the Werewolves and the Townspeople. Townspeople win the game when they have eliminated all Werewolves from the game. Whereas, the Werewolves win the game when there is an equal amount or more Werwolves in the Village at the end of a day or night.

    2) “Game Days”
    Obviously, in order to win, there must be a way to eliminated people from the village. This is where we begin to discuss the “game day”.

    The game day is divided into two sections, Day and Night. Below are the explanations fo each section:

    2a) Game Day

    Each day, the town will try to vote someone out of the Village. This is called “lynching” ala the Salem Witch Trials. The Werewolves at this time will try to lead the Townspeople into lynching one of their own people while the Townspeople will try to get everyone to lynch a Werewolf. In order to lynch a person, a simple majority of the town must vote them out.

    EXAMPLE: If there are 17 members left in the town, 9 people must vote for the same person to lynch them.

    Half is not a majority.

    EXAMPLE 2: If there are 18 people in a town, 10 people must vote for the same person to lynch them.

    Certain players may have abilities that require less or more vote to lynch them, but you will know when that happens, as I am the only person that can announce that a person has been lynched.


    Whenever you vote in your post, please vote in all caps, bolded, and list who you are voting for:

    VOTE: Cardzmaster2004

    Of course, you can change your vote at any time. However, to change your vote, you must unvote (again, in bold), like so:

    UNVOTE: Cardzmaster2004

    VOTE: Some other dude/dudette

    Of course, you don’t have to immediately vote someone right after unvoting. Its your choice.

    2b) Game Night

    After the lynching during the day, the game slips into night. During the night, NO ONE is to post in the topic unless they announce they are on vacation or will away from an extend period of time (i.e. more than a week).

    During the night, those people with roles will PM me their actions. This includes the Werwolves, the Seer, and the Priest, just to name a few. These roles will be discussed in the character section, as they are roles universal to all Werewolf games.

    At the end of the night, I will post what occurred over the course of the night (who died, other effects, etc.). After everything from the night has been resolved, the Day begins again and chaos continues to occur until one team wins.

    2c) The game is over when I say its over.

    3) Basic Roles

    There are three roles native to all Forum Werewolf games: the Werewolves, the Seer, and the Priest

    3a) Werewolves

    The Werewolves are a minority of town who are quite hungry at night. Each night, the Werewolves will converse through PM, AIM, email, etc and decide who they will eat that night. Werewolves can only communicate like this DURING THE NIGHT!!! However, I will only accept the killing from one person, the Alpha Werewolf.

    The Alpha Werewolf is the head of the Werewolves and makes the final decision on who to kill at night. The Alpha Werewolf will PM the moderator (Cardzmaster2004) each night whom they decide to kill. Only the Alpha Werewolf can tell me who to kill, so communication between the Werewolves is key.

    3b) The Seer

    Each night, the seer receives a vision, informing him whether a person is a townsperson or Werewolf. The Seer PMs the moderator(again, me) each night whom they would like to dream about. At the end of the night, they find out if that person is a townsperson or Werewolf.

    3c) The Priest

    The Priest gives on person Sanctuary in the church at night. That person cannot be killed that night and cannot use night abilities. The priest (by whatever name they go by this game) will choose one person (other than themself) to hide in the Sanctuary. They will protected and cannot use night actions.

    3d) Masons

    The Masons are a group of people who know what each others roles are. Usually they are just members of the town who try to protect each other but occasionally they have other abilities.

    3e) Other Roles

    There are many other roles in this game, such as Roleblockers, Voteblockers, Reflectionists, Masons, etc. Some fo them have even been made especially for this game. For an idea on some of these roles, check out this link: Basic and Extra Roles

    4) Other Rules

    4a) You CAN NOT talk to other people in the game through PMs, IMs, email, etc. There are some roles that allow this, but on the whole, no should be doing this. If I am told that someone has broken this rule, it most likely result in an AUTOMATIC MODKILL!

    4b) Don’t edit your posts, as each post is a valuable bit of information. If you edit a post once, you will receive a public warning. After the second edit, a pack of wild Tauros will trample you underfoot, essentially Modkilling you.

    4c) Each person will have a unique role (some multiple roles), so revealing your role while many Werewolves are about is a bad idea. Heck, revealing your role at any time, unless it is a last ditch attempt, is a bad idea. So keep your roles secret for as long as possible.

    4d) Do not quote anything I tell you from a PM directly; adapt it into your own speaking style. If you quote anything from my PMs directly, I will smite you with the might of God and you will be Modkilled.


    A day will last about a week (7 days from my night update)
    A night will last about 4-5 days or until I get all PMs in from individuals.

    4f) Modkills and Inactivity Modkills

    There have been the above mention of the term “modkill”. In a modkill, a person is killed during the day and all discussions and votes up to that point are completely null and void. The person modkilled is lynched that day, and the town goes immediately to night.

    However, there is also an Inactivity Modkill. There is a random amount of time (between 4-7 days) that you must post at least once. Failure to do so will result in your replacement and/or instant modkill.

    4f(1)) Leave of Absence

    If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time (i.e. longer than 4 days), PM me and we will talk about either letting it slide or getting a replacement (temp replacement or permanent should the need be).

    5) Death

    When you are killed off during the course of the game you CAN NOT talk in the game topic anymore. Any information you have accrued may not be passed onto another person. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A BAN FROM THE NEXT WEREWOLF GAME.

    6) Any other questions:

    Any other questions about the roles you’re playing, rules in general, or anything else, PM me.

    6a) Rules are subject to change (usually minorly) should the need be (and usually not need be).

    7) Sign Ups:

    I will accept all epople who register before November 25th, 2007. By signing up to play, you are guarenteed the chance to play in this round, thoguh not all who sign up will be allowed to play. If you sign up but do not get to play, you will be aplced ont eh replacements list, as people occasionally want to drop from these games due to length. Should a person decide to drop, the replacements will be put into the game. If not replacements can be found, they will be modkilled.


    1. Blastoise-shellshocker (Blastoise)
    2. Jason (Mew)
    3. [DEL]desert eagle[/DEL] MadHatter (Hariyama)
    [DEL]4. Shadow Zangoose (Killed Day 0: Plane Crash)[/DEL]
    [DEL]5. MadHatter (Killed Day 0: Plane Crash)[/DEL]

    6. Absoltrainer (Absol)
    7. spoinkmaster (Deoxys- Defense)
    8. The Ft. Laud. Loud Mouth (Mismagius)
    9. homeofmew (Pikachu)
    10. DukeFireBird (Jirachi)
    11. tglilly (Umbreon)
    [DEL]12. j-man (Killed Day 0: Plane Crash)[/DEL]
    13. PlaF-The Master (Bulbasaur)
    14. Mew* (Gengar)
    [DEL]15. ARMondak (Killed Day 0: Plane Crash)[/DEL]
    16. Waliken (Weavile)
    17. [DEL]IamMexican[/DEL] Shadow Zangoose(Slowbro)
    18. z-man (Piplup)
    19. BigRed (Ariados) (Killed Night 1; Protector Sayid Jarrah)
    20. lousit200 (Crobat)
    21. Time For Pain (Honchrow)
    22. Sandslash7 (Sandslash)
    23. Chromecatz (Miltank) (KIlled Day 1; Wolf Dr. Richard Alpert)
    [DEL]24. shinygyarados (Killed Day 0: Plane Crash)[/DEL]
    25. Lakak ([DEL]Skarmory[/DEL] has melted)(Lynched Day 1, Revived Day 2; Beloved Rose Henderson)
    26. Lugia 58 (Lugia)
    27. UmbyKirb (Porygon Z)
    28. stolenmoments (Empoleon)
    [DEL]29. metricus (Killed Day 0: Plane Crash)[/DEL]
    30. Matijs (Munchlax)
    31. LifeVirus7 (Gyarados)


    [DEL]1. Shadow Zangoose[/DEL] (Replacement Day 1: IamMexican)
    [DEL]2. MadHatter[/DEL] (Replacement Day 1: desert eagle)
    3. ARMondak
    4. Shinygyarados
    5. J-man
    6. metricus
    7. IamMexican
    8. desert eagle

    Dead Town-Aligned Player
    Dead Werewolf-Aligned Player
    Dead Independant Aligned Player
    [DEL]Dead before Day 1 Player[/DEL]


    1) As you register, please select a six-pokemon team and bold one of those pokemon. That pokemon will be the one that you take onto the plane with you. Your choice can affect the role you will play in the game.

    2) Not all voting in this game will be on whom to kill.

    3) This game will require a higher ammount of activity than past Wereowlf games and will require a minimum of three posts from each player per "Game Day". If you cannot acheive this minimum for some reason, you will either be replaced or modkilled.

    Thanks for your continuted interest in Werewolf on the 'Gym. I hope you ejoy this new twist as we take Pokemon on a PLane for a few months.
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  2. Shellshock929

    Shellshock929 <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    First one in. :D

    1. Blastoise
    2. Empoleon
    3. Steelix
    4. Gallade
    5. Gengar
    6. Electivire
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2007
  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Second is the JADETHOY

    1/ Mew

    2/ Scyther
    3/ Flygon
    4/ Charizard
    5/ Wailord
    6/ Skitty
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2007
  4. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    Ghaziaskar is the leader
    Obedience to the leader IS
    death to those who oppose the rule of the leader
    the glory of cyrus shall be restored
    the shahids will not be forgotten
    down with bush
    down with al qaeda
    celio's network will be trampled underfoot

    I'm in

    1. Hariyama
    2. Lickylicky
    3. Espeon
    4. Bannete
    5. Lunatone
    6. Solrock

    7. Pokemon Reversal
    8. Energy Switch

    Last edited: Nov 14, 2007
  5. Shadow Zangoose

    Shadow Zangoose New Member

    I'm in.
    1. Zangoose (obviously ; D)
    2. Houndoom
    3. Kabutops
    4. Magmortar
    5. Steelix
    6. Salamence

    I think i did that right. X_X
  6. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    im in

    1. Girafarig
    2. Lickilicky
    3. Probopass
    4. Pidgeot
    5. Plusle
    6. Minun
  7. Absoltrainer

    Absoltrainer Active Member

    I am in

    1.Absol (duh)
    2. Metagross
    3. Dragonite
    4. Blastiose
    5. Espeon
    6. Lucario
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2007
  8. spoinkmaster

    spoinkmaster New Member


    1. Deoxys (Defense if it matters)
    2. Smeargle
    3. Smeargle
    4. Gallade
    5. Alakazam
    6. Tyranitar
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2007
  9. Im in...

    Wormadom (TRASH CLOAK)
  10. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member

    ill play.
  11. DukeFireBird

    DukeFireBird Gallery Administrator<br>Forum Moderator

    gonna go for #3 guys.

  12. tglilly

    tglilly New Member

    Sounds like fun
  13. z-man

    z-man New Member

    It does sound like fun.
  14. PlaF-The Master

    PlaF-The Master New Member

    I'm in !

    1. Bulbasaur
    2. Mew
    3. Charizard
    4. Suicune
    5. Heracross
    6. Milotic
  15. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Why not? I'll give it a try! (1 visit this forum A LOT), so I'll be able to post enough)

    1. Gengar
    2. Mewtwo
    3. Mew
    4. Darkrai
    5. Palkia
    6. Latios
  16. ARMondak

    ARMondak New Member

    I'm definitely in :)

    1. Ampharos
    2. Gallade
    3. Ludicolo
    4. Lucario
    5. Arcanine
    6. Garchomp
  17. Curry

    Curry New Member


    1. Weavile
    2. Glaceon
    3. Rhyperior
    4. Blissey
    5. Electivire
    6. Giratina
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2007
  18. eauxmar

    eauxmar New Member

    Sure, in.

    1. Slowbro
    2. Jolteon
    3. Roserade
    4. Hariyama
    5. Crobat
    6. Milotic
  19. J-man

    J-man New Member

    Sign me up. My bro and I cannot see eachother's pm box, so don't worry about that.

    1. Arbok
    2. Chimchar
    3. Ekans
    4. Monferno
    5. Infernape
    6. Abra
  20. BigRed

    BigRed New Member

    2. Dusknoir

    I'm sooooo in....

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