Westminister Colorado Citiy Chamionships Report

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by bonslypwns, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Cold, to much snow! I'm running T2B again. I still couldn't get any quick balls... Tournament at a Brunswick zone... small room, over 50 people... do the math.:lol:

    Round 1 John (Garchomp/Smeargle/Furret)
    When I saw the pokemon whn we flipped our basics (after quite a bit of mulligans) I think that'll be quite a game. I'm always paired with hard poeple... even though I am ressisstance that doesn't mean anything. I get a single Shuppet but go first getting Banette. He attatches, mentor's, ends. I attatch TVR, discard banette. Then ghost head first KO. He sends out a Gible, plays a Smeargle, and another, and a sentret. He attatches to a benched gible, my go. I potion, then Spiteful Pain KO. He sends Smeargle up, evolves to Gabite, attatches a Dark, the search for some more energy and another dark. I go, but set-up 2 Banette quickly, switch and KO him after some time. He sends up a fully loaded Garchomp but I have cessation. Not OHKO and I'm able to get 80 on him. He ko's me then I ghost head him KO. He can't set-up much more game.

    Round 2 Matt Stanat (Gallcario)
    Why me... :frown:again, like last cities, I win then play him. I have a Shuppet start, he has Ralts, Rioliu. He goes first and put me asleep. I don't get heads and draw a Shuppet, I had 2 Banette in my hand so, I attateched to active Shuppet the rolled, still asleep. He evolves Rioliu, plays Ralts, rare candy, gallade on active Ralts, DRE KO. Big hit on my part and I send out a sacrafice. I attatch, evolve, then ghost head for 70. He ohko's then I play Boundary for OHKO. It's close from there and his Lucario was quite a nuisance. I finally got it but he kept getting Galde DRE. I play Beach but oh well. I TVR discard Banette, OHKO game.

    Lunch break, play some poeple for fun.

    Round 3 <<Don't remember>> (Magmortar/Arcanine)
    While lunch break, I played him and won T2, but I couldn't be hasty, or cocky. He gets a Magby, attatches, baby evolution, Magmar (I went first), he hit for 10. So I couldn't KO for game... but alas. T2 Banette my friend... T2. OK, I evove benched Shuppet, retreat Banette, send up Banette, Ghost Head 70 game.:thumb:

    Made it to the finals guaranteed!

    Round 4 Kevin Abernathy (Honchy Variant)
    I really hate it when I found out more poeple are now playing Honchy. Well I didn't care if I won. After 1 mulligan I have bad start. He has Murkrow. He Swarms and has 2 Benched Murkrow, 1 Absol, active Murkrow... 1 benched Murkrow has dark energy attatched. Igo, ascension. He goes, evolves, attahces, swarms. I go, but he just keeps going and demolishing with Murkrow cause of Lv.X...>< Oh well... top cut!

    Top 4 Cut Round 1 <<forgot name>> Mario:
    I never get cocky and knew it would be that easy. After 5 mulligans I go first. I attatch evolve to Banette, he goes. He attahces to lone Machop. My turn, attatch, TVR discard Banette Spiteful Pain KO. T2!

    Top 4 Cut Round 2:
    This was harder. Bad set-up, he had a Machoke berofre I knew it for a Banette quick KO. I have nothing to set-up but manage to stall. I literally didn't get much off. Darnnn XD

    Top 4 Cut Round 3:
    OK... this was close. I don't get any mulligans. OK, he has Machop start and I go first. I attatch get Banette. I then attahc again, play Boundary Spiteful Pain KO. He sends out a Riliou, evolves, DRE KO. Hits a Shuppet fror 10. I send it out, evolve, and go from there. I was able to ER2 his DRE and got to stall to next turn KO. But then he started building alot of things. But I quickly sweeped him before he could get anything, game!

    Finals again with T2B, yes! :cool:

    Finals Round 1 Kevin again...
    OK, he starts Absol, I start lone Shuppet and don't go first. He hits KO. I send up a benched Shuppet acension. By T3 I'm gone. Loss...

    Finals Round 2 Kevin
    I go first, set-up. He swarms. I attatch Ghost Head KO. He sends up Absol. Evolves benched Murkrow, DRE, then hits me for 50 KO with some other stuff. I send up Banette, attatch pass. Then he, benches Absol, Watp Point, attatches special dark, strength KO game.
    0-2 :eek:

    2nd place not bad! T2B FTW!

    10 packs
    T2B for holding for me

    no pulls
    Blade rush getting 5th
    Honchy appearing to much now...
    Small room, lots of players
    Not getting Quick Balls for deck
  2. Weedler

    Weedler New Member

    Congrats buddy. But losing to a fighting deck?

    I think I'm gonna flip my wig.

    You're coming to the koelbel CC, right?
  3. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Yea, sad huh?
    Yea, i'll see you there! I just don't know what to play.
  4. EeveeLover

    EeveeLover Member Services Administrator

    Nice job dude.

    Sorry you thought the space was small, but we have done these is smaller spaces.

    Biggest event of the season so far, as usual. 50 players. Lots of ppl and lots of kids.
  5. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Yea... n00bs...XD
    I was surprised when that one kid who never gone to a tourney before got to junior finals.:p
    Thanks, really? It wasn't too bad but it sure didn't fit my standards. XD
  6. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    hey awsome job christin sorry i had to beatu

    kevin .a
  7. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Don't sweat it, you were the better battler.:p
  8. BretKid

    BretKid New Member

    nice report
  9. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Thanks. Heard you got top cut.:p

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