Wet Weasel~ Empo & Furret

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by MrMeches, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    POKEMON 17

    4 Sentret
    2 Furret

    4 Piplup
    3 Prinplup
    4 Empoleon


    4 Celio’s Network
    2 Bebe’s Search
    2 Roseanne’s Research
    4 Professor Oak’s Visit
    3 Team Galactic’s Mars
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Cessation Crystal
    2 Switch
    2 Night Maintenance

    ENERGY 16

    8 Water
    4 Double Rainbow
    2 Scramble
    2 Holon WP

    After seeing the pure draw power of Furret this weekend in Houston (Thanks Brent), I decided to come up with an interesting little twist and idea! You actually could almost insert any Stage 2 in here and it be consistent enough to get going! Furret grabbing everything you need for setup plus the Trainers getting the bonus items, you can’t go worng. If you see they are fixing to KO Furret, grab the Scramble and a Candy and instant EMPOLEON (provided you had the Piplup down or in you hand!) so it is easy to get going!

    CC is a must with Empo IMHO as it just disrupts so much! The Mars could actually be wager as if you lose and have Furret up, it would be nothing to get a Draw for next turn! Switch over Warp just so you can setup that KO of their starter Early! Well, there you go!

    Have fun and Remember SOTG!!

    ~Prof. Fish~
  2. Magic_Umbreon

    Magic_Umbreon Researching Tower Scientist, Retired

    Awesome, how about using one Empoleon LvX and a team galactic's wager over a POV?
  3. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    I thought of the Lv X, but with the CC in Play, didn't want to limit the EMPO SWARM!

    Did Yamato run a Lv X. ? IN any situation, I could see putting it in, but hte str8 Empo is nice as it slightly increases your chances of an all out swarm!

    I do like the Wager idea, simply for Furret being able to reset some of your hand if needed! Have to try it out more!
  4. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Yeah, you're right on Furret being good with any stage two! At my tournament the other day, every deck I played included Furret as the setup Pokemon! Looks like a really good list, the only problem that I see is that you don't play any Plus Power. Those could help so that your damage cap isn't so low.
  5. Magic_Umbreon

    Magic_Umbreon Researching Tower Scientist, Retired

    I really, really like this deck.

    Have you considered master ball or quick ball? I just thought master ball was good for swarm decks and even if you get the furret line at least you can search out scramble and spread.
  6. elekid_957

    elekid_957 New Member

    why 6 search cards with a furret starter? take out the bebes for 2 more rosseanes
  7. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    I considered Master Ball, but with Furret being able to grab things, didnt think it necessary.. might consider it though!

    the 6 Search is to guarantee the Furret T2! With 6 Search Cards, you can expediate your Furret and otehr Pokes into the Play area! It is actually 8 if you count roseanne! The scenario plays out like this:

    Get Furret T2, Furret grabs whatever your missing and a Search. So if you have Candy in hand and need the Evo, grab a Bebe or Celio's and a the Basic! Next turn Placethe Basic, use oyur Search card candy and Attach! Or if oyu need the candy and have 1 of the other components, mix it up! It allows for consistency like no other! No with Omastar coming into play next set, Candied Pokes are going to be an even bigger target, so setitng them asap to start damage spread b4 Star hits te area is going to be important!

    THanks for hte ideas!
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2008
  8. manicgiraffe

    manicgiraffe New Member

    This looks pretty solid, its good to see sturdy decks that don't have single-card silliness. Obviously the special energy wants playing correctly, and there's always timing issues, but how difficult would you rate the playing of it?

    The basic setup looks like something most people could have a stab at.

  9. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    IMHO this is realitively easy! It is kinda an aggro Empoleon deck as you are just getting them setup faster using Furret and then going aggro with cycling them and damage spread! THe Lv. X Empoleon is nice, but I would rather have that 4 empo to swarm with!

    CC is a Key item as it slows Gardy players a bit and hurts that healing potential of Magmortar! Fun deck to play, but also Competitive!

    ~Prof. Fish~
  10. manicgiraffe

    manicgiraffe New Member

    I think I'm going to "encourage" one of my juniors to play this :biggrin:

    Would you change much if you thought you were never going to come up against Gallade, or anything else that might change the list significantly? Being in England, I always try to look out for the tweaks that might not apply at all here. Better to sacrifice a bit of tech for a tad more consistency.

    I just like this. It looks sensible.
  11. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    Not really, as if oyu don't get Gardy there is Magmortar nad if not Magmortar there is Delcatty and if not that... you see where I am going.

    You could opt for:
    -2 Bebe's
    -1 Cessaiton
    +3 Windstorm (CRystal Beach could be an issue)

    That would be my only change.. it depends on your MEta and then that is tricky! GL and Thanks!

    ~Prof. Fish~
  12. Magic Mew

    Magic Mew New Member


    I really like Empoleon, but personally I don't think Furret is the way to go. Empoleon is a stage 2 deck, but it is really more of a fast-damage deck than a setup deck. Furret is great for getting you setup, and that's why it works so well in Gardevoir/Gallade and many other decks. However, with those decks you kinda just want to sit back and Keen-eye turn after turn until you have a full bench of powered up Pokemon. At Worlds people were calling it Swift Empoleon, which is really the way to play it. I think you would be better off with a starter like Mantyke/Mantine (of caurse you can't use Ces. Crystal) or Lapras from the new set...

    Also play 3 Scramble, that's really what makes this deck tic. And I wouldn't play 4 DRE because it reduces you're damage spread. PP is a must, so play at least 2. Steven's is a good draw card to consider because you'll oftin have less than 7 cards. And even with Ces. Crystal Suicune may be a better option than Night Maintenance.

    You could even try giving Empoleon a partner like Cloyster to add to damage spread. And remember Yamoto’s list from Worlds? He played a 1-0-1 Infernape line. Of caurse it’s a different metagame, but you still have the ability (enough space and Scramble/DRE) to tech in something crazy like that, so think outside the box.

    Speaking of Yamoto, go to the front-page content archive and check out the article about the Empoleon list played at Worlds last year. It’ll give you an idea of a good Empoleon build.

    Just my thoughts. :smile:
  13. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    ^ Yamatos list worked for him do to many not being prepared for the teched Ape. I know His list is built for Speed which is fine, but mine is built based on Power/ Body Shut Down do to many ppl getting away from CC and the amount of Windstorm reducing!

    Cloyster, not a decent choice, doesn't footthe bill for this style build. This is more of a Direct Attacking style with the chance of spreading being there! It is similar to GAG in that the desire is to setup Multiple Empos then swarm them. I could Net Deck his list, but that isn't necessarily thinking outside the box as you suggest!

    Also, just because a player does well with a deck list they tested for months and then tweaked to their play style doesn't mean it will do well for everyone. That is why it is nice to see different combos of cards together to have options instead of just using someone else's list!

    Not a bad idea to go more Scramble though since I basically am waiting for Furret to get KOed! might try that! Thanks!

    ~Prof. Fish~
  14. Magic Mew

    Magic Mew New Member

    I didn't say to net deck his list (which wouldn't work anyway because of the rotation). What I meant was that if you study the strategies and builds of top players, it might give you new ideas to help you to become a better player.
  15. manicgiraffe

    manicgiraffe New Member

    LOL, that was funny. There, you've been told by someone who has made the grand total of 11 posts! Go study harder, you!


  16. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    Well the consistency of this deck has just been unreal for me on App.

    Furret is definitely a lot better setup Pokemon than expected and the fighting weakness helps with the Scrambles for sure! Most Gallade players try to take it out asap obviously to slow the setup! This works into my advantage as often i have just brought up another Furret to get behind 2 prizes, makes Gallade Weaker, and if they didn't burn Plus or Strength, they are down 2 prizes and have flipped at least 2. I understand most GAG players will take the one they flipped, but on the chance they don't need that card right then, sometimes it forces the choice!

    Thanks for the defense there MG... guess I better go study!

    ~Prof. Fish~
    TO/ League Leader/ Head Judge
  17. Skull Bash

    Skull Bash New Member

    A couple things I did with the deck:

    Added a Minun tech. which isn't really necessary, but it helps because you know you will be sacrificing Empoleons with damage spread.

    Didn't use Holon WP or DRE. I don't think either are necessary, though the Holon could help.

    I didn't use any Bebe's either, I didn't feel it was necessary to have any more search in the deck. The 4 Celio's worked fine for me.

    I didn't use Mars or switch either, but both are nice additions if you have room. I added in some castaway to search out the tools, and a couple Lake Boundary for the Magmortar/Typhlosion matchup.
  18. Magic_Umbreon

    Magic_Umbreon Researching Tower Scientist, Retired

    I'm usually a massive Minun fan but when you only play 2 roseanne's and 0 great/dual ball it's just not very efficent.

    I'd imagine DRE would help here a lot, especially since you can get them when you need and just ready up the swam. I mean like in Raieggs, this deck looks like such a similar concept and DRE seems the big card that holds it together. Maybe not, but surely at least one DRE for Furret to get would be good?

    I think master ball and pokédex would be more efficent in terms of a T2 furret but if it works for MrMeches, it is.

    IMO Wager >>> Mars and lake boundary sounds great.

    BTW here's a funny overteched DX-on Metanite list to show how bad numerous 1 lines can be:

    4 castform
    1 voltorb
    1 tauros
    1 roselia
    4 beldum
    1 metang
    3 metagross
    1 metagross dx
    3 dratini
    1 dragonair
    2 dragonite
    1 drag ex
    1 spearow
    1 fearow
    1 mew p5
    1 latios ex
    1 latias
    1 latios*
    1 treecko
    1 sceptile ex
    1 giant stump
    1 wstorm
    4 candy
    4 transceiver
    2 mentor
    2 researcher
    1 adventurer
    1 scientist
    1 farmer
    1 scott
    1 warp point
    1 switch
    6 ligtn
    3 metal
  19. rennan

    rennan New Member

    NO PP? OO
    take out: 1 pov, 1 cessation and 1 energy (water)
    and put: 3 plus power
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