What boosters series to buy?

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by jpp, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. jpp

    jpp New Member

    Thanks for allowing me to post here!!! I am a return player from back in the basic era. Back when Computer Research and Professor Oak were playable cards :). Question: Where do I spend my hard earned bucks on? What expansion or booster packs? I do not expect to buy 2 booster packs and pwn! everyone... But just where is a good starting point. Many thanks and I am very thankful to be part of this community!
  2. millionkp

    millionkp New Member

    get Crystal Guardians and Dragoon frontier. If you wwant Blissey, get Mysterious Treasures.
  3. Croatian_Nidoking

    Croatian_Nidoking New Member

    I'd get CG, DF, and/or anything DP-on.

    - Croatian_Nidoking
  4. PSYCO829

    PSYCO829 New Member

    DP, MT, and SW
  5. swift1984

    swift1984 New Member

    I would say DP-on, you can get the trainers/support pokemons by buying singles. Some trainers that you need in playsets of 4 are Castaway, Scott, Steven's Advice, TV Reporter, Copycat, Rare Candy, Windstorm, Cessation Crystal... This are the only ones that I could think of...
  6. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    Don't touch Diamond and Pearl as all the chase cards have been repreinted in tins.

    Crystal Guardians, Mysterious Treasures or wait for Secret Wonders.
  7. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Mysterious Treasures.
  8. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member

    I would say wait for Secret Wonders, it will be coming out soon so the cards will have high value. You can preorder boxes or wait for them to come out in the store. Preordering boxes is the cheapest way.
  9. Aggy&Co.

    Aggy&Co. Member

    I would do Mesterious for a bit them the bulk on secret wonders and trade off for the few trainers you need from DF & CG.
  10. jpp

    jpp New Member

    Many thanks for all the responses!!!
  11. luka84

    luka84 New Member

    Can I ask why you should wait for certain card expansion releases? I just purchased a Diamond and Pearl Theme Deck and I feel like I might have wasted my money. I'm completely brand new to this world of cards.
  12. Quatra

    Quatra New Member

    The 2007-2008 Season will probably be the last of the Ex sets in Modified Play. So now would be the best time to start building up on DP stuff. If it isn't the last Season, it will be Rotated out soon.

    As for my opinion, just to stay on Topic. I'd get Diamond and Pearl, Diamond and Pearl Mysterious Treasure, as well as the next set D/P Secret Wonders.
  13. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    A good rule to remember is that the first expansion of a new "series" of sets (Diamond and Pearl being the first expansion with the new DP rules, for example) will generally be worse than the majority of future sets.

    Plus, since everyone who's offered advice in this thread thus far knows what's in each set (including one or two that haven't been released yet), they usually know which new cards will have the most impact. So, in everyone's general opinion, the upcoming Secret Wonders set is better than DP, and probably a bit better than Mysterious Treasures.

    But, yeah, all of the good, older Supporters can be easily purchased as singles, so you're better off blowing money on MT or SW. ^^
  14. finalstain

    finalstain New Member

    I suggest you do a bit of research by looking at a few decks in the Deck Strategy area, and note which trainers are being used most often (Celio's Network, Copycat, Holon Mentor, Rare Candy, Castaway... tons more...). Then buy those as SINGLES from a site, store, or friend (though they are uncommons, do not be surprised if they are $2+ each). I suggest buying them individually because almost nobody has extras of these for trade, and theres not much else you would need out of their respective sets.

    Then I would devote all your booster pack money to a split between Mysterious Treasures and Dragon Frontiers. MT will give you the newer hotness, while DF will give you the classic gems (namely the ex-Pokemon). This should give you enough to trade for anything you need from other sets, thus letting you bypass ever buying even a single booster from any of those sets.

    note: you could buy Secret Wonders instead of Mysterious Treasures if you wanted, but I just think Mysterious Treasures has so many playable things in it, you can't go wrong.

    Also, www.pokepedia.net is a great search engine for all your needs.... immensely helpful.
  15. dogma

    dogma New Member

    jpp, welcome to the 'gym, hope you like it here! finalstain has some good advice. It really depends on why you're buying. I wouldn't buy DP1 (Diamond & Pearl) unless you're a collector. Mysterious Treasures is a great set for both collecting and playability, so you can't go too wrong there.

    If you do buy older stuff, be aware that you will probably only be able to play with them for this year. The new set, Secret Wonders, is also looking like it'll be a good 'un.

    Probably the best thing to do is to look at some of the decklists, work out what type of deck you want to play, and go from there.

    EDIT: I was also going to suggest pokepedia, but finalstain beat me to that as well...
  16. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    I'd suggest buying MT until SW comes out, then buy those. Prereleases are good deals.
  17. PunkMonkey

    PunkMonkey New Member

    Secret Wonders, if you can wait....if you can't, then Mysterious Treasures. :)
  18. supertyranitar

    supertyranitar New Member

    CG and PK are some good sets simply because of the trainers they offer. DP2, Mysterious Treasures, offers a great diversity in playable pokemon, so that's another option. I'd say those three sets are some of the better options, however, Dragon Frontiers has a little of both.
  19. cloud9

    cloud9 New Member

    Try to get the Infernape Lv.X Diamond and Pearl Tin ;)

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