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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by KazamBolt, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. KazamBolt

    KazamBolt Active Member

    I went to MI states to face some SERIOUS competition due to Illinois States, Indiana States and Ohio states all last weekend. I get there, borrow sleeves, Pachirisu, and a Blaze GE for my deck and get ready to go. Oh, I also met Camden, Ryne, Matt and Sam there. I'm in Seniors with Magmortar/Blaziken/Delcatty. T8 cut and 5 rounds. Ask for a list.

    Round 1: New Player (idk, random.dek.)
    New player with a random deck. Oh joy, see what this does to my resistance. He never even evolves once.

    Round 2: Kevin A. (Typhlosion/Claydol/Cresselia)
    Kevin is the BIGGEST staller I have ever met. Stalls, stalls, stalls, stalls. He takes 3-5 minutes for 1 turn compared to my 15-30 seconds just so time doesn't get called. I had a T3 Magmortar and never really needed much else. I evolved to Lv. X and took 4 prizes. He KOs it. I bring up benched Magmortar, Night Maintenance, Celio's, Magmortar Lv. X. GG

    Round 3: KEATON! (spoinkmaster) (Gardevoir-Gallade)
    Well, Keaton sees my T2 Magmortar and thinks he's screwed. He gets a T2 Gallade and OHKO. Close and long match but Gallade beats my deck pretty bad... (usually)

    Taco bell, yummy, yummy!

    Round 4: Ryne (Spirit of Mew) (Gardevoir-Gallade, again)
    Ryne had really bad luck. He never evolved anything at all, except one Claydol. Sorry Ryne, that how it goes sometimes.

    I'm in 8th place after Round 4. HAVE TO WIN NOW!

    Round 5: Camden (Gardevoir-Gallade, AGAIN!)
    Great, another Shadow member. I take the first 3 or 4 prizes with my usual T2 Magmortar. He gets a gallade for the KO. I bring up magmortar and within 3 turns, Camden has 3 Gallade. Late game comeback FTL...

    So, I'm out now. I'm all bummed and depressed but I stay to see if any of my friends get in. I see the standings and.... WHAT! I went from 8th to 7th by LOSING?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!? Note to anyone reading this: Never leave a tournament before you're OFFICIALLY done playing. Unless you drop.

    I play Ricky in Top Cut. Camden and Matt also make cut. However, Ryne doesn't. According to some ridiculous mathematical formula, Ryne should have gotten in. But, he didn't. Idk, ryne was mad. No, ryne was FURIOUS!

    Top 8: Ricky (Gardevoir-Gallade [WHAT IS UP WITH THIS DECK!?!?!?!??!])
    Game 1: T2 Magmortar is dominated by a T3 Gallade. Close afterwards until his T15ish Gardevoir Lv.X vs my Blaziken Pk...
    Game 2: He gets no Gallade, Gardevoir, etc. GG.
    Game 3: I get a T2 Magmortar (surprise, surprise) and he has Uxie active and Ralts benched. I kill uxie with a Celios in my hand. He topdecks the candy, evolves to gallade, OHKO Magmortar and I had no basics on bench. GG

    Camden and Matt also lose... :nonono: I grab some crappy packs and leave.

    Note to self: Invest into getting some Gallade...

    Magmortar does well on maiden voyage
    Shadow well represented
    Sam's deck ACTUALLY worked
    Top Cut streak alive
    Taco Bell

    Ryne lol
    Matt's round 2 game loss
    crap packs
    blah blah blah
  2. Spirit Of Mew

    Spirit Of Mew New Member

    OMGOSH that had to be the most poorly run states ever. Oh well I guess there's other states to go to next time.

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