What is the best 1st stage no retreat cost, modified pokemon?

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by korythatsrightmare, Apr 11, 2004.

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  1. korythatsrightmare

    korythatsrightmare New Member

    Please tell me the best pokemon that fits this description, 1st stage, no retreat cost, water type helps alot, really strong, I was thinking aquas sharpedo that can do 20 for two and then 70 for three, any other suggestions, im making an ultimate deck that everyone else is to LAZY to make.

    POKEMAN New Member

    Aquas Sharpedo sounds good but I dont know much about aqua/magma cards.
    As for the trainers GAMESTOP has boosters for decent prices.
  3. Fantasy Fox

    Fantasy Fox New Member

    Here's a link that might help you.


    And from all the cards there, I think TA Sharpedo is the best, there's also one more TA Sharpedo which can do Rage(10+, depends on how many damage counters you have on it, max = 70) and Aqua Slash(80, can't attack next turn).
  4. TheDeuce

    TheDeuce New Member

    Expedition Ninetales w/High Pressure System in play :p
  5. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    Ninjask is good, 70Hp, colorless energy attack for 30, has a power to call upon shedinja and free retreat. Not water type though.

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